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It has been observed forum members are posting questions on control charts generation and settings required frequently. I am creating this document to address those issues on this…

This document explains how to generate the control charts in QM with required settings and process flow with step by step screen shots…

1. MM01/MM02 – Activate required inspection type in the material master QM view as shown below…here inspection type manual 89  as activated…

2. QS21 – Create MIC with indicator SPC characteristic activated in the control indicators with UOM as mm and Lower limit as 1 mm and upper limit as 10 mm as shown below…

then save….

3. QDV1 : Create Sampling Procedure with valuation mode as SPC inspection and select the required control chart type.. here control chart type selected is

Shewhart chart for X bar / S / USA

then save the sampling procedure..

4. QP01- Create inspection Plan and assign the MIC and sampling procedure created in the previous steps..

Create operation as shown below…

Select the operation assign the MIC to operation as shown below…

Select the SPC criterion as Master Inspection Charac./Material as shown below

Finally save inspection Plan…

5. QA01/QA02 – Create inspection lots for the material and do the results recording and Complete UD…Here 4 inspection lots are created manually and Results Recording done with different values…Finally complete the Usage decision..

Inspection lot no : 890000000650    Result Value : 6 mm

Inspection lot no : 890000000651   Result Value : 7 mm

Inspection lot no : 890000000652   Result Value : 8 mm

Inspection lot no : 890000000653    result Value : 5 mm

6. QGC3 : Generate the control chart for the MIC with entering following selection criteria on the screen..Use SPC Criterion as 70.

then execute. Following screen will be displayed.

Select the control chart and click on the button call control chart..Control chart will be displayed as below…

then save the control chart..



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  1. Nitin Jinagal

    I have never ever worked on SPC and it still remains a mystery for me. Your document is very helpful in understanding the basic steps and it will definitely a helpful for me whenever I get to work in this.

    I was able to understand most of the content but couldn’t understand the Control chart type logic. How do we get to know what type is needed? I have no idea ! I expect a single statement response because you know, its not the place to start a discussion 🙂


  2. Former Member

    Hi Kumar,

    This is most useful document, really we got to know how to create SPC charts in SAP with your document.

    I have 2 questions below:

    Can we use control charts in case of Qualitative characteristics. If yes can you please guide on this.

    To generate Control charts, Does Sampling procedure must ?

    Many thanks.

  3. Waqar ahmed Khan

    Thank you Mr kumar it has been great explaination on SPC, can you please take a topic  complete sap QM confiquration Basic settings  in every industry use such as repetative , discreate, & process industry .




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