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SAP Activate methodology JAM space – we are open, come in

** Update August 3, 2015 – revised the section explaining how to gain access to SAP Activate methodology JAM space **


In my previous post I indicated that we will soon be opening up the SAP Activate methodology site for users from outside of SAP.


Today I’m pleased to share more details about how you can request access to the SAP Activate methodology JAM site. It initially provides two flavors of the SAP Activate methodology — ‘SAP Activate for SAP S/4HANA Cloud Project Services Edition’ and ‘SAP Activate for on-premise (and managed cloud) implementation’ which is the successor to ASAP 8 methodology.

How to request access

The SAP Activate methodology JAM site is a collaborative space where you can not only access the methodology content, but also collaborate with SAP subject matter experts and other like-minded users. To request access, you will need to submit your e-mail address on the SAP Activate methodology access request form available at Please do not post your e-mails in the comments to this blog post.

Note: We have changed the request process away from using Twitter direct messages based on feedback from users without Twitter account. Now, anyone can join the JAM site.

What will you find in the SAP Activate methodology JAM

I will focus on the key structure elements of the space we have setup for sharing the methodology and providing space to collaborate. As you start using the JAM space we may add new elements depending on the user feedback.

JAM Site SAP Activate.jpg

Methodology content

The methodology content is structured into three levels of detail as follows.

  • Overview page which is also the space default page – provides links to key assets, latest updated materials and most recent discussions
  • Phase tabs – each methodology phase has dedicated tab with a list of key deliverables per phase and description of the phase objectives and key steps.
  • Deliverable pages – each deliverable page provides the purpose, definition and process for the deliverable. Most deliverable pages also provide links to documents, templates and examples that the project team can use as project accelerators.

Discussion forums

The discussion forums provide space for users to ask questions, share their thoughts about the content and to provide feedback to the team maintaining the SAP Activate methodology.

Social Collaboration

One of the biggest benefits of sharing the methodology content in the SAP JAM is that the space provides opportunity for collaboration between users. You can leave comments on any element in the site. Let us know how the document or guidance worked for you. You can expect response from the SAP subject matter experts, moderators and potentially from other users. We encourage you to use this platform to let us know what you think. Share how the SAP Activate methodology works for you. We will use this feedback to fine tune the methodology content over time.

We are all looking forward to welcoming you all into the SAP Activate methodology JAM. Let us know your thoughts.

JAM Site SAP Activate.jpg
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    • Hello Peter,

      we are working on a web form to manage the sign-up process that will be up within a week or so. Twitter was fastest to setup, but it seems to have its limitations and challenges. Stay tuned for an update of this blog post when we have the web form ready.

      Best Regards, Jan

  • Hello Jan,

    I am doing a Little research on how can S/HANA be implemented in an All In One way. All the information I could find about best practices baseline refers to ECC 6.0 EHP7 and there is nothing about S/HANA.

    Can you inform me if SAP Activate will be related in any way to a best practices baseline solution approach (like All in One) for S/HANA,at least for core proceses like finances, sales, purchasing.

    If there is an all in one approach for S/HANA will it also work like "activating" the building blocks? Or it will be manual configuration following a guide?

    Thanks in advance!!



    • Hello Exequiel,

      I recommend you to check this blog post from Holger that goes into the details about guided configuration.

      SAP S/4HANA – How to “Manage Your Solution” with SAP Activate

      Secondly - the S/4HANA Best Practices will be delivered in the product itself pre-activated - as Holger explains "The initial configuration of SAP S/4HANA is based on a pre-configured system providing ready-to run business processes with sample data and marks the starting point for an implementation."

    • Hello Stephen,

      sorry about the short downtime of the form. It is back up now and you can register again.

      Best Regards, Jan

        • It appears that over the weekend we exceeded the number of entries in the websheet. The site is up and running again. Sorry for any inconvenience.

          • Hi Jan,

            I tried to access Jam just 2 minutes ago and there is still a problem.

            Can you please send me an invite?

            Thank you so much for your patience.


          • Hello Ivonne,

            please submit your e-mail through this form and then give us 24 business hours to send the invite you. In other words we are not sending the invites on the weekends. If you submit your address on Friday, the invite will be sent next week on Monday (barring it is a public holiday).

            Thanks, Jan

  • Hi Jan

    I have already completed studying ASAP 8.0 and placed too much efforts in this regards, my question is "will I loose all my efforts if you release SAP activate method.? Will the c_pm_71 become obsolete?".

    Also, I have registered to SAP activate spam but did not receive any invite.



  • Hello Jan,


    I have a Similar question like Montaser Yousuf , I have prepared for   c_pm_71 , is it already obsolete ?

    Should i upgrade my self to c act 2016 ?  what is the difference between the two ?

    Please respond



    • I would suggest you to consider taking the SAP Activate certification as ASAP is no longer maintained and clients are making transition to SAP Activate since 2015.


  • Hi Jan,
    I've requested to be added to SAP Activate methodology JAM space using the following link for a couple of time,  but no luck so far.

    Could you please let me know if the link is correct?