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New tool in inventory management – moving average price change analysis

Dear Community,

Do you have queries from your business users around inventory management valuations regarding the changes of the moving average price of certain materials? If so you may have already noticed that the moving average price of materials can be changed by several different documents in ERP systems, for example: material documents, price change documents, invoice documents, production settlements or even credit memos or material ledger documents. Due to the complex cross-application knowledge required to find all these documents it can be quite complicated to access and review all relevant documents.

The goods news is that SAP has just released a new supportability tool to help you with the analysis of such scenarios. The new report is available for all SAP ERP releases starting from ECC 600 and can be installed as an advance correction via note 2198317.

For more information please visit the following SAP Wiki Page:
Unexpected changes in the Moving Average Price – MBMAPCHANGES – ERP SCM – SCN Wiki

Kind Regards,

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    • Hi Jürgen,

      The link should be accessible for non-SAP-employees, it is a public SAP Mobile Documents share Could you please double-check it?

      Many thanks!

      • Action: Hostname not resolvable

        URL: (

        We discussed this already countless times that those css.wdf..adresses do not work for us, I addressed this several times and have even a thread in the moderator forum to inform Ervin Szolke when I find KBA's with such useless links.

        the right link name has to start with

        • Hi Jürgen,

          thank you letting me know.

          I guess the problem has been resolved in the meantime. Still, keep this good habit to contact me in similar cases.

          Thank you and Best Regards,


        • Thank you very much Dibyendu! I didn't even check those links because I have only extended an existing page with the details about the new pilot tool. Thanks for the quick reviews to both of you!