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Configure the Fiori Launchpad Tiles using Catalogs & Groups


SAP Fiori is an offering by SAP for the new user experience (UX) paradigm for SAP software. SAP Fiori is a collection of apps that represents the new SAP user experience paradigm. SAP positions Fiori in the Renew category of the SAP’s “NEW-RENEW-ENABLE” UX paradigm.

SAP Fiori UX provides a consistent end-to-end user experience and can be used across all device types (for example, desktop, tablet, and mobile).

SAP Fiori Launchpad is the central entry hub to all SAP Fiori apps (organized by roles), where users access apps via “Tiles”.

To enable the end users access to Fiori apps, we need to configure the apps as “Tiles” on Fiori Launchpad.


To perform the configuration of Fiori Launchpad Tiles, the user must have the admin authorizations on the SAP Gateway server, in which the Fiori Apps Package is installed.


The SAP Fiori launchpad is the entry point to the apps, from desktop and mobile devices. You need to configure the SAP Fiori launchpad so that users can access those apps that have been assigned to their respective role.

Fiori Launchpad displays content in form of tiles. Tiles are rectangular objects that provide access to applications. Based on the user’s role, the configured tiles are displayed on the Launchpad. The user can also choose from a wide choice of ready-to-use tiles from the tile catalogs as part of the Launchpad personalization.

SAP Fiori Launchpad Designer is a browser based designer tool to configure the tiles on the Launchpad. In the Launchpad designer, logical groups of tiles called catalogs and groups are configured.

The SAP Role Maintenance transaction PFCG is where the configured catalogs and groups are linked to the end user’s role.

Configure Launchpad Catalog

Catalogs are logical group of apps or tiles. Depending on the role and the catalog assigned to the role, the user can browse through the catalog, choose apps from this catalog, and add them to the entry page of the SAP Fiori launchpad.

Catalog defines the set of all tiles that users can use to personalize the home page.

To configure the catalog the user must log into the Launchpad Designer and perform the configurations as descried in the following steps:

Step 1: Log on to the Launchpad Designer.


            The Launchpad designer is accessible using the following link:



  Launchpad Designer.png

Step 2: Select the tab – Catalog in the left pane. Then, Click on the button with “Plus”( + ) symbol at the bottom of the left pane

LPD Catalog.png 

Step 3: Provide a unique title and ID for the new catalog in the pop up box.

LPD Catalog 2.pngLPD Catalog 3.png

Step 4: Add tiles to the catalog by clicking the Tile with the Plus symbol.

LPD Catalog Tiles.png

Step 5: Choose the preferred template i.e. type of tile to be created/added to the new Catalog. On click, the screen navigates back to the main designer with the newly added tile type in the screen.

  LPD Catalog Tiles 2.png

Step 6: Click on the newly created tile and configure the relevant application parameters. In this guide we have chosen the tile type to be “App Launcher – Static” which simply launches the deployed application.

  LPD Catalog Tiles 3.pngLPD Catalog Tiles 4.png


Similarly, create any number of tiles to be logically grouped in the catalog.

Configure Launchpad Groups

Group are subset of catalogs that contains the apps visible on the SAP Fiori launchpad entry page. The tiles displayed on a user’s entry page depends on the group assigned to the user’s role.

In addition, the user can personalize the entry page by adding or removing apps to pre-delivered groups or self-defined groups.

To define the Launchpad groups, perform the configurations as descried in the following steps:

Step 1: Select the tab – Groups in the left pane. Then, Click on the button with “Plus”( + ) symbol at the bottom of the left pane

LPD Groups.png

Step 2: Provide a unique title and ID for the new group in the pop up box.

  LPD Groups 2.png

  LPD Groups 3.png

Step 3: Add Tiles configured in the catalogs by clicking the Tile with the Plus symbol

  LPD Groups Catalog.png

Step 4: Choose the newly created Catalog. Then, select the required tiles in the catalog using the Plus symbol at the bottom of each tile.

LPD Groups Catalog 2.png

LPD Groups Catalog 3.pngLPD Groups Catalog 4.png

LPD Groups Catalog 5.png


Similarly add tiles from various catalogs to the select group.

Assign the Catalogs and Groups to the PFCG(SAP) Role

In the final piece of the configuration of tiles into Fiori Launchpad, we have to now assign the groups/catalogs to the SAP Role.

The steps to assign the catalog or group to the role are as follows:

Step 1: Logon to Gateway SAP system and call the transaction PFCG.

  PFCG 1.png

Step 2: In the Role menu, click on the button with plus symbol and select the option to either add a tile catalog or tile group.

PFCG 2.png

Step 3: Provide the catalog/group name and submit.

PFCG 3.png

Step 4: Save the changes to the role.

Now, logon to the Fiori Launchpad to access the tiles using the following link:



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