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Highlights of the HANA smart data streaming (SDS) SP10 release:

  • New “Streaming Lite” component designed for “edge processing” in IoT scenarios
    • this is a light-weight version of the SDS server designed to run on IoT gateways to process data close to the source
    • it’s supported on ARM processors (Raspberry Pi) as well as Intel processors and is a stripped down package to minimize disk and RAM requirements
    • CCL projects run as stand-alone Linux processes, without the need for an SDS cluster
    • it includes a new internal (in-process) output adater that connects to a full HANA SDS server via a WebSocket
  • New Streaming Web Service (SWS) component
    • this is a scalable alternative to the current SDS Web Service Provider (WSP).  It’s designed with IoT in mind, with the ability to support large numbers of publishers and high message throughput.
    • note that at this time it’s not a complete replacement for the WSP nor is it backward compatible with WSP, but it can be deployed side-by-side with WSP and thus WSP is still available both for backward compatibility as well as for the functionality not provided by SWS
  • WebSocket connectivity option for Studio and toolkit-based adapters
    • This is a web-friendly alternative to TCP Sockets,  allowing Studio users and toolkit-based adapters to connect to a remote HANA SDS server through firewalls without opening up special ports.  This makes it easier to deploy HANA SDS in the cloud.
  • Extended admin capabilities for SDS in HANA Cockpit
    • The most significant enhancement is the ability to manage the SDS cluster configuration from the HANA cockpit, eliminating the need to use the ESP Cockpit
    • The ESP Cockpit  is no longer shipped with HANA SDS
    • Other cockpit enhancements include:  auto-refresh of cockpit tiles, and the ability to monitor/manage projects running in HA mode
  • Simplified configuration/setup to connect to HANA database from SDS
    • ODBC library manager is now included, eliminating the need to separately download and install an ODBC manager
    • Creating an SDS data service to connect to a HANA database has been simplified:  there is no need to first create an ODBC DSN,  and to connect to the local HANA database, the connection details are pre-configured
  • Miscellaneous enhancements in response to user feedback (see list below)

SP10 also includes a number of Incremental enhancements based on user feedback:

  • SQL projections are now supported on WebSocket subscriptions, enabling richer dashboards
  • CCL getdata() function and the database input adapter both have new auto-reconnect properties
  • Enhanced CSV parser in the Adapter Toolkit, to ignore delimiters inside quoted strigns
  • matchStreamName property added to XML parser to support filtering by stream name
  • Improved formatting of CCL generated automatically from the visual editor
  • Line numbers for compile errors in CCL Script
  • Improved control over time to stop a project when IQ adapter is used (configurable queue size)
  • Enhanced ESPMulti-stream publisher to be able to filter on NULL values
  • New QuotedValues property for CSV adapters, providing ability for parser to ignore delimiters contained within quoted strings
  • New CCL Hash function, providing the ability to generate a hash value on text fields
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