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Quick FIX in time, Saves NINE: SAP Fiori | UI5

I do this a lot of time, when I say, “Boss!! its not my issue” (yeah I know every Gateway developer says this 😉 ).

But because you need proofs as well to prove your point, I self learned some google/SCN tips and try to bookmark every possible things i feel would be useful in future. Thereby opening my treasure box in front of you 😛

Stuck or confused after upgrading any UI library versions. Understand here more on UI5 library versions by Krishna Kishor Kammaje

Yeah, I know many customers say. Everyday we upgrade to new UI versions and by the time we take downtime and approvals and upgrade it. SAP comes up with another new library version with a new fix, which we never knew, but ya, because we follow SCN Fiori community, We are well updated with the latest and stablest form of versions, so that we get rid of UI fixes. Thanks to our Moderators and space editors aka GURUS for keeping us up to date aka Customer experience Group (Masa, Liz, Mike, Jeremy and Michael and more).

Ok now GURU Mantra :

Not all will have S-USERID to login to market place and search for UI patch level or relevant notes. Because entire fixes cannot be delivered in the form of package. SAP releases correction notes.

How to search :

Step 1 : Login to

Step 2 : type – SAP_UI SP XX notes (Where XX is your latest SP level, say 12 here below)


So the first result here is what you are looking for.


Now I don’t want to attach too many screenshots. I just append link : SAP UI SP12 notes (SAP Fiori – UI Add-on SP12 notes list, SAPUI5 library 1.28.11). So here the 1.28.9 is nothing but the stablest version out till now. So if you are at SP12, it is recommended, you go with the stablest version without any second thought, rather than sticking with your issues at 1.28.0

FYI : The link shared above might change in future for the latest release.

If you feel now, that “hey I am at the latest SP version, and latest library version i.e. 1.28.9, still I feel there is some issue“. Next step would be againnnnn ?? Yess..a google search 🙂 🙂

Type : ‘ui5 latest stable’

There you go with the search results available. The first one again is what you are looking for. Enter the site OpenUI5. This will always be updated with the latest content, fixes, change logs, release notes for all the UI5 library versions. Release notes tell you in detail, which components were upgraded, which are fixed. What was the issue fixed etc etc.


Enter the page : OpenUI5 – Download

Now here you see, that the latest stable version is 1.28.10. (May be while I was writing this blog, SAP UI5 team released another stable version 😯 haha no no, just kidding. SCN page needs to be updated, probably) Okay cool, so we progress with our activity.

Most of you might be seeing this page for the first time, or may be many are aware of.


Okay go ahead and click on “Whats new in 1.28 Change Log”

Now this log will show you the entire fixes done till now on 1.28.0 to 1.28.latest . As of below. Just sharing the glimpse of how it looks.



I know I know, its a long list of fixes done. Well thanks again to SAP UI5 team here. Just check out if your error matches any of the fixes done above your current version.

For eg: if you are at 1.28.6, you would be checking out fixes done in  1.28.7, 8, 9 and 10. Or Ctrl+F and type any keyword similar to the error faced. if you get what you want. Check out for the library version notes either in SCN link or Service market place.

In rare cases, where you are at latest and still have issue. I recommend you go with OSS call for faster support and in parallel raise SCN query 🙂 If you get any thoughts from SAP, suggest you to reply to the SCN Notes link to update with a new correction note no.

Above steps hardly takes an hour or 30mins max. Rather than headache for 2-3 days.

I hope my blog will save a bit of troubleshooting time.

Everything is available in SCN and Google. Only thing you need to do is play around 🙂

Happy Googling and SCeeNing ..Cheers !!

TC (Tejas)

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