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  1. Alejandro Kinsbrunner Post author


    I am not getting completely what you say, would you please clarify? In C4C, there are 2 default values that “come” with the system which are BUP002 and CRM000.

    Kindly clarify.

    Thanks for commenting and regards.


  2. Former Member



    I understand that this scenario you propose includes the creation of a field extention in C4C representing the account group and do the mapping accordingly. So that the right accoutn group in ERP is determined when the prospect flag is rmoved and the account is sent to ERP for the first time.


    This is a different approach that the scenario explained i the SAP Cloud for Customer Quick guide e.g. Option 2 prospect in C4C, not in ERP, where a temporarily account group is assigned in ERP that is manually updated to the real account group e.g. Sold to party.


    What made you choose for the 1st scenario instead of the 2nd?



    1. Alejandro Kinsbrunner Post author



      Sorry but I am not understanding your question as I am not finding the “Option 2 you mention.


      We leveraged that custom scenario as there does not exist Account Group concept in CRM (it is an SD concept). As we wanted to have that value in CRM we created the custom field which got automatically updated when sending the customer (prospects are not being sent based on Business Config of our client).


      Hope this clarifies your query, otherwise, feel free to provide further details on your question and I will try answering it.


      Thanks and regards.


  3. Former Member

    Hello Alejandro,


    Can you tell me how an account layout in C4C has the fields depending on one specific field value (in this case the ACCOUNT GROUP)?

    For instance:

    – accounts with account group AAA have the fields X, Y and Z

    – accounts with account group BBB have the fields A, B and C

    – accounts with account group BBB have the fields D, E and F

    and so on…



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