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How to use sticky notes in own Screens

In this short how to document I will show you how to enable the sticky notes for your own Screens.

1. Open in the UI Designer the Screen you would like to enable for sticky notes

2. Open the Properties Window with the properties of your floor plan

3. Set the Data Binding for the Notes to /Root

4. Set “Stickynotes Disabled” to False


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    • On the main screen types (FS, QA, OIF) I had used the sticky notes in the past. So which screen type do you mean on which this is not possible?

        • Just an addendum (having just realised that the following can be done!!)...

          If a note has been added to a QA screen for an instance of the object, you can add a standard icon to the OWL to see how many notes have been created in the instance (QA) by assigning the /Root/(object node) to the BINDING property and setting StickyNotes Disabled property to false in the same section of properties.