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Quick Hint: remove “Copy of ” prefixes – Identity Center

You are bored of removing  the  “Copy of” prefixes after you have copied identity center drawers with huge content?

The SQL statements below are a quick way.


use mxmc_db

update mc_Group

set Group_Name= right(Group_Name, len(Group_Name)-8)

where Group_Name like ‘Copy of %’


use mxmc_db

update MXP_Tasks

set Taskname= right(Taskname, len(Taskname)-8)

where taskname like ‘Copy of %’


use mxmc_db

update MC_Jobs

set name= right(name, len(name)-8)

where name like ‘Copy of %’

The statements work on SAP IdM 7.1 and 7.2. I am not sure for SAP IdM 8.0.

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  • Yeah, such SQL queries can be a huge time saver.

    But one has to be very careful and check afterwards if the structure is intact. I tried to "re-link" tasks today. After some updates on the mxp_tasklnk I killed the links of several tasks in the "approve" tree while "re-linking" tasks in the "decline" tree. Luckily only the links and not the tasks themselves, plus it was in the dev system.