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Starting October 6, 2015, all SAP Fiori, demo cloud edition accounts will be allotted 90 days for hands on experience in the extended demo offering. At the end of the 90 days your account will be deleted and you’ll have the option to start over from scratch with another extended demo offering by re-registering for an account. If you’re not cautious about this timeline you could run the risk of losing all the hard work you’ve done over the past 90 days. We don’t want anyone to lose their work so this blog will explain what you need to do to preserve your work prior to expiration.

Tip: Put a reminder in your calendar before your 90 day expiration.

SAP will trigger a warning to your extended demo account indicating your expiration a few days prior. If you don’t log into your account, for whatever reason (vacation, a big project etc.) you may not see the warning and come back one day to find your work gone. To be safe, set a reminder in your calendar.

Tip: Export your work

SAP Web IDE & SAP Theme Designer allow you the option to export your work. Try to get yourself in the habit of exporting the work you would want to use productively, that way you’ll always have a copy. Below are the steps for exporting from your current account and then importing into a new account.


Export (from existing account)

  • Launch your extended app from the launchpad and choose develop apps > launch SAP Web IDE
  • In SAP Web IDE choose the parent folder of your app so it’s highlighted blue then choose File > Export
  • A zip file will be downloaded with your extension – save this to your desktop

Import (to new account)

  • From SAP Fiori, Demo Cloud Edition (or SAP Fiori, Cloud Edition) launch SAP Web IDE
  • Choose File > Import > From file system > Select your extension project
  • Your extension project will be imported and you can continue customization’s or again deploy to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and register to the SAP Fiori launchpad


If you have created Fiori like apps in SAP Web IDE you will need to use the same export/import option mentioned above to preserve your work.

SAP Theme Designer

The blog The New and Improved SAP Fiori, Demo Cloud Edition discusses, among other things, the impact you can expect to have from the SAPUI5 library upgrade to your custom themes. In that blog I described how to export and import your custom themes. You will need to do the same steps mentioned in that blog to preserve your work.


  • From within your extended demo offering select customize theme > Launch UI Theme Designer
  • Choose Themes > Close from the top left. This will display all the themes you’ve worked on and (hopefully) saved
  • Select a theme to open it and then choose Theme > Export from the top left
  • Save the zip file of your theme



  • From within your extended demo offering select customize theme > Import theme
  • Find the theme you’ve saved and import it
  • You will be able to access your theme from the manage themes option
  • If you need to apply more changes/edits to your theme choose customize theme > Launch UI Theme designer
  • Choose Theme > Close
  • Choose Import and import your theme


There is no way to export any of the personalization or administrative tasks completed in the launchpad or Fiori Configuration Cockpit. If you did some personalization or created a number of content packages I recommend taking pictures of your work so you can easily re-create it at a later time. The same applies to any roles you’ve created and assigned in HCP.

If you’ve done any other customization’s that aren’t mentioned here and you’d like to know how to preserve please comment on the blog and I’ll be happy to provide guidance.

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  1. Phillip Morgan

    Hello Elizabeth,

    Just so I get this straight:

    HANA Cloud Platform Cockpit trial: no expiration

    HANA Cloud Portal (and Fiori launch pad): 90 days from creation?

    1. Jeremy Good

      That is correct – the 90 day account is intended to help customers make a licensing decision.  The Fiori cloud edition is not running on the trial HCP landscape.

    1. Jeremy Good

      You can simply create another one, by accessing the demo and pressing the “Customize and Extend” tile.  A new HCP account will be created and configured in the background.

  2. Former Member


    I understand that in Trial HCP account, there is no SAP Fiori, Could Edition.

    What is the less expensive HCP offer which includes SAP Fiori, Cloud Edition ?


    1. Elizabeth Thorburn Post author

      Hi Jeremy,

      You’re right, Fiori, cloud edition has it’s own trial for 90 days that you can access here and there is also an HCP trial that does not include Fiori, cloud edition. Fiori, cloud edition is now generally available and you can learn more here. There is a license for Fiori, cloud edition and separate license options for HCP. For the best information for your specific scenario I recommend contacting your AE.


      Liz Thorburn
      SAP Technology RIG


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