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Auto-Update Changes in SAP Lumira 1.27

With the release of SAP Lumira 1.27, SAP is moving its auto-update infrastructure to the new SAP Store. Customers who use Lumira’s auto-update feature will notice that the auto-update workflow has changed. IT departments that manage their own updates and customers who get their updates from SAP Service Marketplace (SMP) are not affected by this change.

As always with receiving Lumira updates your visualizations, files, and extensions will not be affected.

While the new store is a component of SAP’s transformation toward simplicity, accessing Lumira update downloads will, for now, require more steps than in previous versions. SAP expects to reduce the steps required in future releases by further building on the SAP Digital platform. Beginning with release 1.27, the auto-update workflow will be:

From the menu Help -> Check for updates

When an update is found, the user is directed to Lumira’s page on the SAP Store. If a Lumira Server for BI Platform or Lumira Server for Teams connection is detected, the user is encouraged to check with their administrator before moving to a new version of Lumira Desktop.


Select the “SAP Lumira updates” configuration on the SAP Store, SAP Lumira page:


Log on or register to get the free update:


Add the update to your shopping cart and open the cart:


Click Checkout:


Accept the Terms & Conditions and place the order:


Grab a coffee and then check your email. The store will process the request and then send an email with download links. After downloading Lumira, the installation proceeds as it did before.

Tip: The email will contain two update download links, one for 64-bit Lumira and another for 32-bit Lumira. For most users, the 64-bit version should be selected. If you’re not sure whether your PC supports 64-bit, see


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      Author's profile photo Sharon Om
      Sharon Om

      Thanks Paul!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      This is really a step backwards!

      For my country (Slovenia) when choosing "SAP Lumira updates" I see just "Contact us" and I cannot add the update to the cart.

      And I was really hoping to solve some JCO connector problems with the new update.

      Please fix it!



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi, the same situation for Russia.

      Hope SAP will fix it somehow.

      Author's profile photo José Ronaldo Fabbi
      José Ronaldo Fabbi

      I have the same problem for Brazil.

      Did some one get the correct download link?

      I've changed my country and make an order, the name of the download link is 1.27.1 but after I've downloaded it and start the setup it says 1.25

      I really need to edit some queries on visualisations to deliver the project to my customer soon as possible but it is possible only after 1.27.

      Author's profile photo Ivan Vazharov
      Ivan Vazharov

      This is not working. No e-mail received. Me and my colleague tried a dozen different e-mail addresses and nothing happens. 😕

      Author's profile photo Shailendar ANUGU
      Shailendar ANUGU

      Hi Ivan,

      as far as I know Lumira 1.27 is not yet available in Service Market place at least I cannot see  as of now.



      Author's profile photo Ivan Vazharov
      Ivan Vazharov

      Hi Shailendar,

      Yes, it's not available in Service Marketplace, but the BI server part is and we've already upgraded the server part. Now we don't have the desktop part and now we're stuck!

      Silly, silly played by SAP this time. We have to "hack" our Sap Store profiles (change the country) in order to obtain the download links via mail.



      Author's profile photo Steve Rumsby
      Steve Rumsby

      The SAP Store didn't seem to play nicely with my usual SAP ID. I couldn't login at all. I've had to create a separate SAP Store account just to be able to download the update. Not ideal...


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks. If you have an existing SAP account (P or S user login) then you can use it on the store, if it is not working for you then please send us an email to with your user ID so we can resolve any issue.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thank you everyone for your comments and your interest in Lumira 1.27

      Borut, Ivan, Steve: we will check with our SAP Store colleagues and get back to this post.

      Shailendar: we expect Lumira Desktop to be on SMP shortly and will reply back with a comment to this post. Thank you (Harold, SAP Lumira Team)

      Author's profile photo Sumit Gupta
      Sumit Gupta

      Harold - I am part of partner organization, with KPMG. while i follow your steps and try adding the Update version to the cart in the store - i am not allowed to do it. The error i get is " enterprise buyer authorization required". i have a valid S user id and am able to access all other links....not sure why i am getting this error. can you help me pls.

      Author's profile photo Chris Hickman
      Chris Hickman

      Hi Niranjan.  Were you able to resolve this problem?  Lumira 1.27 is available on the Service Marketplace since you have a valid S-ID.

      Author's profile photo James Batchelor
      James Batchelor


      I got an email noting the order is being reviewed....but so far no email with any links.  Its been an hour or so...

      Order history on my account notes it was completed.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Please contact the Store Customer Service team directly here - and include your order number. One of our agents will assist you. Thanks.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      An agent has just sent you your order details and fulfillment links. Thanks again.

      Author's profile photo James Batchelor
      James Batchelor

      thanks. got it.


      Author's profile photo Chris Hickman
      Chris Hickman

      What happens when the next release is available?  For users that do not use the SMP, will they need to go through the same steps or will the update process "auto-purchase" the free updates for these end users?

      Author's profile photo Carlos Araes
      Carlos Araes

      Awfull decision going backwards.