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HANA SPS/SP Revision Update – points to take note

HANA SPS/SP Revision Update

as HANA Administrator, we all know that updating HANA revision is a pretty straightforward. However, to ensure updated HANA DB works perfectly with its additional components, product specific plug in and etc (eg: HANA Live, LCAPPS, SDA, LUMIRA and etc) is different story, since more and more additional components/plugin were introduced in latest and newest HANA SPS/SP.

Therefore, to ensure a successful HANA DB SPS/SP update and reduce the chances of plugin/addon break after update, is worthwhile for us to spare some time and checking below point before updating:

1) Ensure a successful HDB backup before update

*also, it is advisable to backup folder /hana/shared/SID/global/hdb/custom/config , example in the case when upgrade to rev93 above will switch on ESS by default.

You don’t need to backup /hana/shared/SID/exe/linuxx86_64 as the old binary will be backup by hdblcm and named it as hdb_old

2) Always read thru the HANA DB version note that you wish to update carefully.

Example:   2175754 – SAP HANA SPS 10 Database Revision 100, 2170126 – SAP HANA SPS 09 Database Revision 97 93 or 2163217 – SAP HANA SPS 08 Database Maintenance Revision 85.04 and etc

Pay attention to the requirement, eg: OS library such as glib and etc.

If you are on maintenance version, ensure direct update the desired version is supported.

Refer to note 1948334 – SAP HANA Database Update Paths for Maintenance Revisions

3) Check is there any Installed Plugin

If yes, do ensure plugin version is compatible with upgrade HANA DB version. For every one of these Support Packages, there is precisely one compatible SAP HANA database Support Package. Example: Revision 80 of SAL AFL may only be used with Revision 80 of the SAP HANA database. Any other combination is not supported.

Therefore, always check the availability and compatibility for any product specific plugin installed.

Example of Plugin:

  • SAP HANA AFL (Misc)
  • SAP SAL AFL FOR HANA (Self Service Analytics) – Needed to run Lumira Server on HANA for rev80 to 90.
  • SAP UAL AFL FOR HANA (Universal Analytics) –Replaced SAL for rev91 and higher.

  You can check installed plugin via HDB Studio -> Overview and click on

or directory – /hana/shared/SID/exe/linuxx86_64/plugins/

Example of product specific note:

2014334 – Migration from SAP HANA AFL (SPS 07 or earlier) to Product-Specific AFLs (SPS 08)

1920457 – HANA upgrade: skip plug-in dependency check

2004952 – Migration of UDF AFL and POS AFL from SAP HANA AFL as of SAP HANA Platform SPS 08

2107388 – Migration to Hana Revision 91 or higher when Self-Service Analytics AFL is installed

  and etc…..

4) Check is there HANA Live Installed

Ensure HANA LIVE installed is supported on upgraded HANA DB version. Otherwise, you may lose those HANA LIVE functionality. Refer to the HANA DB revision note that you wish to upgrade and check on the HANA live info. Eg;

2121080 – SAP HANA SPS 09 Database Revision 93

  • If you are using SAP HANA live, please check the respective release note 1778607 before you start upgrading to SPS 09.

To check which HANA Live installed, you can simply go to HANA Studio -> Modeler -> Delivery Units or via hdbalm ->  http://hostname.fqdn:80XX/sap/hana/xs/lm/ -> Products


Or via below command:

select * from “_SYS_REPO”.”DELIVERY_UNITS” where delivery_unit like ‘HCO_%’

5) Check if system replication setup

If system replication is setup, you need to update the HDB in both Primary and Secondary Site. Refer to note 1999880 – FAQ: SAP HANA System Replication – Q15 and

To check replication status, got to HANA Studio -> Overview -> System Replication Status

6) Ensure sufficient space in /hana/* Dir

7) Once update completed on HANA Server, remember to update target HDB client for any connecting system, eg: SAP Application Instance and BO.

Please add a comment for any I am missing and I will gladly update them.

Hope it helps,


Nicholas Chang

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      Hi Chang,

      ThankYou for sharing the information.These points are really helpful for Hana db upgrade.