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Hello community,

two and a half year ago I wrote here about the possiblity how to use SAP GUI Scripting with Windows PowerShell. But this solution uses Microsoft Script Control engine and it is not clear how the future will look like. So I develop a solution which works with PowerShell without the Microsoft Script Control engine:


    function Get-Property {
      param([__ComObject] $object, [String] $propertyName)
      $objectType = [System.Type]::GetType($object)
        "GetProperty", $NULL, $object, $NULL)

    function Set-Property {
      param([__ComObject] $object, [String] $propertyName,
      $objectType = [System.Type]::GetType($object)
      [Void] $objectType.InvokeMember($propertyName,
        "SetProperty", $NULL, $object, $propertyValue)

    function Invoke-Method {
      param([__ComObject] $object, [String] $methodName,
      $objectType = [System.Type]::GetType($object)
      $output = $objectType.InvokeMember($methodName,
        "InvokeMethod", $NULL, $object, $methodParameters)
      if ( $output ) { $output }

    $SapGuiAuto = [microsoft.visualbasic.Interaction]::GetObject("SAPGUI")
    $application = Invoke-Method $SapGuiAuto "GetScriptingEngine"
    $connection = Get-Property $application "Children" @(0)
    $session = Get-Property $connection "Children" @(0)

    $ID = Invoke-Method $session "findById" @("wnd[0]/usr/txtRSYST-MANDT")
    Set-Property $ID "Text" @("001")
    $ID = Invoke-Method $session "findById" @("wnd[0]/usr/txtRSYST-BNAME")
    Set-Property $ID "Text" @("BCUSER")
    $ID = Invoke-Method $session "findById" @("wnd[0]/usr/pwdRSYST-BCODE")
    Set-Property $ID "Text" @("minisap")
    $ID = Invoke-Method $session "findById" @("wnd[0]/usr/txtRSYST-LANGU")
    Set-Property $ID "Text" @("EN")

    $ID = Invoke-Method $session "findById" @("wnd[0]")
    Invoke-Method $ID "sendVKey" @(0)



Hint: The wrapper functions are from Bill Stewart – thanks for that.

Here the equivalent code but with Microsoft Script Control engine:


  $VB = New-Object -COMObject MSScriptControl.ScriptControl

$Cmd = @"
Set SapGuiAuto = GetObject(`"SAPGUI`")`n
Set application = SapGuiAuto.GetScriptingEngine`n
Set connection = application.Children(0)`n
Set session = connection.Children(0)`n
session.findById(`"wnd[0]/usr/txtRSYST-MANDT`").text = `"001`"`n
session.findById(`"wnd[0]/usr/txtRSYST-BNAME`").text = `"BCUSER`"`n
session.findById(`"wnd[0]/usr/pwdRSYST-BCODE`").text = `"minisap`"`n
session.findById(`"wnd[0]/usr/txtRSYST-LANGU`").text = `"EN`"`n
session.findById(`"wnd[0]`").sendVKey 0`n

  $VB.Language = "VBScript"
  $VB.AllowUI = $TRUE


As you can see looks the code a little bit unusual, but on this way you use only a function and PowerShell natively.
Minor changes, explicit type detection for PowerShell 5 compatibility.

Enjoy it.


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