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SAP Makes Big Data Real. Real-time. Real Results

SAP conducted Big Data Forum in Saudi, on 9 and 10 June 2015.IMG_0548.JPG
SAP best thought leaders and experts  participated in those two events and shared  their experience and insight related to big data.
Big Data Forum key Topics
  • The business value of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).
  • How  to maximize your current landscape investment by utilizing mobile  applications.
  • How  the quality and control of your companies data can provide opportunities for additional revenue streams.
  • How SAP can help companies to build and drive Big Data Strategic initiatives.

Brief of the Keynote Speech

The keynote speech was delivered by Mohamad Turani, Director of Database &  Technology and Business Analytics, highlight of it:  SAP offers the most cohesive and coherent solution portfolio, it combines SAP HANA platform and KXEN predictive analytics, in addition to SAP services to drive results at the speed of thoughts, and  to generate real-time insight and business results.
In today’s business, data is the most precious raw material, in the 19th century,

a company’s value was based on its physical assets, in the 20th century,
it was based on its brand and IP,  in the 21st century, a company’s value is based
on its data and  data’s transformative power.
Conceptually, Data has been around for years and even centuries, in the past few years, it has grown substantially and at high Velocity, Volume and Variety of formats, and thus it being called BIG DATA.  ig data involves the following basic steps:
    • Source data,
    • Collect data,
    • Analyze data.
    • Develop insight and make decisions.
Data processing was manual and most primitive. The information technology transformed the process and enabled people to analyze vast amount of data. However, data growth has surpassed all expectations, data volume being generated every day has become so big, BIG DATA WORDS.jpgthat the traditional technology and databases are no longer capable of managing such “BG DATA”. Nearly 3000 Peta Byte is generated every day. One Peta is 10 to the power of 15, it is 1000 Tera Byte, it is one million  Giga  Byte. One Peta bye is 4 times the size of data in the library of Congress, which has 36 million books; one Peta Byte is DVD recording of 13 years.
Big data is the combination of all the technologies HW and SW and their evolution over the past 5 decades, to manage the data substantial growth that is expected to grow 50 folds between 2012 and 2020.
Exploiting Big Data is a strategic imperative as data is the most precious raw material in the 21st century. Big data is more of a gold mine, and every organization needs to have a strategy and execution platform to extract that gold.
SAP offers the most cohesive and coherent solution portfolio, that combining HANA with Hadoop. the key pillars of SAP solution are:
  Big Data platform apps. servcoes2.jpg
  • KXEN that offer the most effective predictive analytics.
  • Business solutions and application that have been evolving over the past 43 years, covering 25 industries, and 12 line of business,
    and embed best business practices.
  • Services team and data scientist to accelerate value.
  • Partnership with the likes of Hortonwork.


Big Data is more than just a ‘data warehousing
and analytics’ project, it is to identify insights and convert them into business value using Big Data-enabled Applications and analytic tools.  To convert insights into business value, there
has to be full alignment with business priorities. Data Science is more than ‘advanced analytics’, Data Scientists bridge the gap between Big Data, technology, analytics and the business imperative

SAP solution portfolio, combines SAP HANA platform to drive results at the speed of thoughts, and HADOOP infinite storage; together they form key pillar of the big data solutions that generate real time insight and business results.

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