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Decouple Transport Request outside of ChaRM

At times decoupling transport from a Change Request in ChaRM gives error. A useful workaround is to decouple it from Solution Manager.

The steps are listed as below

1. Execute transaction /nSOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN in Solution Manager system.

2. Select the project to which the Change Request belongs to.

3. Click on tab “System Landscape” and then “Change Management”.

4. Click on “Show task List”.

5. Expand the task list and under the development system, there is a the task “Decouple Transport Request”.

6. Execute the task. It will give the list of transports under that project.

7. Select the transport request that needs to be decoupled, and click on ok.

8. The transport request has now been decoupled from the ChaRM change request. Refresh the ChaRM CR and the transport will no longer be visible under Transport Management.

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      • Hi Riya, one question: a transport can be decoupled of a change order only if it's not released?, with released transports there is some option?


        • Hi Omar,

          Did you release the transport manually? Or you are trying to decouple it after approving it for import in Production?

          ChaRM releases transports after the change request has been approved for production. Hence from ChaRM, transports cannot be decoupled after they have been released.

          Did you try decoupling them outside of ChaRM?

          • Hi Riya,

            the transport was released by ChaRM when we change the status to "Sucesfully tested" (the transport is in a Normal Change without personalized status), so I understand that decouple it's not posible at this point. thats true isn't?

            we don't want the change in production, do u know a procedure to cancel the normal change or something like that?.

            Best regards!

          • You can withdraw a normal change. However, to do so, all the transports in that CR would have to be decoupled.

            If you do not want the transport in Production, then you may delete it from production buffer.

  • Thanks this is very useful. However i tried these steps and however when i execute task "Decouple Transport Request" a popup showing task details is displayed " /TMWFLOW/SCMA_TRORDER_DECOUPLE". It does not show list of transports under that project. Please advise.

    Details of my issue :

    Charm Status changed to " To be Tested"

    One of the TOCs failed as one of the objects did not activate correctly

    Developer moved status back to "In Development"

    He created another Charm to correct his issue

    Wanted to decouple problem transport from this Charm but it would not allow since it complains with error "" Unable to decouple request due to not-imported transport of copies DWXXXX"

    Please advise



    • Hi Murali,

      Select the task "Decouple Transport Request", and click on the execute icon on the toolbar at the top of the page. You may be double clicking on the "Decouple Transport Request", and that displays the task details instead of actually executing it.

      Hope this helps!



      • Thanks Riya, Yes I am clicking icon next to "Decouple of Transport Request". Clicking execute icon on the toolbar at the top of the page showed transports.



  • Hi,

    This is has few limitation with CCTS.

    If the note 2229836  is implemented in solman then we cant use tasklist to decouple.