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Full and Final Settlement after 1 Month or after 1 year – Termination

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  • Advantages to create new control record

    • Not to disturb Original Control Record which is used for processing payroll for employees
    • To execute payroll for old month

    Disadvantages for not creating new control record

    • An employee whose status is inactive if  we lock and unlock personnel number in payroll status The payroll will run retro for processing payroll for future month.

    • Error while processing with old control record as control record will be for current date and we are processing for the old date for making full and final settlement.
    • Hi Rajesh,

      Thank you so much,started to learn payroll.. learning a lot by seeing documents like your's

      thanks for sharing.. this would be great..

      Please give us more documents for the beginners for payroll which would be helpful for us to go through.