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A Different SAPPHIRE Experience by Dwight Dy


It’s Saturday, 10:30pm CDT and I just woke up from my unexpected long afternoon nap. Since, I assumed that I won’t be falling asleep anytime soon, might as well start my second article for the year. Sitting here at my sister’s dinning table (shaped like a guitar pick yet classy/elegant wood finish – I kid you not!), sipping on a cup of Mocha Latte made from the Keurig machine that I just bought from a family guy in his nice cozy house (around Heights area in Houston, TX, really liking that neighborhood – not far from my sister’s place) for $40 and I am not cheap, I am just frugal. Believe me, I am not fond of drinking coffee at all. It’s terrible! I don’t like it especially every time I tasted the bitterness but I had to accept the fact that I have to take care of myself by drinking coffee rather than getting the rush from sodas.


I am so sorry, I think I wasted a minute of life just letting you read the first paragraph that is actually have no connection to the article at all! My feminine side just burst out but for record I am straight and the ladies love it a sensitive guy. I honestly think it’s a right stuff to start this article, I will make this as short as possible and fun. Sharing new insights, people I have met (Apologies, I might not be able to mention all people I had met during Sapphire but remember that you cherished by me) and the things I learned. First of all I would like to thank my awesome boss in HP, Karen Blosser who dearly supports me of  my professional extra-curricular activities in SAP.

May 5, 2015 – Learning SAP on Different Industries

Tuesday, time of arrival to Orlando, Florida was around 9 AM. I knew Bill McDermontt’s keynote would be done by the time I reached the Orange County Convention Center after checking in at the hotel, sorry Bill!  I had to cut my stay in Florida short since it was an unexpected expense for me. Looking up for the least expensive hotels that had exclusive shuttle service to conference. I booked a room Westgate Resort & Spa. This was an advantage since it was the only place that does not share routes (stopovers) with other hotels, I will tell you more about this later.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 3.54.58 AM.png

Finally, I arrived at the hotel and this place is huge. It is also a time-share resort as well, the only downfall was you need a ride or you have to walk to where you want to be. Rooms are large as well with a mini kitchen and a hot tub. Once I got to the room, I was surprising that it had the view of the lake! I was overjoyed until the bellboy and I just realized that the receptionist gave me the wrong room! Because of that trouble and had it fixed, I realized that I missed the last shuttle to the conference. Bummer! I thought about walking, since the resort was just right across from the resort. When I pull up my map on my phone. Yikes! The route didn’t look so good at all. it seemed that I had to get a ride from at the resort (Overpriced, it was! Good grief…)

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 12.59.40 AM.png

By the time I arrived at SAPPHIRE. I felt different. It was actually a different experience.! Once, was a SAP student who was a show floor support. Is now an Attendee in SAPPHIRE-1A. I thought it would be a similar experience but gladly I was wrong. I had more time and freedom to roam around. Meeting new people and knowing several interesting companies, on what they do and how they are partnered with SAP. I visited the ASUG Hub and was able to meet the adorable Kathleen Glavin from ASUG, who had invited me over for an interview for ASUGNews the next follow day, and look! I realized that I know someone (Kaela) who is a celebrity-1B! While exploring and moving around the area during the afternoon, I screamed for ice cream-1C! One of my favorite moments1D in SAPPHIRE, compliments of Delloite.


Through out the event, visiting booths was fun (Also visited HP booth of course and talk to HP enterprise peps)! Not only I get to know new people but also their creative gimmicks were very fascinating 1E! These are some of them that I was able to take a picture and twitted it out.  I had the pleasure to meet Bill Fontaine1F from Yash Technologies – Candy Store1G! Neoris with their Lego like demo presentation 1H, a teddy bear from FIT-IT Solution Simplified, Winshuttle1J, a usb hub robot from Citrix and finally magic tricks at Lexmark1H (HP is going to kill me, I am actually promoting you guys. Oh, boy.)!

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 3.33.17 AM.png

But wait, there’s more! Hitachi, showing off their racing car (Don’t forget about their squishy toy – sumo wrestlers) and Winshuttle having their own super hero. One more thing that fasciated me, is that a lot of venders (booths) use HP hardware with their services. making me proud of being with HP!


May 6, 2015 – ASUG | People I Met | The Interview

My very first ASUG – SAPPHIRE breakfast-2A! All the ASUG Chapters were there! Sat down with the ASUG DFW-Chapter and of course with the lovely Susan Stone from Houston-Chapter (my home chapter). Awesome breakfast had been served and ASUG Volunteer recognition award had been held. Here is a picture Ginger holder her trophy, telling us that “G” stands for GIN-GER-2B! After the event, I made a meeting with Susan and Rob – discussing our strategy for our upcoming ASUG Houston-Chapter meeting. Then we head out in our separate way can met again at ASUG hub where every ASUG chapters huddle together, to network and to have a discussion-2C&2D. To my surprise I got my very own ASUG shirt/sweater, sweet-2E!


Now, May 6th is the day scheduled for my video interview at SAPPHIRE. There were supposed to be two video interviews, but unfortunately the interview with Katheen for ASUGnews on the next day was canceled and it actually a relief for me. I have present like a king but knowing that my performance/speech get recorded is another level gives an anxiety. This is the moment when I realized people are actually reading my blogs. SAP, SAP University Alliance and ASUG were willingly to promote my presents since my journey from being a SAP student to ASUG volunteer was a unique story to tell. No one forced me to do what I did, that what’s make it special. I make my own path and journey, decided to keep in touch and getting involved within the SAP world –  counting it as a SAP success story. While this flatters me, it is also making me conscious at the same time since now I know people are actually following the trails of what I have been doing.

The video interview was in the afternoon and so I decided to take lunch early. Well, I might have been too early that I have to walk along a path where servers were actually standing along the sides and applauding while you walk thought them, yikes! It was nice of, one of the servers tagged along with me to walking on the aisle. She was comforting and reduced my embarrass feelings, it think that was like my first speed dating since we were actually having a conversation. Then afternoon came by, it was time for me to meet Sam Alexander, my interviewer. Coolest and awesome bearded guy I ever met! He even made a blog about me, thanks Sam! Youtube link – never watched the video but they said I did good and looked nervous, of course I was! People watching me in public. Surprisingly Colleen and Jorida was there, to be interviewed as well.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 6.47.18 AM.png

Throughout the event, It was nice seeing people from/with SAP University Alliance once again! Ann Rosenberg2H, John BaxterColleen Raftery , Heather Czech Matthews, Jorida Cakeri, of course SAP professors and students, and many others – including Jeff Word! I also got a chance to meet Simha Magal and it was honor to see him in person! It was so embarrassing that I took me awhile to realized who he was while we were having a conversation. I also met Leona Sy who is an IT Application Manager from California, it was her first time in SAPPHIRE and both have a lot in common since we are both Chinese-Filipino and we actually spend a amount of time together during the event. Lastly, I met David Cawley that day, we got to know each other since we stayed at the same resort and bumped in to each other, on the way to the shuttle to SAPPHIRE. He is a friendly fellow who is a passionate ABAPer and was willing to share his stories with me. We also had dinner together at the end of the day and I had the opportunity to try some alligator meat (Gator Tacos)-2I for the first time at Westgate Smokehouse Grill. It’s like chicken but has a gamey taste thou.


May 7, 2015 – Hasso Plattner | Waiting for tonight with Jennifer Lopez


In the morning, I got the chance to listen to Hasso Plattner and learning inputs on HANA. It was actually nice of him giving away his book for free at SAPPHIRE and there was even a signing book-signing session scheduled. Once I arrived to the spot for the signing season. It was not even1pm yet and the line was already long enough that the secured informed that the line is already closed. Aaugh!

I decided to go back my place and have a long rest. I asked david and first timer in Sapphire to be make sure to be early and ctach the first shuttle in the Amway Center for the SAP concert. Here are some photographs I took justing my stay at the resort. I didn’t get the chance to enhance some of the photos yet but it still looks good.


David and I were able to take the very first shuttle ride to the Amway Center and this is the reason why it was actually an advantage that our place has no stopovers on other hotels. I was thrilled to know that we were early and we were in front of the line. I assumed that the closer you at the line the better seats you would have and my assumption had been proven correct –3A.

While we were waiting in the line, we met Thomas3B from Oracle Germany and interestingly he worked for HP before, and a huge fan of Rolling Stones – rock on! We also met Bala who is an SAP consultant. Then suddenly we had an interesting discussion about HANA’s potential capabilities and if the technology will survive/succeed. Once, we were in the Amway Center and getting some food to eat3C, David and I met Thomas’ teammates3D. I didn’t know that somehow Germans are actually fun to be with! While they were busy talking, I made sure that I was able to get a hold on some hush browns3E to share. To my surprise, they loved hush browns, I brought two baskets of it and those potatoes disappeared so fast that I was able to eat just 2 to 3 pieces of them but I don’t mind at all. We, then went to our designated seats3F and enjoyed J. Lo’s performance3G.


After the concert have ended. Generally, I was only one who was sober since I don’t drink. Seeing people drunkly walking and talking while waiting for the bus, was just so entertaining. All I could do was observe them and laugh on the things that they were saying and doing. When we got back to the resort, I only had a few hours left since my flight was around 6 am. It was wonderful experience once again. Not only I was able to meet new people but also I have learned so much from them.

Next Step?

I don’t know, looking forward on my next SAP adventure!


I am truly thankful on these given opportunities and to the people who have been there for me from the very beginning. You are not forgotten.

Thank you for reading.

Dwight Fraencis Dy

SAP Certified Associate

Hewlett Packard Inc.

ASUG Houston Chapter Volunteer

Follow me on Twitter: @dwightdy

Follow me us on Twitter: @ASUG_Houston

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