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SAP Hana Dynamic Tiering Setup and Configuration

In my documentation I’ll explain how to setup and configure a SAP Hana Dynamic Tiering scenario in my test environment. I will show in detail step and configuration point to achieve this configuration.

For my HDT test case I’ll use my own lab on Vmware Vsphere 5.1.0 and run Hana revision 91, I’ll reuse my existing environment setup in my previous documentation.

Disclaimer:  this is a personal documentation for test purpose; I will take in consideration the sizing for DT.

In order execution

  • Download Hana DT media
  • Prepare DT specific filesystem
  • Install DT component
  • Add new host for DT worker
  • Configure DT storage
  • Monitoring of DT in hana cockpit

Guide used

SAP Hana Dynamic Tiering Administration Guide SP9
SAP Hana Dynamic Tiering Operation

Note used

2140959 – SAP HANA dynamic tiering – additional information
2086829 – SAP HANA DT: Sizing of Dynamic Tiering component of SAP HANA

Link used

Overview Architecture

6-12-2015 5-12-35 PM.jpg

In my previous documentation “SAP Hana TDI setup – VMware 5.1” I have explain and setup different scenario of Hana deployment, I’ll reuse my master hana system “hana01” and create a new host from template to add it as “Hana DT worker” host.

Download Hana DT media

In order to install Hana DT specific media needs to be download, those media can be download unde :

“Install & Upgrade -> Hana Platform Edition -> SAP Hana Dynamic Tiering”

6-12-2015 5-47-27 PM.jpg

6-12-2015 5-47-50 PM.jpg

Once downloaded, I unzip the file and place the media in my repository

6-12-2015 5-49-55 PM.jpg

Prepare DT specific filesystem

Before to start with the setup of Hana DT, specifics filesystem needs to be mounted on the hosts
6-12-2015 5-54-36 PM.jpg

Make sure the folder SID exist under “/hana/data_es/” before to run the installer.
6-15-2015 10-55-35 AM.jpg

Install DT component

Now that the media and the filesystem are ready it’s time to deploy the DT component on the master node.
The deployment can be performed in 3 different ways:

Using the command line tool “hdblcm” by choosing option 9 under “/hana/shared/HB1/hdblcm”
6-15-2015 10-30-36 AM.jpg

Using the graphical tool “hdblcmgui” under under “/hana/shared/HB1/hdblcm”

6-15-2015 10-35-56 AM.jpg

And finally by the web over “Hana Lifecycle Management”
6-15-2015 10-42-52 AM.jpg

For my document I’ll use the web option
6-15-2015 10-44-11 AM.jpg

I specify my DT component folder with sub folder
6-15-2015 10-45-14 AM.jpg

6-15-2015 10-46-13 AM.jpg

6-15-2015 10-46-35 AM.jpg

6-15-2015 10-47-18 AM.jpg

6-15-2015 10-47-44 AM.jpg

6-15-2015 10-55-52 AM.jpg

6-15-2015 11-07-37 AM.jpg

Installation done

Add new host for DT worker

Now completed we need to install the additional host which will be used as “Hana DT worker”, to do this we can use “hdblcm” or “hdblcmgui” option.

I’ll go by the hdblcmgui option:

6-15-2015 11-38-41 AM.jpg

6-15-2015 11-40-35 AM.jpg

6-15-2015 11-44-09 AM.jpg

I want to use all my NIC so I keep the Global option
6-15-2015 11-44-42 AM.jpg

Review and launch

6-15-2015 11-48-57 AM.jpg

Configure DT storage

The new worker host deployed we can check on hana studio to validate
6-15-2015 12-01-02 PM.jpg

6-15-2015 12-02-42 PM.jpg

On the overview dashboard we can see now that DT has been installed but still need to be configured
6-15-2015 12-03-50 PM.jpg

Do perform it we need to do it over the Hana cockpit, but before the dynamic role needs to be assign
6-15-2015 12-07-16 PM.jpg

Once assigned, add the necessary dashboard in the cockpit
6-15-2015 12-09-32 PM.jpg

6-15-2015 12-11-00 PM.jpg

I define my storage size for my Extended Table and hit create

6-15-2015 12-12-36 PM.jpg

Note: the configuration can be change to extend disk size to meet requirements
6-15-2015 12-17-31 PM.jpg

Now check hana studio
6-26-2015 4-09-50 PM.jpg

Monitoring of DT in HANA cockpit

The monitoring of DT is done over the cockpit, its straight forward

6-15-2015 12-18-57 PM.jpg

6-15-2015 12-42-42 PM.jpg

The configuration is completed.


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi-- We have a query that once the SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering is configured on the HANA running SAP BW 7.4 , how does the BW objects are marked to be kept in the extended storage and what are those BW objects eligible to be stored in DT.

      Request to share some pointers and documents if any.



      Author's profile photo Williams Ruter
      Williams Ruter
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Sharad,

      If you want to move to move data to warm storage, convert appropriate column tables into extended store tables from the studio by right-click on the table that you want to move in ES.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thank you for posting this document.