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What to do when facing issues involving ITS and WEBGUI

This post contains suggestions about what to do in case of an issue appears while using the ITS/WEBGUI.

The first important information needed in ITS/WEBGUI cases: Kernel version and patch level and SAP_BASIS version and patch level. Why? Because the ITS/WEBGUI corrections are delivered via kernel patches and/or SAP_BASIS support packages. Note that not all corrections can be implemented via SNOTE.

For troubleshooting it is possible to use SAP notes 808347 (ITS 6.40 – preclarification and basic problem analysis) and 816973 (ITS 7.00 – preclarification and basic problem analysis). SAP note 816973 can also be used for release 7.01.

As of release 7.02 (kernel 7.20 or higher – e.g. 7.21, 7.22, 7.41 and 7.42), there is a major change in the ITS: the MIMEs (Javascript, CSS files) that were maintained in the database are now part of the kernel: the package ITS.SAR is delivered inside the disp+work package and is extracted by the ICM process.

Since it is possible to use the WEBGUI inside a different framework (Portal, CRM, NWBC), any issue faced during the execution of a transaction should be tested using the WEBGUI service directly, keeping less variables in the whole scenario. The WEBGUI service can be launched via transaction code SICF, navigating to /default_host/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui. If the issue was not replicated via WEBGUI service, then it might be an issue in the other framework.

If the WEBGUI service is not working correctly, then a few steps should be taken:

     1. Have the ICM profile parameter set:

          icm/HTTP/file_access_XX = PREFIX=/sap/public/icmandir/,DOCROOT=$(DIR_ICMAN_ROOT),ARCHIVE=$(DIR_EXECUTABLE)/ITS.SAR

          (Replace XX by the first available value, starting with 0)

          This will guarantee that the ICM process will extract the ITS.SAR package

     2. Force the extraction of the file:

    1. Delete (or rename) $DIR_DATA/icmandir/its
    2. Delete (or rename) file $DIR_DATA/icmandir/last_update_ITS.txt
    3. Restart the ICM process: SMICM -> Administration -> ICM -> Exit Soft -> Global
    4. As a result, the ICM trace file should show entries like:

[Thr XXXX] HttpExtractArchive: extract archive /usr/sap/SID/DVEBMGS00/exe/ITS.SAR to /usr/sap/SID/DVEBMGS00/data/icmandir

SAPCAR: processing archive /usr/sap/SID/DVEBMGS00/exe/ITS.SAR (version 2.01)

SAPCAR: 14209 file(s) extracted

[Thr XXXX] HttpExtractArchive: archive /usr/sap/SID/DVEBMGS00/exe/ITS.SAR extracted to /usr/sap/SID/DVEBMGS00/data/icmandir

     3. Make sure that the nodes in SICF from path /default_host/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui were not changed (i.e. guarantee that the standard configuration works)

     4. Test the scenario again

It is also useful to use some HTTP traffic capture tool, e.g. Fiddler and HttpWatch. The following KBA show how to record Fiddler traces, in different scenarios:

          2235384 – How to create a Fiddler trace for an ITS/WEBGUI issue

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