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Using an Interactive InfoGraphic in your WEBI Report

Update – There is a sample WID file at O Meu Site – Home 

with the name eua_sales_ – merged.wid (direct link – )

It is in BO 4.1 SP5.

It´s downloadable and free of charge

Hi All,

I recently attend to an event of another BI Vendor. He demonstrate a way of utilizing an Infographic into its application. I thought “Humm perhaps it can be done in WEBI”, so I started to experiment and come to this solution.

I´m using an image of the map of the states of USA and plotted the anual sales revenue of the stores in the states, accordingly to e-fashion universe.


As you can see, when a hoover the mouse over california, it shows me the value of sales revenue for that state for all years (note the filter on [Year] on the filter bar).

The Infographic is dynamic in the sense of clicking on a state, the report will be filtered by that state.

The idea here is to use a buble chart on the top of the image and plot a dummy Excel file with the correspondmig coordinates of the desired states in the picture.

I used a picture, downloaded from the we,b with 800 x 501 pixels of size.

The hardest part was to get the points (x, y) of each state inside the picture. When doing it yourself bear in mind that, usually , the coordinates of the Y axis in the pictures is taken form the top to bottom, while for charts it´s taken from bottom up.

This was the Excel file used in this sample.


The resulting buble chart on the top of the picture is shown in bellow picture


To star to build your dynamic InfoGraphic, the first thing to do is to find the image and save it on the local machine. Once it´s done, drop a blank cell onto your report.

Right click this cell and choose Format Cell-> Appearance and check Image from Filee, like below :

cell format.png

Click on Upload. Set the hight and widht of the cell to accomodate the full picture.

Read your Excel file as personal data provider.

Create another query from the e-fashion Universe.That´s the query I use :/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/query_733375.png

Execute both queries and merge them on State into Merged State.

Now, drop a bubble chart on the report, and assign it´s data like bellow

assign data.png

Align your buble chart from the bottom left corner of the cell.

Adjust the maximu value  of the AXIS scale in the chart to the size of the Picture (AXIS 1 to 800 and AXIS 2 to 501).

Now, set the background transparency of the chart to 0


In Area Display unjcheck all visible information like below

area display.png

See how the “bubles” in your chart are positioned on top of the image, correct the positioning in the x and y columns of your excel chart.

To finally hide the bubles themselves, go to Palette and Style , set the color to transparente and uncheck line symbol,

pallete and style.png

Now, when hoover the mouse over any state that contains data, you should be abble to see the name of the State and its X, Y and Valor.

To add the actual Sales Revenue of each state, I create a detail variable ,[Sales State] = FormatNumber([Sales Revenue] In [Merged State];”US$ ##0,000.00″), and assigned it as below

sales det.png
When you hoover the mouse, now you should be abble to see the value for the state as well.

Hope you liked it,



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