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SAP Inside Track Hamburg (sitHH) – My Impressions

This will be a short recap of my impression of sitHH.


But before I start some words about myself.

Please don’t wonder about my member date.

This is in reaction of Oliver Kohls advice: “Do not use your S-User ID in SCN. Create your own P-User.” ℹ

Therefore I am now a member since 2015 and not since more than 10 years with my different S-User 😕 .

And another topic. As this is my first blog, please be considerate if I will make a few mistakes.

Okay, now let’s start.

First and foremost I will give a great thank to our organizer team Melanie Schlemper, Mark Teichmann and Peter Langner and all of the other people in the back which made this event possible and so successfully.

As I’m didn’t joined any pre-conferences on Friday like SAP CodeJam and ADverntas CodeJam, I only will mention this sessions.

For myself, sitHH starts at Friday evening with the “pre-conference meet-up” at brewhouse Altes Mädchen joining roundabout 20 partiticants of sitHH. This was a great evening and I will not go into details following SAP TechEd: “What’s in sitHH will stay in sitHH”.

The event itself was hold on Saturday, 27.06.2015 at a wonderful place called 25hoursHotel and was hosted by Melanie Schlemper, Mark Teichmann and Peter Langner who opened the track with a short welcome with around 60 to 70 participants.

First session was about an introduction of functional programming (FP) by Fred Verheul.


He gave us a short introduction with code examples to get an understanding what FP is about.

Especially for me as an non-developer it was quite interesting to see what’s possible, when parallel processing is needed and there was a lively discussion about it.


This concept will get more important due to massive parallelisation especially in the HANA context.

For further details about FP I refer to two blogs by Christian Drumm and Chris Wealy as an entrance.

Next session was by Thorsten Franz about an end-to-end process from an Internet website to an ABAP backend via HANA Cloud Platform (HCP).

Unfortunately he couldn’t get a connection to the HCP so he had to switch back to flipchart presentation to demonstrate how the architecture from HCP to the ABAP backend via HANA Cloud Connector and Gateway connection looked like.

The next tracks were split up into two parallel sessions and I only look after my sessions. If there will be more recaps I will link them so that everyone can get a complete picture of sitHH.


So I decided to join Jitendra Kansal talking about Integration Gateway into SAP Mobile Platform SMP 3.0

He gave us an overview about the integrated gateway, how to setup and customize it on the SMP.


Next session was about Open UI5 in customer Extensions by Karol Kalisz.

Karol first gave us a broader look to the SAP Buiness Design Studio which is used for working on the design and coding for UI elements. Then he used this tool for doing extensions on UI5 elements via Design Studio.

The gateway session was followed by Visualization of Data and Information by Vitaliy Rudnytskly. (sorry Vitaliy, didn’t had made any picture with you).


Vitaliy gave us in his presentation a historical overview of visualization how different types of visualization were used in ancent times.

Unfurtunaltely I didn’t made any pictures of it and Vitaliy will not publish his presentation due to legal rights of the pictures he used (but definitely it’s a must to hear his journey through the time of visualization).

At the end we got a demo by Jonas Volger how his company uses visualization for data presentation.


When we had a special session about Talking to HANA by Ernst Maracke.

Ernst showed us a HANA System doing it’s tasks by receiving  speech, commands in complete sentences: “What are the results of the revenues 2012?“. And the results were given also as spoken words: “The revenues are 9 Million 204 thousand and 612 Dollar!“. (Ernst, don’t please blame me for the qoutes, they are not completly correct, but I didn’t wrote them down)

In the last session we all came back together to join Oliver Kohl presenting an update of the new SCN Transition Phase.


He gaves us some insights, how the new SCN will look like, what are the technics behind it and how he and his international team are working on it to get new SCN live this year.

At the end all the audience gave a big applause for our hosts Melanie Schlemper, Mark Teichmann and Peter Langner and also for all the Speakers at sitHH


The track ended with a nice “post-conference meeting”.


Details and download links ot the presentations will be found on

Overall it was a really great event and I will definitely joining again next year (or please try out some other upcoming SAP Inside Tracks).

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      Author's profile photo Martin Fischer
      Martin Fischer

      Hi Roland,

      nice recap! Cool, that the event motivated you to start blogging!



      Author's profile photo Fred Verheul
      Fred Verheul

      Hi Roland,

      I agree with Martin, very nice recap and first blog post! Looking forward to more contributions <evil grin>.

      Author's profile photo Kumud Singh
      Kumud Singh

      Hi Roland,

      A very nice and crisp overview. Thanks for sharing with us.



      Author's profile photo Mark Teichmann
      Mark Teichmann

      First blog post and instantly featured as 'Today's Top loked SCN Content' 🙂

      What a start...