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Lumira Course Premier

You asked and asked and asked, and SAP finally heard you. A 1-day class on the basics of Lumira Desktop is finally here!

BOL201: SAP Lumira launched in mid-May 2015. This course covers the basics of using Lumira Desktop, with emphasis on preparing the data you will use for your Lumira visualizations and stories. While much of this information is also available on the SAP Community Network in the form of on-line videos and tutorials, the BOL201 course provides specific start-to-finish guidance, from acquiring the data to preparing it to visualizing it to sharing it.

A word of caution though: This course does NOT cover creating custom infographics, pictograms, or charts. Nor does it provide guidance on “what is the best chart to use for my data?” The course also does not cover Lumira Server, the administrative portion of Lumira. BOL201 is a basic course designed to introduce you to the out-of-the-box capabilities of Lumira Desktop.

BOL201 is the perfect solution for those wanting to learn the basics of Lumira!

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