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New SAP Fiori Transactional app for Tax and Revenue Management and more

Did you know that SAP Tax and Revenue Management has a new Transactional Fiori App called “Search Form Bundles” which can be used by a Tax Officer, Customer Service Representative or really any person that needs to search for a Form Bundle in the system?

Did you know that this Fiori App can be implemented, configured and used in Enhancement Package 5, 6 and 7?

Well, in case you did not know let me tell you about the good news;  the last quarter of 2014 and beginning of 2015 the TRM team was busy doing end-user interviews, role definition and Design Thinking workshops to identify and define Fiori apps for TRM.  All the outcome of these activities we used to design this first Fiori App for TRM called “Search Form Bundles”.

But before I tell you more about this new Fiori app I would like to explain what Fiori is for those out there who are not familiar with this topic.

In a nutshell SAP Fiori

Fiori is the new user experience (UX) for SAP® software. It applies modern design principles (the 1-1-3 principle):

  • 1 user
  • 1 main/key process
  • 3 process steps (max!)

Along with other key design principles, see in picture below:

Figure 1 (SAP Fiori).jpg

These principles are the basis for a completely reimagined user experience. SAP Fiori UX is the new face of SAP to business users in all lines of business across devices and deployment options. SAP Fiori has HTML5-based user interfaces and most apps can be deployed to multiple devices such as desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. The SAP Fiori apps can be categorized into one of three types:

  1. Transactional apps
  2. Fact Sheet apps
  3. Analytic apps (Smart Business)


Search Form Bundles Transactional Fiori App

We created this app for a role we called “Customer Service Representative” also known as Taxpayer Advocate or Tax Officer which perhaps has some of the following main goals:

  • Complete taxpayer registrations with no errors
  • Process taxpayer requests as quickly as possible
  • Answer taxpayer questions in a timely manner
  • Help to solve customers’ inquiries

And searching and accessing the right Form Bundle is in many occasions the best way to fulfill these goals.  So the Fiori app “Search Form Bundles” features in a nutshell the following functionality:

  • Search quickly for form bundles using key search criteria.
  • Display taxpayer information
  • Get a range of information associated with the form bundle including, but not limited to, warnings, messages, status, and notes.
  • Add your own notes to a form bundle
  • Forward the link to the form bundle to another party using Microsoft Outlook

Note: Since the end-users we designed this app for work out of their desktops this app has been designed for Desktops computers.

To give you a short sneak on what the app “look & feel” is and what it does here below a short demo via a video. Please note that the video is shot from a test system with a lot of the typical test date =)

Here some screenshots taken from the Search Form Bundles app (desktop mode):


First screen from the Search app


Message view from the Search app


Forms view from the Search app


Create Note window from the Search app

More details on the above apps can be found via the SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library. This library offers a single-access-point to discover all available SAP Fiori apps and provides key information for each app, especially the technical data required for installation, configuration, extensibility, and support. Via the following HELP.SAP.COM links, you can also find more details of the app.

Search Form Bundle – Help SAP – Search Form Bundle App


Screenshot taken from the SAP FioriApps Library.

Note that the information related to EhP5 and EhP6 can be found under “App History” Search Form Bundles”:


Also here


Under SAP Fiori for SAP ERP 1.0 has the Information for EhP7 release and under SAP Fiori Transactional Apps for SAP ERP 1.0 has information for earlier SAP Business Suite releases:


Download SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is included with your underlying SAP software license.

Release Information

All the details like Add-on product versions and more can be found on the following Release Notes:

  • 2141901 – Release information Note for EhP7
  • 2173159 – Release information Note for EhP5 and EhP6


If you experience any issues with the Fiori App, create your tickets using Component PSM-PSO-FIO

UX related Services

For an additional fee, SAP offers a portfolio of UX related services to support customers during all phases of the adoption of SAP Fiori and SAP Screen Personas:

  • Advisory services help customers identify the most important UX use
    cases and advise customers on an implementation roadmap to realize them
    using SAP Fiori and/or SAP Screen Personas.
  • Launch services will quickly get customers up and running with SAP Fiori and SAP
    Screen Personas by installing the necessary infrastructure and deploying
    one Fiori application or Screen Personas scenario.
  • Accelerate services help customers get more out of the SAP Fiori or
    SAP Screen Personas installation they are already running by deploying
    additional Fiori apps, creating new or extend existing Fiori apps and
    creating additional SAP Screen Personas scenarios.

What is needed to get them up-and-running

To get the app up-and-running effort is required on the back-end SAP Tax and Revenue Management and on the UI/Frontend. The first thing you need to know/decide is which architecture you want to use or have in place;

With deploying Fiori apps in your SAP landscape, you basically have two options:

  1. With the SAP Mobile Platform & SAP Netweaver Gateway connected to the backend
  2. With SAP Netweaver Gateway connected to the backend

The situation showed below is focusing on the simplest option: #2, with SAP Netweaver Gateway pinpointing directly to SAP Tax and Revenue Management (ECC 6.0).


Screenshot: Fiori architecture option 2.

Once you have your key components of the architecture made available you need to run though the following steps to get the apps up-and-running:

  1. 1. Installation/update/configuration of backend components:
    1. Create RFC to Gateway
    2. Installation of components (NW Gateway services, app components)
    3. Apply support packages and notes
    4. Registration of (OData) services
    5. User Authorizations

  1. 2. Installation/update/configuration of SAP Netweaver Gateway components:
    1. Create RFC to backend
    2. Installation of components (central UI components, app UI components)
    3. Apply support packages and notes
    4. Registration & activation of services
    5. Configuration of Launch pad settings
    6. User Authorizations

Please note that certain components mentioned above need to be on a certain level. Refer to the Installation Information provide above located on the portal.

Further reading

Here below you can find some interesting web links, which you can explore to learn more on what SAP has to offer on the topic of Fiori:


We hope that this Fiori App will be useful for any end-user working in Tax and Revenue Management that needs to deal with Form Bundles and do not hesitate to share your views, comments, feedback, etc. with the Tax and Revenue Management team via a reply to this blog or drop us an email.




Kind regards

SAP Tax and Revenue Management team  

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