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Hi All.

Since most of our clients are using Third party interface to capture Clock in and Out details in the system. I recently encountered an issue which made me to bring this document.

Our Clock in and out details are coming from Third party and that will be placed in our application server where job will pick up the things and post the time events in the TEVEN Table . Suddenly for certain day job was not processed and time events were not processed, so we requested CI team to manual process the file.. It didn’t come. CI Reprocessed again , It came twice with Duplication which caused a lot of issues while paying OT,

Hence i raised a thread in SCN Mr Vivek Barnwal helped me, how to stop the duplication in time events, I was forced to do the replication in test system and i was wondering how would i do it as there is no connection between third party vendor and Test system.. but still i had to do the replication and i had to upload the time events in Test system.

This Document i could say is a extended version of Mr Vivek Barnwal, where i have explained how to do upload the time events in non production system.

This is organized in an easier way to explain these processes as below.

  • Time data – Process flow :
  • Uploading Time Events
  • Validations

1.Time data – Process flow :

Normally in production system employees’ clock-in and clock-out entries come from third party system (Time recording terminals) to SAP as a raw file. SAP   will push the raw file to interface tables CC1TEV through a daily job and a standard program SAPCDT45 of SAP pushes the clock-in and clock-out of the     employees to TEVEN tables which is none other than infotype 2011.  These are scheduled as a daily background job.

Interface Table CC1TEV:


TEVEN Table:

Since the connection and communication is set up in production correctly, the processes which we discussed above will be happening automatically in a daily basis.

But in Non Production system connection is not set up, so we need to carry out following processes to get the data updated and uploaded.

Uploading Time Events :

Step 1 :

SAP has given a report RPTEUP10 to upload the Clock-in and clock-out in to Interface table CC1TEV Manually but in a structural format .

T- Code : SE38, give the report name as RPTEUP10

System will take you to the below screen once the report executed.

Choose the radio button as Local file and in the processing screen make sure upload and log checkboxes ticked.

Always Uncheck the post checkbox

Acceptable Format :When you upload the time events through the program RPTEUP10 and there is a standard format available to upload it or else we receive only the Junk values in the interface tables.. Please see the below format and fields described in the document

When we upload the files it has to be done in the above format , its not necessary that all fields must be given, for example we don’t require attendance/Absence Reason, Object Type, Position, User who uploads the data fields to upload the time events .

I have taken employee number 35000063 and his Time recording ID(IT0050) would be 00031363 and I am uploading time events for this employee on February 13th (afteroon Shift) and February 20th (Morning Shift).

Notepad Format: below format must be used to upload the time events successfully

P10 – Time Event Type has three characters

  • P10

Terminal ID –  0001 for Clock in and 0002 Clock out (4 characters )

  • P100001

Login date(YYYYMMDD) – Clock in date 13th Feb 2015 (8 Characters)

  • P10000120150213

Login Time(HHMMSS) – Clock in 02:35 PM (6 Characters)

  • P10000120150213143527

Date of Entry in SAP – Date of entry(YYYYMMDD) 13th Feb 2015(8 Characters)

  • P1000012015021314352720150213

Time of Entry in SAP –  02:35 PM (6 Characters)

  • P1000012015021314352720150213143527

Time Recording ID – IT0050 which is 00031363 (8 Characters)

  • P100001201502131435272015021314352700031363

Personnel Number – 8 Charcters

  • P10000120150213143527201502131435270003136335000063

We can ignore rest of the fields as its not required in our cases, if you want to add you can add it in the same format.

So the final output would be :

  • P10000120150213143527201502131435270003136335000063

Make sure we must not give spaces in between the values. In a same way please upload it for Clock out and rest of the days as well.. since we are going to upload clock in and out on the date of February 13th and February 20th , then the upload format would be like this below

In our example continously first seven values are known to us and last three fields are unknown, hence format comes as I have mentiond above.

For example Terminal ID is unknown to us , so the format of notepad it will be like this

  • P10    20150213143527201502131435270003136335000063

Since Terminal ID is unknown to us 4 blanks spaces have been given in the format, so system would recgonize it and fills with spaces in the interface table

So lets upload the time events of Clock in and out of the employee for February 13th and February 20th for the employee 35000063

Step 2 :

Click on allow Button

Successfully uploaded and system placed all the records in Interface table

CC1TEV Table :

Step 3 :

Posting to TEVEN Table :  SAP has given a standard program to post the time events from interface table to TEVEN Table.

Program name : SAPCDT45 or simplye execute the T-code PT45

Please check the output list and update check box , so log will be displayed and data’s from interface table will be updated into TEVEN table.

All 4 records have been successfully posted to Time management and nothing was placed in errol pool or Rejected by Time Management . please ignore the above warning messages of Assignment to feature TIMMO did not take place”.

As quick as system reads the data’s from the interface table CC1TEV and post to time management , system will make CC1TEV table Empty for the next run.

3. Validations : No data present in CC1TEV table , because system clears the table for next run

TEVEN Table : We can see the values in Teven table for february 13th and 20th 2015.

Maintenance of Master Data

We could see Clock in and Clock out details in PA30 . But the day assignment has not been set yet, Run the time evaluation and check once.

After the successful time evaluation run, we could see day assignment has been taken place

Thank you so much for patience and reading through the document.. Hope this document would be helpful for the beginners .



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