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My client was using PO 7.4 Single Stack system and had a requirement that whenever the alert rule is changed in PO system’s Integration Directory, the same change should be automatically reflected in transaction SXI_CACHE of SAP ECC system. There should not be a need to do Delta or Complete cache refresh manually in SXI_CACHE.

Following configurations were done to make this happen.

Steps in SAP back-end system (eg. SAP ECC):

1) In SM59, create a RFC destination “INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI” of type “H”.

  • Under “Technical Settings” tab
    • Target host: Enter the fully qualified host name of PO
    • Service No: Enter the service number of PO
    • Path Prefix: /dir/CacheRefresh


  • Under “Logon & Security
    • Logon with User: Select Basic Authentication radio button
    • User: Enter the technical user created in PO system having atleast the roles “SAP_SLD_CONFIGURATOR” & “SAP_XI_IS_SERV_USER”.

               For example: User PIISTDO where TDO was the PO system.

    • Password: Maintain the password.


  • Under “Special Options” tab
    • Specify Timeout: 30000.
    • Compression: Inactive
    • Compressed Response: NO
    • Accept Cookies: Yes (All)


2) Create a system user “PICACHEUSER“. It should have the following roles:


3) In transaction SM59, create a RFC destination SAPXICACHE<sy-client> of type 3. For example: SAPXICACHE110 for client 110.

  • Under “Technical Settings” tab
    • Target host: Enter the fully qualified host name of ECC system
    • Service No: Enter the service number of ECC system
    • Save to database as: IP address


  • Under “Logon & Security” tab
    • Client: Enter the client number of ECC system.
    • User: PICACHEUSER created in step 2.
    • Password: Maintain the password.


  • Under “Unicode” tab


  • Under “Special Options” tab


4) Create a system user “PIDIRUSER“. It should have the following roles


Step in PO:

1) Go to PO -> Integration Directory and open the ECC business system.

2) In the business system, go to “Logon Data” tab and select “support distribution of configuration” and enter the Logon Data for user “PIDIRUSER“.


Please note: If the PI system is dual stack (ABAP + Java) and is supposed to receive Cache Updates then steps 1-4 mentioned for SAP ECC need to be done for PI system as well. i.e. creation of RFC destination “INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI”, system user “PICACHEUSER”, RFC destination SAPXICACHE<sy-client> and system user “PIDIRUSER”).


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  1. Jannus Botha

    Hi Manteen,

    Can you please explain why you would want to do a cache refresh when you update the Alert Rule?


    Jannus Botha

  2. Jens Fieger

    Hi Mateen,

    thank you for writing this blog. Actually it help us to distribute the alert rules on demand and no manual cache refresh via SXI_CACHE in each connected proxy is required.




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