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Cloud for Customer (C4C) – Lock Concept


Coming from traditional OnPremise systems (ERP, CRM, etc.) it is easy to understand lock concepts and how they work but, when moving into OnDemand systems such as C4C, we start doubting about some concepts and ways the system does work.



The linked document answers the following questions:

  • How exactly does the lock concept work in C4C?
  • Do we allow parallel sessions in C4C?
  • Can records get updated from multiple users at the same time?
  • How do I know who else is working on the same data records at the same time?



–> Link to C4C Lock document <—

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  • Sir,


    What is the Solution for allowing 4-5 users to post for a same customer at same time.

    Details about our issue : For eg: We have  10 Cinemas at different locations, The Accountant at each Cinema has a Set of cash deposited in the bank, for us this Cash is a Customer and once the Cash is deposited across all locations every Accountant has to pass the entry for his cash Deposit, many Instances it happens that 3 or more Accountants are doing it at the same time and SAP allows only 1 user to do it. We have many such Customer Accounts where all can post and are related to all.

    Request you to provide a Solution since we are not able to utilise SAP as it class use.