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A Meeting Organizer for Iphone

With the current system in place for Iphones or any iOS device, the Outlook application does not have meeting implementation like a windows or black berry device. Because of this an Iphone user has no way of making sure that a meeting will work for a majority of his colleagues. This means that a user might only have 2 people attend a meeting when there was supposed to be 10 people attending. What is the solution to this? We can build an application that allows users to compare other colleagues’ schedules so s/he can find a suitable meeting time for all participants. How do we accomplish this? We need to access the Microsoft Exchange Server that allows for a user to look up a person on our Exchange Server. Once done we can add this to a calendar view that we can cross reference the participants’ calendars providing an easier way to schedule meetings. This is more internal than the conventional SunRise application because SunRise only uses contacts on the Iphone.This new application will access the Outlook server that we have and let users find contacts through the server. This is my goal for this internship. To provide an easier way for SAP employees to schedule meetings that are more suitable for everyone. Will keep you updated with more news to follow!

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