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I had the requirement, where I need to have the Day for the specific date. Example if the entered date is 06/25/2015, I want to get Thursday. I had created the discussion on SCN for same. Below is the link to the discussion.

C4C SDK: Fetching Day for the specified Date

I was suggested by Cloud Application Studio expert Alessandro Iannaccito create the re-use function. However Cloud Application Studio expert Horst Schaude has mentioned that SAP will be get this as function in next release. But I thought of getting the experience to create my first new Re-use function. 😉

Thought of sharing this with the Community. 🙂

Note: I have created the Custom BO just to implement and test this functionality before implementing on any standard.

Business Object Definition

import AP.Common.GDT as apCommonGDT;

businessobject DayReuseLib {

[AlternativeKey] [Label(“Enter Date”)] element tdate : Date;

[Label(“Today”)] element today : LANGUAGEINDEPENDENT_ENCRYPTED_MEDIUM_Description;

[Transient][Label(“Leap Year”)] element leap : Indicator; // indicator For Leap Year Check


Event- AfterModify.absl

import ABSL;

import AP.Common.GDT as apCommonGDT;

var value1;

var year;

if(!this.tdate.IsInitial()) {

// ********* Checking if Leap Year ***************** //

var nyear : NumberValue;

nyear = year;

this.leap = false;

var leap : FloatValue;

leap = nyear/4;

if (!leap.ToString().Contains(“.”)) {

  this.leap = true;


// Call Reuse function to get the Day

value1  = Library::DayReuseLib.ReturnDayfromDate(this.tdate,this.leap);

  if(!value1.IsInitial()){ = value1; // Display the Day on the screen


Below is the Re-Use function coding.




Hopefully this might be helpful to the community.

Cheers. 🙂

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    1. Chandan Bankar Post author

      William, Thanks 🙂

      My idea was to present the complete code neat and clean and I thought that was only the way it can be shown. However I will surely check if there is anyway that I can attach the code. Surely will share it.



  1. Tobias Kuhn

    Hi Chandan,

    thank you for this tutorial.

    This feature will also be part of the Standard SAP Cloud Applications Studio 1508 Features for the Ruse Library “Date”.


    Sample form the 1508 Documentation: = Date.ParseFromString(“20100215”);
    this.result =;
    Result: Integer value to 7

    Best regards


  2. Former Member

    Hi Chandan,

    Good Job!

    But, instead of using “if else” better to use switch case. It will reduce the compiling time, and it will save the time.




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