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How to access SAP CRM Web UI Screen Configuration

SAP Web UI Configuration allows modifying the user screen without coding.  By accessing the “View configuration” is possible to define/modify:

  • Assignment blocks label.
  • Assignment blocks position and visibility (hidden, closed, opened).
  • Overview Assignment Block – Screen layout:
    • Include subsection titles
    • Fields label of screen
    • Fields visibility (add, remove).
    • Field position.
    • Field validation (mandatory, optional).
    • Additional fields (enhanced fields – not standard fields).
  • Detailed Assignment Block – Screen layout:
    • Change order of available field for display

There are different ways to access the SAP Web UI Configuration. However in closed sap system client (such as quality or production), knowledge is required to identify correctly the component to be modified. Those changes need to be implemented directly in development using any of the available option to access Web UI configuration.

A very common mistake in some many projects,that consultants are not able to perform correctly the UI changes if the system client is not open.

How does it work?

Before modify a UI Component, is necessary to identify the component that required modification.

If you want to know Component set name from the Web UI page, you must select any field on the screen, and Click F2 button on the Web UI screen and you will get the detailed information.

UI component.png

To modify any UI Object is necessary to know: the component, the view and the “Role Key” configuration for the page.

Different ways to access SAP Web UI View configuration.

A. By Using SAP Implementation Guide

To access SAP Web UI configuration by SAP GUI, use the following path.

IMG Menu

SAP Implementation Guide > Customer Relationship Management >  UI Framework > UI Framework Definition > Access BSP Component Workbench

Transaction Code


1.Enter the component that require modification.

access bsp workbench.png

2.Navigate to the required “View” and double click to see detailed

BP Address View.png

3.Navigate to “Configuration” tab.

UI configuration tab.png

4. Select the “Configuration Key” that require modification or to be used as template if you wan to create a new one.

view selection.png

/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/information_743295.pngAlways modify your own “Configuration Key”

               Never modify the standard view with <DEFAULT> Configuration Key

B- By Using SAP Web UI buttons on the screen

Show configurable Areas

1. Using button “Show Configuration areas”.

button show configuration areas.png

2. Then click on the area of the screen that you want to configure.

show configuration areas.png

3 .A pop up will open and after select the correct “Role Configuration  Key” the screen can be modified/created.

configuration area section.png

Configure Page Overview

1.Using button “Configure Page”

Configure page.png

2. A pop up will open and after select the correct “Role Configuration  Key” the screen can be modified/created.

Configure Page View.png

Practical Tip

To enable configuration mode in the Web UI Browser, two steps are necessary:

1. Add Authorization object CRMCONFMOD to the user, with value ALLOWED=X;

2. In WEB UI, activate the following flag Personalize -> Settings-> Personalize Settings-> Enable configuration mode.

Enable configuration mode.png

C- Using SAP Web UI – Logical Link for Configuration

1.Using navigation Link “View Configuration”

View configuration.png

2.A wizard will open to search for the component to be modified.

1 select component.png

3.Press “Search” and select the View to modify. After press “next”

1 search.png

4. Select the “Role Configuration Key” and perform the changes requires to the screen.

2 view.png

Practical Tip

To access to workcenter “Business Role Customising” and “View Configuration” from SAP  Web UI Browser, activate the following logical link for your workcenter.

Logical Link ID


Target ID





View Configuration




Business Role Customizing

For example:

work centet.png

In summary, the UI Screen Configuration can be made from:

-Directly in the required Web UI Screen by using buttons available.

-By using SAP Implementation Guide (IMG).

-By using the Web UI Screen – View Configuration.

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