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Dive deeper into SAP ME timeout settings

Once you use SAP ME with production loads you need to consider many timeout settings. They are very well described in SAP Note 1825121 so I will not stop on each of them but will talk about ts timeout value and SAP_JTATimeout value. From SAP Note 1747704 you can get know more about SAP_JTATimeout if you have not done yet.

You may also remember that MEINTegration may require setting ts timeout value to 0 to handle long running scheduled jobs. In this case the activities that you execute in GUI are controlled by SAP_JTATimeout as it takes the priority. But what about PAPI? Can it be terminated by timeout in case you have set ts value to 0? Currently no and the changes to the corresponding modules of SAP ME are coming.


In this blog I’d also like to share with you what I have learnt from one of my colleagues from Netweaver team. It may help you as a workaround in case you face a problem against PAPI not terminated by timeout (well you can always change ts value from 0 to some positive number, but steps below give you a chance to control PAPI only).


  1. Launch offlinecfgeditor from configtool directory.
  2. Navigate to cluster_config->globals->clusternode_config->workernode->apps->sap.comPath1.png
  3. And then choose me~ear to get the existing SAP_JTATimeout property.ExistingProperty.png
  4. Right click and Export it.



5.     You can see that such property is missing against ma~papiws module in particular.


6.     Switch to the Edit mode.


7. Right click and Import the Property that you exported earlier.


8. Now you just need to restart Netweaver for changes to take effect.



Note that these changes will disappear next time you (re)deploy ME. So, you’d better not change it manually if you have not experienced a problem against PAPI not terminated by timeout. Again, this is just a workaround and I recommend to monitor Release Notes to find out when this property is added in the standard product.



Hope you find it both: useful and informative.


Br, Alex.

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