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The Next Generation Experience for Landscape Maintenance with SAP Solution Manager

The Next Generation Experience for Landscape Maintenance with SAP Solution Manager

  • Introduction
  • Key Features of Maintenance Planner
  • Benefits of the Maintenance Planner
  • Getting started
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      • Prerequisites for the Use of the Maintenance Planner


        Businesses today want to continually leverage innovations delivered by SAP at the lowest possible risk. The IT department‘s mission is to maintain and enhance the SAP software used to boost the efficiency and be the differentiator for the business. Need to change your landscape could be driven both from business as well as technical standpoint.  IT department is expected to respond swiftly to help their organization adopt  innovations as quickly as possible. It isn’t easy….

        SAP Solution Manager offers the next generation customer experience for maintaining your landscape through the SAP cloud-based Maintenance Planner.

        The Maintenance Planner enables easy and efficient planning of all changes in your SAP system landscape.

        Maintenance Planner is compatible with SAP Solution Manager 7.1  and SAP Solution Manager 7.2.

        Through Maintenance Planner, SAP Solution Manager drives simplicity for maintaining your system landscape, being perfect for new and upcoming SAP Solutions such as SAP S/4HANA. This simplification is automatically extended to all existing products. SAP Solution Manager continues to serve as the single platform for the delivery of SAP Service and Support including governance and documentation of the entire maintenance process.

        Key Facts:

        • Maintenance Optimizer is no longer supported. Maintenance Planner is the successor of Maintenance Optimizer.  Read more about Maintenance Optimizer sunset.
        • In SAP Solution Manager 7.1, Maintenance Optimizer has retired since  January 9, 2017. SEA (Scope and Effort Analyzer) will continue to be supported.
        • For SAP Solution Manager 7.01 SP 23 or above, Maintenance Planner  is supported, provided, you have installed SAP Note 1646604.

        Figure 1: Home screen of the enhanced Maintenance Planner supporting customers in their transformation journey.


        Key Features of Maintenance Planner

        Maintenance Planner

        • is a solution hosted by SAP.
        • simplifies the landscape maintenance process to update, upgrade and install new systems with much greater ease and efficiency.
        • integrates correction of landscape data with the maintenance process in a dialog driven process.
        • consolidates  definition of maintenance dependencies.
        • streamlines new system installations  by eliminating superfluous activities.
        • prevents inconsistency across systems in a multiple tier SAP customer landscape.

        Benefits of the Maintenance Planner

        See why you should use the Maintenance Planner and where using it is already mandatory:


        Figure 2: Key benefits of the Maintenance Planner


        The Maintenance Planner is the strategic tool that enables easy and efficient planning of all changes in your IT landscape.

        The Maintenance Planner supports SAP Solution Manager 7.1 and is mandatory for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and for all calculations regarding SAP S/4HANA and SAP NetWeaver 7.5+. Being integrated with SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library, it is the planning tool for this area.

        Maintenance Planner…

        • … unifies tasks from Maintenance Optimizer and LMDB Product System Editor in one tool
        • … delivers maintenance artifacts for SWPM, SUM, & SEA (SAP Solution Manager 7.2)
        • … offers integrated processes for installation of SAP Fiori Apps and SAP S/4HANA conversion

        Maintenance Planner Provides the Following Functions and Improvements to the Process:

        Planning landscape changes in a graphical UI

        Showing overview and detailed system information in an intuitive way
        Simplified modeling of maintenance dependencies replacing product systems

        Maintenance Planner simplifies the complex process of modeling maintenance dependencies (for example the version dependencies between a  portal and an ERP system in a self-service scenario) through an intuitive procedure.

        Consolidated planning for system tracks managing all roles in one planning step

        Currently, maintenance planning is focusing on individual system maintenance, which often requires multiple planning activities for a complete track. Maintenance planner offers planning for complete system tracks (like DEV – QAS – PRD) to lower overall planning efforts.
        Integrated correction of erroneous system information in the planning process

        Incorrect system information about installed products has been a frequent source of error while planning maintenance activities. Maintenance Planner validates the system information as a first step in the planning process. It guides you through a dialog based process to correct the system information as part of the maintenance activity if necessary.
        Streamlined  planning of new installations at desired target stack level

        Maintenance Planner significantly simplifies the installation process by eliminating the steps of system registration and a separate system update planning during installation. With Maintenance Planner, the target state of a system can be planned and downloaded in one step so that the overall installation process will be simplified, accelerated and less error-prone.
        Operational  ease

        The Maintenance Planner is hosted by SAP, it only requires a browser to access the tool.
        The Maintenance process with Maintenance Planner:


        Figure 3 – the maintenance process with the Maintenance Planner: System data is uploaded to the Customer Profile via SLD and LMDB; in the Maintenance Planner changes are defined and stack.xml and download basket are prepared. Consuming tools are Software Provisioning Manager Software (SWPM), Update Manager (SUM). etc. and the Scope & Effort Analyzer as of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 consume maintenance transactions from the Maintenance Planner.

        Getting started

        1. Ensure that you have an s-user for the SAP Service Marketplace (SMP).
        2. To ensure availability of your company’s landscape data in Maintenance Planner, follow the steps described in the blog Maintenance Planner – Prerequisites and Initial Setup.
        3. Access the Maintenance Planner with your s-user.

        Learn more


        Demos and Presentations

        Prerequisites for the Use of the Maintenance Planner

        To learn about handling data required by the Maintenance Planner, see

         Maintenance Planner and Landscape Entities & Verification

        Maintenance Planner offers maintenance dependencies as a successor of product systems – learn about scenarios of using one or the other in

        When interested in checking landscape data, have a look at: Verification in the Maintenance Planner – Part I: Principle and Evolution and Verification in the Maintenance Planner – Part II: How-to & Examples


        We’d like to hear from you

        Propose new features or suggest enhancements to existing features by collaborating on ideas for new features in SAP Idea Place, the public channel to participate in innovation at SAP. Maintenance Planner belongs to the idea session Software Logistics, category: Maintenance and upgrade management. Submit new ideas, vote for existing ideas and connect directly with the team at SAP!

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  • Hi there:

    What's the "Component" we use to create a ticket on OSS with "Maintenance Planner".  I received a "response from backend is not expected - please create a support ticket"


  • Hello Priti,

    Thanks for the useful information. We use maintenance optimizer to approve downloads in download basket. Will it be done via maintenance planner going forward.



    • Hi Sebastian, Maintenance Planner offers capabilities to plan maintenance in your landscape and lets you download stack.xml and push archives to download basket. Which can be later used by SL tools. Best Regards, Priti

      • Hi Priti,

        It was great getting in touch with Hengevoss and Mitual at SAPTechED Barcelona, also attended a hands on.

        Gettting to a real scenario now, I am trying to use maintenance planner, to install Release 608 SAP_HR and EA-HR SP21, however the MP shows that the latest EA-HR 607 44/SAP HR 6.04 93, when i am already on 608, that is strange!


        SebastianEA HR.pngsap hr.png

  • Excellent idea of a handy tool for system administrators. Anyway, I need to set up a new AAEX (Advanced Adapter Engine Extended), which a pure java integration netweaver. Where do I find this option? Tool only let me pick Application Server ABAP, BI Conent, Trex and Business Inteligence. Thanks.

    • In the current version of the tool new installation of Java systems is not supported. We are in  process of evaluating this feature. Regards, Priti

  • Hi,

    I have two questions regarding MP.

    1. Upgrade of Java System is possible? e.g. NW Java 7.4 -> NW Java 7.5

    2. How can I delete a Transaction?

    Btw, you did a great job on that tool. Really easy to use and nice GUI. 🙂



    • Hi Christian,

      Thanks a lot for your nice comments 🙂

      Answers to your questions:

      1) Yes its possible.

      2) In the current functionality deletion of a Transaction is not supported, this feature is under development, I will keep you posted.



  • Hello,

    what will happen to the SLM download feature when MOPZ is replaced in Solman 7.2?

    It would be nice download manager and SUM could be integrated into one tool.

    Best regards,


  • Hello Priti, this is curious, but after having created and saved a track, I cannot see the track at all when I go back to the maintenance planner homepage.

    Am I an isolated case?

    Thanks and best regards


    • Hello Francois,

      After saving the track you also need to verify & activate it so that it is persisted for later use. After saving, you will find that the Verfiy button on the maintenance cycle has turned blue, click the verify button and follow the guided procedure to verify & activate the track.

      Hope it helps.

      Best Regards,


      • Hi Priti, thanks for your reply and thanks for your instructions!

        It looks like I missed the section 3.3.1 of the Maintenance_Planner_User_Guide.pdf 😉

        best regards


  • Hello,

    this looks pretty good, but unfortunately I do not see a possibility to plan a new Netweaver system that's Java only, eg. Process Integration (AEX). Note 2174410 does not mention any restrictions on ABAP only systems. Is there any possibility to plan a new Java only


    Best Regards

  • Hello Priti,

    As mentioned in MP user guide, which backgound job in SAP Solution Manager is used for periodic update landscape data?


    Ning Tong

  • /
    • Hi Faraz, I would need more details from your side, are you not able to see a particular system (SOM) in Maintenance Planner. Regards, Priti

  • Hello,

    there seems to be an issue with HR packages: although I select all available HR packages to be added (HRR2), they are not included in the stack file.



  • Hi Priti,

    After creating dependency b/w systems, does MP provides upgrade level information for depend systems or we need Upgrade dependency analyser to identify it.



  • Dear Priti

    I am having trouble with the following scenario and wanted to know how to get this accomplished using the Maintenance Planner.

    I am currently on a JAVA only Portal 7.5 SP04 Patch 0. I want to select all the Java Patches for the current base system. The Maintenance Planner selects no Java Patches even though I select the Add Java Patches button.

    There is no files to select.


    How do you recommend I get this accomplished without having to manually select all patches.

    Thank you


    • Hello Sarah,

      Apologies for the late response, if you are still facing this issue, please let me know the
      transaction id for further analysis.

      Best Regards,

    • Hello Sunny,

      Apologies for the late response, if you are still facing this issue, please let me know the
      transaction id for further analysis.


      Best Regards,

  • /
    • Hello Sankara,

      Thanks for reaching out, we need to take a deeper look at the issue. Could you please raise an incident – component is: BC-UPG-MP. Please provide transaction id and steps to replicate the issue.

      Best Regards,

      • Hello Priti,
        i'm trying to plan an installation of NW 7.51  for S4HANA OP 1610 Adobe Document Service and get exactly the same error as Sankara describes.
        is it general problem now with MP? if yes, do you have any solutions which you could  post hier?

        Thank you and best regards,dmitry

  • When selecting files, why do all nodes expand and not just the selected node?  For example, when I click to expand the DB2/390 node, all DB nodes at that level expand and the list will scroll to the first expanded node in the list, rather than the DB2/390 node.  This seems to be bad user experience and can cause inadvertent selection of wrong components.

    Does anyone else have this browser experience?  I have tested in IE, Edge, Chrome and FF. They all exhibit same behavior.

  • Hi Priti,

    We are in process of upgrading our system from ECC 5 to ECC 6 EHP7 and using maintenance planner but unfortuantely facing issue after selecting EHP7 files, if we click next we are getting error message “No kernal files available for selected target. Click confirm to proceed.” as the relevant packages are not selecting.

    Please note that LMDB /SLD are in sync with proper details on portal and solman. We have raised the incident but no response. Also since we are on ECC 5 there is no option to download system xml info.


  • Priti,

    I am trying to upgrade our NetWeaver Portal system from 7.3 SP13 to 7.4.  When I choose Update SAP NetWeaver, I click SAP NetWeaver 7.4 Support Pack 16.  It looks like it does not choose the upgrade files.  Are there any plans for Maintenance Planner to bring in the necessary upgrade files"




    • Dear Kathy,

      Thanks for reaching out, I would need more details to answer your query. What exactly do you mean by Maintenance Planner not choosing upgrade files? Could please let me know the exact steps.

      Best Regards,


      • Priti,

        I am referring all of the DVDs needed for an upgrade and/or installation in addition to the SCA and kernel files.  Since we enter the software version and support pack to which we want to upgrade, I thought the Maintenance Planner may include these.  I downloaded these files separately.

        I am upgrading an SAP NetWeaver Portal system, so it is java only - I am not sure if that makes a difference when using the Maintenance Planner or not.




          Hi Kathy,

          DVDs for installations etc ..needs to be downloaded separately. Thanks for the feedback.

          Best Regards,



  • Hi Prithi

    As in Maintenance planner Sync button is disabled and in planning we can find the difference in the product version mismatch to SAP level. We also checked in LMDB all the products is updated fine but in maintenance planner we find the difference. Kindly look into this urgent as we are not able to generate stack file due to this






    • Hi Vinay,

      You can manually upload the landscape data from SAP Solution Manager to the Maintenance Planner,  you can go to LMDB and click the Upload to SAP Support Portal button. Once this is done, updated system data will be immediately available on Maintenance Planner.

      Hope it helps.

      Best Regards,


      • /

          Hi Vinay,

          SPS displayed is estimated based on software installed on the technical system, if you need more details you could open a BCP incident.

          However, you can go ahead and generate stack xml,  if you select  target SPS higher then 17 it will work fine.

          Best Regards,



  • Hello Priti,


    I am trying to generate a stack XML for the Installation of SAP Assurance and Compliance software Add-on 1.1 to the ECC System which is running on ABAP NW 7.4. While calculating the stack I am getting the below message. Request your help on this.

    Installation/upgrade package for add-on SAPFRA Release 110 does not exist


    Krishna Prasad

  • I am experiencing the same issue as explained by Kathy Moreillon. Not sure if you have answered already.  When I select a change 'plan' the application is supposed to give the options such as support packs/kernel etc. I could see only EHP.  Isn't the intention for any patch upgrade ?




      Hi Bala,


      If you are referring to DVDs for installations etc ..currently DVDs needs to be downloaded separately.


      Best Regards,


      • Priti,

        I referred to the online version only. with the help of support, found the steps have to be as follows:

        1. Plan -> Install or Maintain an Enhancement Package

        2. EHP version -> Choose SP level -> select the application specific usages if any ->  Confirm        selection -> Next

        3. Complete the selection for OS/DB dependant files -> Confirm selection



  • Hi Priti,

    I am facing some issues in Maintenance planner. I am in the process of upgrading Enterprise portal from NW 7.01 to NW 7.3, added system to solman and pushed data to SAP Support portal. In MP I am getting wrong Product version SAP ERP and old NW04 version.  ERP6 system has been added as as the back end system in LMDB. I have to ignore almost 25 components to get verification status green(right now it is showing error)

    LMDB status is as below


    I have opened a message with component BC-UPG-MP last week, but not resolved yet. Do you have any idea how to correct this?




  • Hi,

    Can this be used to plan/execute system refreshes? We need regular refreshes of our Training Landscape from Production. Can this tool help simplify the process?





    • Hello Stephan,


      Maintenance Planner is intended to support, Software maintenance related activities. System refresh is not supported in Maintenance Planner.  SAP Landscape Management (LaMa) automates SAP system operations  including system refresh, you may want to check if it fits your requirements.

      Best Regards,


  • Hi all,


    I´m also facing problem to upgrade my ECC 6 EHP3 to EHP8/5/3 it keeps giving me error No kernel files available for selected target. Click confirm to proceed when I want to select target. There is anyone who know the solution for this issue?


    Nelson Chamba\

  • Hi Priti,


    do you know if there is a way to keep the Maintenance planner from automatically selecting certain components to be installed and updated to the XML file?

    We are trying to install the GRC 10.1 plug-in so that we can provision to a system but we do not want to go through a significant upgrade of core stack dependent files as this would require significant regression testing in the environment.

    I can uncheck those in the "Select Files for Download" screen but then I get a message stating they will be automatically added back.

    Is there a way to get around this?




    • Hi Michael,

      During the final queue check Maintenance Planner reselects and automatically adds the files which are required for stack compatibility. This is by design to ensure consistency of the stack. We are working on a new feature to display which files are reselected. In case there is a stack dependency Maintenance Planner will add those files but with this planned feature it will be transparent which files/components are added.

      Best Regards,


  • Hi Priti Dhingra


    I am new to The maintenance planner and I have two questions:

    1- my client using old solution manger (7.01 SP28) and I am trying to upgrade it to 7.2 but system landscape data is not uploaded to SAP MP, I searched in internet and all advice to apply SAP note 2408911, I applied it but still I don't know how to upload solution manager data to SAP MP, could you please guide me ?

    2- my second question is I start process of planning new IDES installation in SAP MP but I didn't find the option of IDES in the list of products, how can I plan it ?

  • why are some of installed software-components forced to be manually verified in MP

    => (Check in Explore Systems)

    with a new solutionmanager 7.2._SP09 collected system-information of our ERP-6.0 systems

    are submitted (via LMDB) and uploaded from solman to the sap-supportportal (MP)


    but in sap-supportportal (in MP) some systems are showing (in Explore System appl) 

    => verification status Error  - ??? why 

    does SAP do not trust its own tools ? (solman and LMDB)

    and does SAP do not believe their with own tools determined and transmitted data ?


    following some questions - is SW-component xyz installed in the named system ?

    ??? why