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Grouping of Calculated and Restricted Key Figures

Its possible to have so many Calculated Key Figures and Restricted Key Figures against a particular info provider


And this is not a welcome sight for anyone looking to create a Query and consume one of the CKF’s or RKF’s


There is an ABAP Report “RSZ_COMPONENT_TREE”, using which the CKF’s and RKF’s , for a particular info provider, can be grouped. For ease of use

How to do it

(1) In SE38 transaction, execute the ABAP Report “RSZ_COMPONENT_TREE”

(2) Key in the info provider and execute


(3) The list of all CKF’s and RKF’s will be seen


(4) Right click on the “Calculated Key Figures” and select “Create Node”, giving an appropriate name


(5) Drag and drop the needed CKF’s inside the node

(6) Next, save the operation using the “Save Hierarchy” button

(7) The created nodes will now be reflected in BEx and Eclipse BW Query Designer

(8) The same can be done for RKF’s

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