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Enhance Approval in Urgent or Normal Change with New Business Partner Function

Overview:Now a days SAP Solution Manager is productively used in Customer’s landscape and they have started to utilize most demanded Functionality Change Request Management. Based on requirement ChaRM can be customized. We can achieve additional approval for Change Documents before moving into Production and can deal with new Business Partner Function in ChaRM and CRM UI screen as well. Some of them are shared through this document. From SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP10 onwards following features can be used. Key content of this document is as follows-

1)Create New Business Partner Function

2)Assign New Business Partner Function to Transaction Type

3)Replace Change Manager with New Business Partner Function in RfC Approval

4)Add additional Approval in Urgent change before Production Import

Section I: Insert New Business Partner Function(BPF) in CRM UI and replace Change Manager with newly created BPF

Many times we found that standard available Business Partner Function are not sufficient to meet customer’s requirement. By assigning right Usage Type and Relation Category. Below screen shows general scenario about this./wp-content/uploads/2015/06/1_733810.png

Since each Transaction Type has its own Business Partner Function Determination Procedure. So after crating Business Partner Function, to utilize it in any Transaction Type, need to assign to Business Partner Function Dtermination Procedure.


NOTE:We can only assign maximum 10 Business Partner Functions to any Transaction Type. For additional Business Partner Function, we have to remove one which is not in use.

Next, to get this Business Partner Function to be display in CRM UI screen, we have to assign this to Transaction Type and need to add in CRM UI Screen.


Note: Maintain “Object relation Name” which is not used anywhere otherwise it can impact when we put Business Partner in Business Partner Functional field in CRM Screen.

Goto SM_CRM txn and create any RfC and click on button configurable area.We find newly assigned Business Partner to Transaction Type to relevant CRM screen. Now add this to screen and save into Transport request. 


After created new Business Partner Function and assigned it to Transaction Type, now we can use it in our Approval Procedure and replace Change Manager from RfC Approval Procedure.

1)Make copy of existing Approval Procedure with Z.

/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/6_733848.png     /wp-content/uploads/2015/06/7_733849.png

2)Make copy of Approval step with Z.


3)Assign Approval step,make copy of existing with standard one and assign change Approval Procedure and Business Partner Function.


4)Create copy of existing Approval Determination Procedure and and assign newly created Approval Procedure to it.


Note:Remaining authorization of change manager can be controlled with authorization object B_USERSTAT.

Section II: Additional Approval Before TR Moved to Production

Sometimes Customer ask for additional Approval in Urgent Change or in Normal Change, But as we know we have Approval Procedure only in Request for Change. So to overcome with that limitation, additional Approval can be inserted with the help of status and action control. I have done this in our landscape,so sharing the steps to achieve it.

Since status are controlled by authorization object and each status having Auth Value. So to create new authorization key for Approval status, goto Transaction BS52 and create new Auth Value. This can be assigned to user who will be responsible for Production Approval via B_USERSTAT.

Now we need to create new status for Approval before Production movement and insert between already existing status of Transaction Types.


Next we need to define new Action definition and assign recently created status to respective Action Definition & Condition. Follow below screen to achieve it.



After completing this, now new Business Partner Function will be able to monitor and approve Transport before importing into Production Environment.

Summary: There is scope of inserting new Business Partner Function in ChaRM and CRM UI Screen along with we can customize actions and status based on requirement.This document will help to explore and understand the customization areas of status, actions, Business Partner Function and CRM UI screen in Change Request Management.

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