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DMEE Configuration:Step By Step Part 2

Hi All,

This is the continuation of the document DMEE Configuration.

Please refer the below link for the DMEE Configuration:Step By Step Part 1.

DMEE Configuration:Step By Step Part 1

                                                   Create/Assign Selection Variants (OBPM4)

  1. Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable ® Business Transactions ® Outgoing Payments ® Automatic Outgoing Payments ® Payment Media ® Make Settings for Payment Medium Formats from Payment Medium Workbench ® Create/Assign Selection Variants


Double click on the Format Created Earlier, i.e-Z_IDES.


Create ‘For All Selection Screens’ and then continue.


Give Payment Medium Format ‘Z_IDES’

Then select Print Parameters and give the name of the printer.



Then Save.

Reservation for Cross-Payment Run Payment Media (OBPM5)


Select /wp-content/uploads/2015/06/1_735173.png


Run APP (F110)


ID should End with ‘E’ and there should at least one space left.


Complete APP Run.

Go to ENVIRONMENT-PAYMENT MEDIUM-DMEE Administration/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/1_735173.png


Select the File and save the Output File.

Hope you all will find the Document Helpful.

Any Suggestions and Critics are always Welcome as this will help me to Improve in Future.



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  • Great work Eugene..I was referring lot of links in order to find the end to end DME config, but available was bits and pieces, your work took me out of that confusion. 😎

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Very Helpful


    K R

  • Hi Ranu

    This is something which has been missing and I have shared this document with my entire team this morning. I am pretty sure, this information will be very very useful to the SCN Finance community. Thanks for sharing such an useful information.

    Thanks & Regards

    Sanil Bhandari

    • Hi Sanil,

      Thanks for such a wonderful and encouraging  words.

      Hope it will be helpful to you and your team as well.



  • Hi Ranu,

    I am a beginner to DME configuration I have seen most of the friends will appreciated your efforts for preparing documentation .Now I am also interested  to learn  DME configuration. If any stuck up guys please help me



  • Hi Eugene,

    I have everything as you said but I'm not able to get the DMI Output file after payment. Can you please suggest me where is possible error.

    This is the payment proposal log for the APP Run.

    Job started

    Step 001 started (program SAPF110S, variant &0000000002981, user ID SAPUSER)

    Log for proposal run for payment on 17.08.2015, identification 01E

    No check can be made in SAP GTS in an automatic payment process

    Run is continued. System writes entries for subsequent check

    End of log

    Step 002 started (program SAPFPAYM_SCHEDULE, variant &0000000001957, user ID SAPUSER)

    Payment media created in format RBEL_DME

    Job finished.

    • Hi Narsi,

      Please check while creating invoice have you given the the terms of payment same as what you have made for DMEE.

      If no then please punch one more invoice with the terms of payment and then try to run the DMEE once again.

      Hope this will solve your issue.



  • Nice document Eugene, thanks for sharing.

    Few years back I had created a DME tree for 3 banks (3 segments) where it was triggered based on the House bank condition.

    I had a scenario where 3 banks are having different seperator (coma,colon etc). But in one DME tree we can give only one seperator at header level.

    Have you come across the scenario that whether we can have different seperator in one DME tree, may be at segment level.



  • Hi Ranu,

    I am also working on this PMW, all were going well in QAS server but in production server, i am facing following issue.

    After execution F110, some jobs are completed and some are cancelled. we are unable to sort out this issue.

    Please check below the job log;

    Finished Job Log.


    Erro Job Log;


    If you can guide for error log.

    Waiting for your positive reply.



  • /
    • Hi Ruksana,

      I hope you have done all the required settings according to the document.

      Please try with 3 digit identification number ending with "E" as I hope you have maintained "E" as your payment method for DMEE.

      Try with this and check whether you are getting the output or not.



  • Hi Eugene,

    Nice Document.

    But I have a question. How do I make a specific estruture with only 226 positions  ? Because, when I make a copie using DMEE PAYM - FEBRABAN_P my file has 240 positions.

    Can you help me ?


    Alexandre Folgado

  • Hi Eugene,

    Nice document, Can you please let me know where we can specify file name.

    Our bank has told us that file name will populated in particular format.

    Can you please guide on it.



    • Hi Pawan,

      Thanks for your Encouraging words.

      Sorry for late reply.

      If you  need dynamic file names then you need to create   Z-function module called Z_FI_PAYMEDIUM_EVENT_21_01 based on FI_PAYMEDIUM_SAMPLE_21 for generating the file name.The link with the payment format is done in OBPM3 at event 21.

      Hope this will help you.



  • Hi Pawan,

    thanks a lot for your guide.

    I am new in DME configuration.

    I have almost done my tree but I am not able to manage this erequest from business: when there is one payment for multiple Vendor Invoices I need to concatenate invoices into only one line for the Tag  <Ustrd > </Ustrd > .

    Now my DME tree is not displaying the all the invoices pyt references in DMEE. It is again showing the same first invoice pyt reference only instead of several invoices I expected.

    Can you please tell how to manage this?

  • Hi Ranu,

    Thank you for the detailed document. It helped me a lot. I have an issue in downloading multiple Invoices in the payment run. If I have 3 invoices for a payment run, the file has only the first invoice details. Could you please help me out with this?

    1-12-2016 3-47-42 PM.jpg



    1-12-2016 3-47-42 PM.jpg
  • Hi,

    Nice document. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    Could you please explain why "Identification" field in the APP should end with "E" ?



    • Hi Karteek,

      The answer is in the document itself.

      In OBPM5 I have maintained *E in FI AP/AR payment program for customers and vendors as Identifier so that is the reason "Identification" field in the APP should end with "E"

      Hope this clears your doubt.



  • Great Document!! Thanks for sharing!

    I was looking some information on DMEE and both of your document are really very nice for the beginners to start with DMEE.



  • Hi Ranu,

    Its a great document. thanks for the sharing.

    we are manage to config DMEE within very short time. But we stuck after F110 linking with DMEE.

    I also tried as you mentioned above with payment term in invoice.

    No data records found for these selection criteria

    Message no. FZ208


    No data could be accessed for this selection.
    Possible causes are:

    • No data exists for the activated selection.
    • You have no authorization to display or edit data from this selection.


    First check whether your selection criteria are correct.  You may need to expand the criteria to include a larger search area to check whether data exists in the system.

    Make sure you have the proper authorizations for displaying and editing data.  R


    Do i missing any config. Please guide it will be very helpful for us.



  • Hi Ranu,

    I was looking some information on DMEE and both of your document are really very nice for the beginners to start with DMEE.

    Thanks for sharing! Very nice document.

  • Ranu

    I'm an Abaper. I need to use an exit to take the address number (ADRNR) and acquire the payer's address details. I know how to do the database access for that but I'm unclear on how to implement the exit function. In your examples you've noted an exit name (ZDMEE_EXIT_TEMPLATE_ABA) and have given good coding examples.

    Is the exit a function module (like a CMOD customer function) or is it like a traditional user exit (a form)? If it's an FM, then are there standard input and output parms? If it's an exit then what data is available to the exit?

    One of your coding examples was: CASE i_extensionnodenode_id.    WHEN ‘N_8559886880’ .

    What is the structure of i_extension? Does that represent the XML nodes.




    • I think I just found what I was looking for here:


  • Hello Eugene,

    Thanks for sharing the detailed explanation on DME configuration. Well explained.

    We have a business requirement to generate xml file every 30 minutes after certain levels of authorization for Payments. After F110, the cleared items will go for approval process. We need to generate xml for the approved payments.

    Is there any way that we can generate this DME using a batch program, rather than from F110?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,



  • Hi Eugene / Team,

    I have a question regarding DME file generation upon F110 run. Its a ACH CITI payment.

    DME file is generating with “0” Values occasionally especially on Fridays which the pay run date will be with Mondays date.But when we run again on Monday for the same documents after reversing it then the DME file is getting generated with Values.This is happening on Friday runs with random every time, like one Friday with co.code 1234 and another Friday with co.code 5678

    Could you help me with your thoughts on this DME behavior.









  • Hello Eugenio

    Could you help me with a grouping for the txt?

    In f110 with 2 vendor and 2 open items for each.


    The output  has be grouped by vendor or payment document.

    The problem if enter in level 2 : GPA1R or DOC1R field takes one of the 2 items.

    Thank in advance.