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SAP Solution Manager – The Under-utilized One..

This article will be re-published after some improvements.

Inconvenience caused, if any, is regretted.

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  • I'm not a SolMan expert, but it seems like a good "executive summary".

    Interesting analogy with the smartphones. I have a company-issued smartphone and I do use it only to check email and calendar, occasionally as an alarm and, oh yeah, as a phone. 🙂 Perhaps I should add this "smart" phone is Blackberry. It constantly wants to update something called Blackberry World, which seems to be its main purpose of existence. But I blatantly ignore its needs. So maybe the reason why SolMan is not getting a lot of use have nothing to do with lack of information on the user side. 🙂 Just a guess.

  • Imagine what could happen if the SolMan isn't correctly implemented....

    My earlier client was using SolMan just for incident management and some Basis reports.

    Within 1 month of implementation, the business users who were using the incident management module, "renamed" SolMan to SlowMan.


  • Good to see the comments, which resonate with the thought-process I had.

    And believe me (& most of you would agree), there are a LOT of such tools/processes/modules/sub-modules in SAP which are hardly utilized (even AFTER implementation).

    It is up to us to evangelize its rightful usage! My articles (yes, initially , they would be 'executive summary' kind of articles, just to spread the awareness) is a small attempt..

  • It's under-utilized because it's complicated, lacks flexibility and takes lots of caring and feeding by the already over-worked IT/Basis team, not to mention it has no certified interface to 3rd party systems management framework.