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New Features : SAP Payroll Processing Control Center rapid deployment solution

New Features Added: SAP Payroll Processing Control Center rapid-deployment solution

Solution Covered: SAP Payroll Processing Control Center

The SAP Payroll Processing control center add-on optimizes data monitoring and reconciliation. This helps organizations to increase the efficiency of payroll processing, reduces errors, and improves the accuracy of the payroll. This add- on provides a fundamentally new approach in which
potential issues are pointed out near real-time by the application rather than payroll administrators digging through information and trying to find issues themselves. With this functionality, Payroll Administrators only need to focus on issue solving and this saves payroll departments a lot of valuable time.

RDS to accelerate your implementation of SuccessFactors Payroll Control Center:

Customers can now accelerate the implementation of their SAP Payroll Processing Control Center by leveraging the SAP Payroll Processing control center rapid-deployment solution rapid that we have specifically built for this purpose. This RDS for SAP Payroll Processing Control Center includes pre-configured validation rules that focus on      

(a) master data monitoring for the pre-payroll process and’                                                                                    
(b) reconciliation rules for post-payroll processing.

Best practice examples and documentation serve as a foundation for the implementation of the SAP Payroll control center add-on. This helps organizations to increase the efficiency of the process, reduces errors, and improves the accuracy of the payroll

Enhancements in the latest RDS version:

The pre-configured validation rules now allow for a payroll test run at any time in the month. The payroll administrators need not to wait for end of the payroll period to start his payroll checks but can check anytime for errors and correct the same. Since all errors are already now checked way before the payroll due date arrives, the payroll process also runs much faster than ever

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      Problematic Payroll Control Center (PCC) The configuration was completed under the standard steps but have certain functionality that are not working the form at that  should do in the system. Payroll Control Center operates on programs that the PCC portal sends to ERP to be executed in background. These programs work properly:

      • Open Payroll
      • Run Payroll
      • Sent to accounting
      • Close payroll

      The origin of the problem is the execution of the policies which they have by standard PCC, these are not being executed because PCC Portal  is sending these programs to the ERP, they are being aborted and stopped, for this reason they don’t end adequately and the distribution of the mistakes cannot be sent to the payroll administrators.


      The programs that are stopped are standard elements that the system uses to send the policies and to distribute the possible mistakes. Therefore we observe that the possible origin of the problem is in some standard functioning; which is not executed correctly and / or having some problem or fault.

      The origin of the problem is in the PYC_EXECUTE_POLICES program and throws the following mistake:

      "No execute no found"


      This program throws the policies to evaluate the execution of the payroll and to find possible mistakes


      When analyzing this program this performs a search in the PYD_D_INST table (its content is created with the standard report PYC_STEP_GES which takes the settings made for PCC and generates the content of the table) of standard policies ZPYP_V2_INIT_POLICIES (copy of PYP_V2_INIT_POLICIES), the search is performed whit the TYPE field, (the detail search are standard polices, example PYD_CHECK_PY_REJECTED_EES, PYD_CHK_FP4_SAMPLE, PYD_EXAMPL_PERNR_CHECK_FP3) this policies are not found in the table then  we see that the error is triggered.


      Alternatively we try to change the TYPE field-value with a value where it finds the first policy manually, but if we do the above, the  instance PCC in the portal is not  executed and stopped. And there is no way to continue working on the portal.


      We understand that PYD_D_INST table is created with the PYC_STEP_GES report therefore believe it is something that should not be working properly, this situation causes that instance is not found and the policies process is aborted and stopped.


      We appreciate any ideas or help possible cause of the problem


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      Former Member

      Hi Team,
      We are in the process of upgrading the Payroll Control Center (FP2) to PCC FP5. As per the documentation, I understand that the below Business Functions must be activated to ensure that the new layout is visible in the front end. Please confirm if anything else is needed to view the Process Templates (PYP_V2_TEST_PAYROLL, PYP_V2_PRODUCTIVE_PAYROLL in the front end. Also, after adding a custom process and adding a Policy to the Process, while generating the Process, the error 'Incorrect input parameters for check type PYD_EXAMPL_PERNR_CHECK_FP3 in policy PAYROLL_POLICY_EXAMPLE_1' which eventually is a standard check.
      Please advise, how to reflect the new layouts in the front end.