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AIX/DB2 Installation tips for IDM 8.0

Hello all,

here are some useful tips when trying to install IDM on AIX/DB2 combinations.

The following is comming from testing with AIX 7.1 and DB2 10.5

1) Sudo is needed in on AIX in order to complete proper installation

2) The user that is used should be a member of sudoer ( db2inst1 – should be a sudoer)

3) If you get error like “^M:  not found” – make sure you haven’t touched any files and all encodings are in UNIX/Linux format

4) DB2INSTANCE has not been set. Perhaps you are running as wrong user.  –  no DB schema – you should set your default schema for example  (export DB2instance=db2inst1) and you also have to permanently place it in the env path (set /home/user/ environment PATH with the path to the db2start place)

5) EFS frameowrk not installed – you should install this component usually with this command “efsneable – a” (with root)

6) SQL0104N  An unexpected token “IC_db” was found following “<identifier>”. Have in mind that the prefix of your DB should be with small letters and onlu 2 chars.

7) Make sure you have enough space in the drive where you are making the installation

8) DB250101E: The command syntax is invalid. An unexpected token ” was found following ‘=’. Expected values include: ‘<text>’ – This problem is fixed with DB2 APAR IT06188 which is part of DB2 V10.5 FP5SAP2 .

9) ./[90]: syntax error at line 25 : `elif’ unexpected – possible encoding issues

10) STORAGEPATH must be set in include.sql

11) DB2 does not support more than 8 characters user names, in effect you must restrict your prefix to maximum 2 characters ($prefix+_admin)

12) if [ ${MC_PREFIX} -gt 2 ] ; then  – REMOVE # from prefix

Hope this is useful.


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