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Good morning.

I see there are some questions on where to find the BW Data Acquistion connector, once Lumira Desktop 1.27 is installed.

No worries, it is not a product bug. But I do require one minute of your time.

By default, the BW Data Acquistion connector is not enabled. To enable it, here are the quick steps to follow:

Step 1) Nativagate to menu File => Extensions. Extension Manager dialog will show.

Invoke Extension.png

Step 2) Click on the “Install” button as highlighted below. The BW Data Acquistion connector is built as a Lumira Extension, so the Extension needs to be enabled. You will be prompted to re-start the Lumira Desktop after install is complete. It should only take a few seconds.


Step 3) Re-start Lumira Desktop. Click File => New. Add new dataset dialog will show. Scroll down the list to find the BW data connector enabled.

Download from BW.png

Enjoy the weekend!


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  1. Former Member

    thanks!  this was very helpful.  I was definitely scratching my head when i opened 1.27 for the 1st time.

    Does anyone have any insight as to if/when connected BW sources will be available?

    1. Eric Yew Post author

      Hello Richard.

      Thank you for your question. Ability to connect to BW in an “online” fashion for Lumira, that is currently not in the roadmap plans.


  2. Former Member

    Dear Eric,

    we have managed to install and connect 1.27 BW add on. Know when connecting to a System we get the following message:


    Do you have any idea what is not working.

    Our BW System release is: 740 11.

    thanks for tips.

    r. Tjarko

    1. Eric Yew Post author


      Thank you for your message. Please submit a ticket message for this, so that our product support teams can investigate.


  3. Former Member


    I have done the same procedure to download BW extension an I have made the restart as well but when I tried to create new document the option for BW connection did not appeared.


    1. Tammy Powlas

      Hi Daniel – did you scroll down?  You may need to scroll down to see the connection.  If you scrolled down and didn’t see it, please create a discussion thread and use the camera icon to upload screen shots.

      1. Former Member

        Hello Tammy!  – Thank you for your replay. Camera icon of lumira can not be used because the extension and data source list panel are embedded, overlapping screen and in this case you are not able to click on camera icon. Additionally no error message was generated. Two
        colleagues of mine has already installed without problem.


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