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SAP C4C SDK: Re-use Function to fetch the Day for Specific Date


I had the requirement, where I need to have the Day for the specific date. Example if the entered date is 06/25/2015, I want to get Thursday. I had created the discussion on SCN for same. Below is the link to the discussion.

C4C SDK: Fetching Day for the specified Date

I was suggested by Cloud Application Studio expert Alessandro Iannaccito create the re-use function. However Cloud Application Studio expert Horst Schaude has mentioned that SAP will be get this as function in next release. But I thought of getting the experience to create my first new Re-use function. 😉

Thought of sharing this with the Community. 🙂

Note: I have created the Custom BO just to implement and test this functionality before implementing on any standard.

Business Object Definition

import AP.Common.GDT as apCommonGDT;

businessobject DayReuseLib {

[AlternativeKey] [Label(“Enter Date”)] element tdate : Date;

[Label(“Today”)] element today : LANGUAGEINDEPENDENT_ENCRYPTED_MEDIUM_Description;

[Transient][Label(“Leap Year”)] element leap : Indicator; // indicator For Leap Year Check


Event- AfterModify.absl

import ABSL;

import AP.Common.GDT as apCommonGDT;

var value1;

var year;

if(!this.tdate.IsInitial()) {

// ********* Checking if Leap Year ***************** //

var nyear : NumberValue;

nyear = year;

this.leap = false;

var leap : FloatValue;

leap = nyear/4;

if (!leap.ToString().Contains(“.”)) {

  this.leap = true;


// Call Reuse function to get the Day

value1  = Library::DayReuseLib.ReturnDayfromDate(this.tdate,this.leap);

  if(!value1.IsInitial()){ = value1; // Display the Day on the screen


Below is the Re-Use function coding.




Hopefully this might be helpful to the community.

Cheers. 🙂

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