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Since last few weeks I was digging the available information for SAP HCM ESS MSS, HR renewal and SAP Fiori. I have watched a few interviews from great leaders and key presenters. Now I would like to pen down what I have concluded.

Disclaimer: This blog is my personnel conclusion based on available information, Road-MAP provided by SAP and notes from key leaders of SAP HCM space.

Changes in technology are not avoidable. There is strong change in hardware selection by user since Smartphone revolution. Now users are using hand held gadgets like I-pad and Smartphone rather than a decade ago laptops. This revolution has created a strong demand for change in user interface. SAP UI5 is new revolution in almost all user interfaces for new or existing application. Although not official from SAP, WebDynpro ABAP technology will slowly be replaced by SAPUI5 in upcoming versions. Since WebDynpro is not optimized for mobile technologies (and has had some performance challenges with certain implementations), SAPUI5 is being regarded as the next gen UI technology. But , WebDynpro ABAP is by no means dead – many of the existing services within SAP HCM still rely on WebDynpro. It will take to replace completely. I do not see complete shift in next 5 years.

Recently I was discussing with a customer for implementation on HR renewal packs. I feel there is lots of uncertainty in market when customer was asking the future of HR renewal after SAP Fiori related applications are introduced. Customers are looking for a product which has longer sustainability and based on latest innovation.

SAP Fiori will not replace HR Renewal. SAPUI5 will be the unified UI technology going forward for SAP irrespective of module. For HCM customers, this means that HR Renewal will be the go-forward HR Professional (and ESS and MSS) self-service tool, but now the new services offered by SAP Fiori will improve hardware or system support. In my understanding, we will see a “merging” of the concepts. SAP Fiori will work as new technology and most or all services of HR Renewal will be based on SAP Fiori business suit.

So for new customers, this is alarming call that they should implement SAP Fiori based HCM applications, which are already rolled out. SAP is still working for form and the Process and Forms framework to move to SAPUI5. Of course, the approvals can be handled by the SAP Fiori workflow inbox but the forms themselves have yet to be converted. Adobe-Forms will not fit in UI5. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ™

Both HR Renewal and SAP Fiori have a set of “out-of-the-box” services, and both need SAP NetWeaver Gateway. For any services that are not delivered in either technology, prudent customer will probably want to build using SAPUI5 and not Web Dynpro ABAP, but there is a staffing roadblock since there are not (yet) a ton of good UI5 developers. The released Fiori applications are just a baby step in terms of complete solution. If a customer is looking for a pilot start of SAP Fiori implementation, leave request and CATS could be used as gate that can be used as proof of concept.

Let me list down the Fiori based applications in HCM space.

SAP released 9 HCM apps for Employees and Managers with Fiori Wave 7. The HCM apps have been bundled and are delivered as SAP Fiori for SAP ERP HCM 1.0. The bundle includes the apps

  1. People Profile
  2. Employee Look-up including organizational view
  3. My Team Calendar
  4. My Leave Requests (Version 2)
  5. My Timesheet (Version 2)
  6. My Paystubs (Version 2)
  7. My Benefits (Version 2)
  8. Approve Leave Requests (Version 2)
  9. Approve Timesheets (Version 2)

The first 3 apps are completely new apps released in February, 2015. The other six apps which are indicated as version 2 are revamped versions of the existing HCM Fiori apps. The version 2 enhancements reflect the customer feedback we had received for the existing apps. [Updated on Feb, 2015]

HR renewal has completely changed the concept and look of ESS-MSS. From an entry point perspective, absolutely. The concept of “lanes” is new to most SAP folks – we are used to the portal having tabs such as “ESS”, “MSS”, and “HR Self-Service” (or something similar). With HR Renewal, the navigation and taxonomy of the portal is different. Also, the styling is different from the previous Web Dynpro ABAP, as well as the CORBU theme from prior self-service deliveries.

HR renewal is not fully mobile friendly yet because some of the links will take you to a WedDynpro ABAP application. But here is solution. We can use what is available in SAP Fiori while implementing HR renewal. It is possible to use the UI5 applications available in the SAP Fiori in the new HR Renewal landing page. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • SAP Fiori and HR renewal are included within the SAP licensing; hence no new licence is required.
  • Since WebDynpro is not optimized for mobile technologies, WebDynpro ABAP applications will slowly be replaced by SAPUI5 in upcoming versions.
  • HR renewal is not fully mobile friendly yet because some of the links will take you to a WedDynpro ABAP application. However, SAP Fiori is not the answer necessarily, since there are only 9 HR apps currently available
  • SAP ESS/MSS is not going obsolete in future. SAP has not given any deadline. Any said like after 2020, SAP will not support ESS MSS are just rumours.
  • SAP is now focused on SAPUI5, and how they are merging HR renewal, SAP Fiori, and the current ESS/MSS frameworks.
  • If a customer is looking for a pilot start of SAP Fiori implementation, leave request and CATS could be used as gate that can be used as proof of concept.
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  1. Former Member

    Hi Ajay,

    The above information provide great insights about Fiori ๐Ÿ™‚  

    I just wanted to have your understanding on whether buying Fiori licenses only will support our ESS and MSS workflow instead of buying ESS/MSS license on SAP.

    Currently, we have following fields available in SAP.

    1. Employee Master data

    2. Leave Management

    3. Org Structure  

    Thank you for your help.


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