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New Fiori apps RDS released! Implement Fiori apps in simple steps – Download SAP Best Practices™ for free

We are pleased to announce that SAP Fiori apps rapid-deployment (RDS) was released for Download* on SAP Service Marketplace on 6th of July, 2015. With this RDS you can deploy any SAP Fiori app, which was delivered by SAP, including SAP Fiori apps requiring the SAP HANA platform as a prerequisite. The RDS provides best practices and straight forward step-by-step documentation free of charge to drive down implementation costs and accelerate deployment. In addition, the RDS includes predefined services designed to accelerate time-to-value and provide predictable results.

What’s new?


New Service Option specifically for S/4 HANA, on-premise edition

The RDS now includes an optional service which can be used with the  S/4 HANA, on-premise edition

Pre-Requisite Checks

The pre-requisite checks describe SAP backend configuration settings for SAP backenend systems needed to run the below selected transactional Fiori apps successfully:

  • My Travel Requests
  • Approve Travel Requests
  • Approve Travel Expenses
  • My Benefits
  • My Leave Requests
  • My Timesheets
  • Approve Leave Requests
  • Approve Timesheets
  • Check Payslip
  • Track Purchase Orders
  • Approve Purchase Orders
  • Approve Purchase Contract
  • Order from Requisitions
  • Track Sales orders
  • Change Sales Orders
  • Create Sales Order
  • Check Price and Availability
  • My Shopping Cart
  • Approve Shopping Cart
  • Track Shopping Cart
  • Additional Apps  Report Quality Issues/My Quality Tasks 

Solution scope

The package provides straight forward step-by-step documentation for:

  • SAP Fiori Transactional Apps Deploymentall app types.PNG
  • SAP Fiori Analytical Apps Deployment
  • SAP Fiori Factsheet Apps Deployment
  • SAP Fiori Smart Business Enablement
  • SAP Fiori Advanced Security Setup
  • SAP Fiori Integration with SAP Enterprise Portal
  • Mobilizing SAP Fiori Apps
  • SAP Fiori App Extensibility and Customization
  • SAP Fiori Launchpad Operation
  • New Service Options for S/4HANA and Mobilizing the Fiori apps

Combine packages – Assemble to Order

You will also find information on integration points to other Rapid Deployment Solutions, e.g. ERP, CRM, HCM. Rapid Deployment Solutions use the concept of Assemble to Order (A2O). A2O means you can create one project from multiple SAP rapid-deployment solutions to better address your needs.

Deploy & Extend – openSAP and RDS complement each other

SAP Best Practices are not only part of RDS for a quick and easy implementation but also used in openSAP courses to teach you how to design, develop and deploy new Fiori apps, extend and customize existing Fiori apps, introduce course members to Fiori Cloud Editions and development tools and concepts. Rapid Deployment Solutions and openSAP courses are therefore complementing each other very well. While the Fiori apps RDS enables you to deploy any Fiori apps delivered by SAP, the openSAP course enables you to extend your portfolio of Fiori apps. The latest openSAP course Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud has attracted over 22,000 learners. In the included “design and build” challenge 1,500 learners designed and developed their own apps using SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP WebIDE. See here some examples: 170 app prototypes running live on the HANA Cloud Platform.

Get started

Simply explore the main RDS content via this app

Download the full RDS by following the below few steps:

1) Go to SAP Fiori apps rapid-deployment solution’s page

2) Check the scope and software and delivery requirements on the page

3) Tab on the orange button on the right hand side Download package*

4) Select the link Installation

5) Download and extract the ZIP file to your local hard disk. All documentation assets will be available offline on your desktop

7) Chose start.htm to open the Content Library to flexibly simulate the Scope-Items as you need them and get the related Configuration Guides.

Content Library.PNG

8) Before you start with the implementation, refer to the SAP Note (login required) and the attached Configuration Guide: Getting Started for the latest updates or enhancements to this package.

*Note: To be able to download, you need an account for SAP Service Marketplace. If you do not have one yet, you can  register now.

Feel free to comment, give feedback or ask questions via the comment section below in the User Experience Rapid Deployment Solutions Community.

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      Author's profile photo Faraz Mohsin
      Faraz Mohsin

      Hi , Thanks for the sharing the info, it will be useful for clients who need few apps first to test it. Do you know how these downloaded apps make connection to their SAP back end systems. ?

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Very Informative Note.. Thanks

      Author's profile photo Dirk Eyermann
      Dirk Eyermann

      Hi Faraz,

      The Fiori apps RDS is a perfect fit for customers who are looking into a looking for a Proof of Concept (POC) implmentation of 1-10 Fiori apps. The reason is that the customer already knows in advance what the implementation costs are. In the RDS we are describing also for the most common Fiori apps the ERP Backend configuration. This means that you will get a good estimation before the implementation of what the ERP Backend configuration has to be like, so that this is good for a first test. In our RDS package  we call these documents Pre-Requisite Checks.

      Hope this helps for the first part of your question.

      In any case you can of course then build upon your "first test" implemenation (POC) and continue with a productive Go-live of those Fiori apps. These are all various service options already available in the RDS package.

      Technically the Fiori apps need of course the SAP Gateway and a SAPUI5 Frontend server to be installed. All this is part of the SAP Fiori apps RDS.

      Best Regards,

      Dirk Eyermann
      Package Owner of SAP Fiori apps rapid-deployment solution

      Author's profile photo Faraz Mohsin
      Faraz Mohsin

      Hi Dirk, Thanks for your reply. We have actually implemented an RDS with one of our clients with basic seven apps including Purchase, Time sheet and Sales related. I understand the benefits of RDS as clients would see it themselves and realize it's benefits and which worked for us too.

      My question was mainly around what's new with this release as mentioned in this article.

      As a part of our RDS we installed SAP Gateway Front end and back end server, had the right components installed on ECC ( It was for transactional apps), activated the Odata service, configured backend end and there you go.....We also did POC for our other clients on our system. So basically,  is it the same approach or anything new has changed with this release ?



      Author's profile photo Dirk Eyermann
      Dirk Eyermann

      Hi Faraz,

      ok, I had misunderstood your question then. I am very happy that you have already used the RDS in the past.

      Technically the Fiori apps have not changed. This was not the reason for this new release.

      We have added the following:

      1) we added new Fiori apps to the Pre-Requisite Checks. How to configure the ERP Backend system

      2) really new is the Service Option, that can be used to implement the S/4HANA related Fiori apps including Analytics or other UX needed for S/4HANA.

      3) you can now explore and view the content of the SAP Fiori apps RDS easily on a tablet or even on your smart phone by using this link:

      Hope this helps.

      Best, Dirk

      Author's profile photo Faraz Mohsin
      Faraz Mohsin

      Thanks Dirk, I've understood now. The link is very useful too and explains most of questions client looks for.