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SAP HANA SPS 10 What’s New: Platform Lifecycle Management – by the SAP HANA Academy


In the upcoming weeks we will be posting new videos to the SAP HANA Academy to show new features and functionality introduced with SAP HANA Support Package Stack (SPS) 10.

What’s New with SAP HANA SPS 10 – by the SAP HANA Academy

The topic of this blog is platform lifecycle management.

What’s New?

Two-Step Update

As of SPS 10, you can run an SAP HANA system update in two phases

  • an update preparation phase and
  • a resume update phase

The phased update aims to:

  • Lower the system downtime
  • Reduce the chances of a failed system update due to preliminary steps like archive preparation or dependency conflicts

The prepare update step is activated with the following flag (valid for both the command line tool HDBLCM and the graphical interface HDBLCMGUI.

./hdblcm --action=update --prepare_update 

During this phase, the files will be copied to the file system and all preparation actives are executed. Business is not interrupted.

The resume update step can be performed by any of the three SAP HANA Platform Lifecycle Management tools (command line, graphical or web). The tool will detect that the prepare update step has been executed and will automatically propose to resume. No additional flags are needed.

During the resume update step, SAP HANA is restarted, during which the software switch is executed. After restart, the delivery units are imported and any additional components (client, studio, afl) that have been selected in the first step are installed. During this phase business downtime occurs.


Database Isolation Mode for Multitenant Database Containers

Multitenant databases containers (MDC), introduced with SPS 09, are self-contained databases with their own set of users, database catalog, repository, etc. However, they share a common system database and operating system process, the <SID>adm user that owns the software.

For those not familiar with MDC, there is a full playlist on this topic on the SAP HANA Academy YouTube Channel:

Multitenant Database Containers – YouTube

SPS 10 introduces the option to run a multitenant database container system in high isolation mode. This way, each tenant database will run under it’s own operating system user account and group. Additionally, internal database communication will be secured under the secured sockets layer (SSL) protocol, which encrypts the data flow.

You activate the high isolation mode for MDC either during the installation (selection on the system properties screen, or with parameter db_isolation=high), or for running systems with a python script. This operation and the required step are documented in the SAP HANA Administration Guide.


SAP HANA Cockpit integration and Add/Remove Host Support for Web UI

The SAP HANA database lifecycle manager is available in two flavors

  • the installer from the installation medium
  • a resident version for update and configuration (local installation and version compatible)

With the resident HDBLCM tool, you can perform a number of post installation tasks, like add or remove additional software components, etc.

As of SPS 10, the web version of the HDBLCM tool has been integrated with the SAP HANA cockpit. Furthermore, an important additional activity is now web-enabled: add/remove hosts for distributed systems or SAP HANA options.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 22.11.25.png

Platform Lifecycle Management Enhancements

In previous editions of SAP HANA, we have seen gradual improvements of the whole process of installation and updating an SAP HANA system landscape that  culminated in a single tool for platform lifecycle management: hdblcm. With this tool, you can perform all the setup and post-setup configuration activities be it for single host system or a complex distributed landscape with standby node and SAP HANA options like dynamic tiering to manage hot and warm data.

With SPS 10, additional enhancements are introduced:

  • instant logging, which writes preliminary logs in the case that the action hangs or crashes
  • single location log collection for multiple-host setup
  • support for SAP HANA remote data sync (new SAP HANA option)
  • support for SAP HANA option roles

Tutorial Video

In this video, I will show how you can perform a 2-step update of an SAP HANA SPS 09 system to SPS 10 using a combination of both command line and graphical HDBLCM. You can also view how to configure an MDC system in high isolation mode during setup, and the new SAP HANA cockpit tiles to add or remove a host in a distributed landscape.


Thank you for watching

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