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What’s New in SAP Lumira 1.27 (summary)

Hi Everyone

Summer has begun, school’s almost out, and so is SAP Lumira 1.27!  It is time for nice big summer PAR-TAY!!

For those of you who are in SAP Lumira 1.25 or earlier version, there was no public release for Lumira 1.26.  We kept it as an internal release because Lumira 1.25, 1.26 and 1.27 were too close to each other. Here  comes the latest and the greatest Lumira release to date!


We know that many of you have been waiting for BW connectivity to Lumira.  We are very pleased to deliver this capability in 1.27 with ability to compose stories and sharing to the server.

It is important to understand the difference between BW acquired mode compared to online mode. The acquisition mode provides the ability to connect directly to BW queries or OLAP connections managed in BI platform. Then the data is acquired to Lumira by flattening the hierarchy to individual dimensions.  From there, you can merge another acquired data, and perform any other workflows that Lumira performs.  Here are three detailed blogs part1, part2, and part 3 from Eric Yew.

Although sharing to all editions of Lumira Server and Lumira Cloud are possible, we recommend for future investment, you share to Lumira Server, for BI platform and Lumira Server, for teams.  In an upcoming release, we will be providing more enhancements for refresh and modifying prompt values on these two editions.  Also please pay close attention to the new Blending feature to take advantage of power of Lumira’s ability to link BW data with another data.


One of the latest Lumira’s new innovations! Lumira Desktop comes with an ability to prepare and preview a sample of data before applying it to big data. For those who are exploring big data strategy in your organization, our very own Paul Ekeland will be thrilled to connect with you!  Check out his latest blog SAP Lumira 1.27: Big Data for everyone!


In addition to merge, Lumira delivers Blending capability for acquired data (blending HANA online data is planned in the road map). This allows users to link data on the fly to analyze across multiple datasets.  This is useful when there is no clear reason to physically merge the data. Blending can also be done from the Visualize room as this does not need to be a “preparation” step.  This means you can blend from Lumira Server, for BI platform and Lumira Server, for teams as well! Check out the detailed blog from Kenneth Li


Once you can blend two datasets it is easier to perform an analysis that is of comparison nature.  Check out the new Difference From calculation for easier period-to-period calculations coming from two sets of data.

Running and moving calculations are enhanced. There are finer-grained controls and better dialog to help you define the calculation.


Similar enhancements for the Percentage of calculation too.


Is there anyone out there who has been waiting for Time and Datetime support?  We know! And you can have it!


It is pretty common that your dataset might have changed and you need to re-acquire the data.  Not to worry, Data Mapping feature informs you when changes are detected and allows you to make a decision on how to map the structure changes.


Why not stories with multiple HANA queries? We can do it.


In our focus of staying simple, we have now completed converging the three story layout types into one that does it all.  You can choose to make your story static, interactive, informative, graphical without having to make a decision upfront.


Of course the one storyboard comes with all the powerful interactivities that you already like.  Linked Analysis is further improved to include the ability to filter on a visualization to update the rest of the visualizations on the page.


Input controls are enhanced to handle multiple datasets and different selection types among many other enhancements.


Data behind what you see is important. You now have the ability to export the detailed records.


We want your story to look beautiful. This release includes various enhancements to alignchart axis and better display different chart elements by default.


When you are building a story, you can simply Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to duplicate a story element and make further changes. Ahhhhh!


Thanks for waiting for the ability to undo/redo. It is here and there is no limit to how many times you can undo.  I just asked the Development team to not undo this feature delivery.  😆


Just like simplifying the story layout, we have merged the two table controls into one that can handle both use cases. You can now adjust the column width in the crosstab by simply dragging the column border.


Another eagerly waited feature is conditional formatting on charts. In this release you can set conditional formatting on bar and column charts. More chart types are planned to be supported in upcoming releases.


More ways to update the colors to your taste either from the chart or from Preferences!


Collection of small improvements together make a big difference.



To wrap up, Lumira Servers to complete the end-to-end trusted data discovery!


Do we have you at Hello for SAP Lumira 1.27?  😉

We are expecting the builds to be available this week on SMP!  As you may be already aware, we are moving to a quarterly release cycle, and I promise you that it is only getting better!

Have a great week!


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  • When is Lumira 1.27 desktop version going to be available to download for users? Need to know since I have a client demo coming up.

    The BW connectivity with Compose and Preparation feature was much needed to make Lumira effective for BW clients, so good news!

  • Sharon and the team, thanks so much for sharing the latest news on what's coming in 1.27 - later this week.  I am truly excited, the latest capabilities look fantastic.  Great stuff!!!  Keep it coming.

  • Love the overview Sharon! Really looking forward to hearing about how everyone will be taking advantage of this fantastic release.

  • Hi Sharon,

    Sounds like we will be able to make use of Lumira since V1.27 supports BW connection via OLAP connection defined on BI Platform. Could you confirm that scheduling of Lumira with BW OLAP connection will also be supported on BI platform 4.1 SP6. Thanks.

    • Hello Daniel,

      with 1,27 you can vied, edit and analyse Lumira document based on BW acquisition (excluding refresh and schedule) on BI Platform

      Support for Refresh and schedule is planned for 1.28 in Q3.



  • Sharon...thanks!  Questions...

    -Is Lumira 1.27 Server for BIP supported with BIP 4.1 SP5?

    -Just to confirm what I think I am reading, SAP Front End client will no longer be needed to hit BW as of 1.27?

    -Safe to say JDBC connectivity for MS Access is not going to happen, leaving those use cases to buy 3rd party add-ons or developing in house generic JDBC connectivity? 

    Again ...thanks and congrats on another huge step forward with this release...

  • Sharon, very excited to see new features.

    one question,

    Is Lumira be integrated with SAP BusinessObjects to perform what can be done in Lumira Desktop?

    - Prepare

    - Manipulate

    - Share

    and to Compose



    • Hello Vamsi,

      We already have Viz and Compose room in Lumira server for BI Platform.

      We do plan to support acquisition and manipulation workflows with Prepare room in future releases.



  • Finally Bex query support is here !! Want to see it ofcourse with our own data using exit variables and cell references and see that the data comes correctly to Lumira.

    One question: Can I refresh data in BO launchpad against BW queries in Lumira ?

    So is it possible for the enduser to refresh Bex query based lumira reports without the client, using just BO launchpad ?

    And if yes, then is SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.1 Support Pack 5 Patch 2  to be able to do this, or is a higher version needed ? (with the SAP lumira  server for BIplatform add in installed ofcourse )

    Thank you for clearing these questions for us.....


  • Hi Sharon,

    Thank your sharing latest news on Lumira.

    Have a question for you, Is Lumira 1.27 version getting released this week compatible for upgrade of Lumira 1.21 on HANA SPS8 revision 82 ?

    Thank You


  • Will all of these new features work the same and be available in Lumira for BI Platform?

    If some are excluded, can we get a detailed list or what works on Lumira Desktop only?

    Will Lumira for BIP 1.27 be released this week as well?

    Looks like an excellent release, it contains several anticipated features and some that were a welcome surprise.  Great Job!



    • We are working on a table that outlines the differences between the different servers.

      Yes, the plan is to release all desktop, server and cloud versions of Lumira this week.

  • This is great. Thank You.

    1. do you we have an option to select particular view in visualization to see actual data ?

    Select an area in the chart and right click to see the selected data in tabular format.

    2.Do we still need to subsribe ESRI for geo map ?


  • I love this update with 3 import features I have been waiting for 😉

    1. We are now talking about big data analysis drilling down to secondsI was waiting for this feature.
    2. And another amazing feature is Data Blending which is JIT (Just-In-Time)/on-the-fly.
    3. My reports depend on data provided by teams who change the underlying data format without notice.  Data Mapping will save me days.


    • Can't wait to get the product in your hands. We are dealing with an unexpected system issues on SMP. It is making me cry. Thank you for your patience.

  • Sharon,

    this time, I think Lumira is doing a great job

    My users are asking me when they could upgrade to this version (They cannot wait any more~~~)

    Thanks again

    • Once the Service Marketplace issues are resolved, for those of you that are using Lumira Server for BI Platform and will be updating from 1.25 to 1.27, please make sure to download and install the update build from Support Packages and Patches rather than the full build from Installations and Upgrades.

  • Thank you for your patience while we were working on the SMP technical issues. All editions of Lumira 1.27 are now available for download. Go crazy!

  • Hi, Sharon.

    When a table was exported to e-mail, the XLS file didn't have the numeric value in correct format, always in scientific.

    Another bug was in publishing the story. It replaced the existing one despite of changing the name of the new story.

    Have you solved these bugs in 1.27?.


  • Hi, Sharon.


    At this moment, I have checked new 1.27 and exports in Excel with no problem.

    I'll check the publishing and I'll inform you.


  • Sharon,

    Thanks for the blog.

    I still need clarification on the differences on BW online connectivity and acquired connectivity.    With acquired connectivity, data needs to be refreshed.  Does that mean that BW online connectivity doesn't need data to be refreshed?  BTw, I'm talk about once the Lumira story is published to the BI Launch Pad.


    • See this blog: SAP Lumira on BW (Part 1) for more detail, but in short BW online connectivity is handled by a Design Studio 1.5 template application that looks like Lumira and is accessible from the BI Launchpad. In this case you are viewing the data live as it exists in BW so the concept of "refresh" doesn't apply.

      • Ty,

        Thanks for the reply.

        After your reply and looking at other info, I think I understand now.  Per your link, I should use Lumira for the following kind of use cases:

        • Data comparisons of actuals from a BEx query vs plans stored from a non-BW source
        • Comparison of sales results against market benchmarks or marketing campaign results available in .csv files or provided by a 3rd party consulting firm
        • Aggregation of sales facts using personal or team-level product groupings, and correlate against public census data
        • All of the above in a single presented Story to share enterprise-wide, or facilitate decision making

        If I wanted to just display the BEx query I should use just Design Studio.

        Also, tell me if I'm wrong on the following:

        Lumira keeps a copy of the BEx query data in a LUMS file.  This data is static and from a point in time when the Lumira story board was last refreshed.  This is why we need to a scheduling solution to refresh the Lumira data in a LUMS file.

        Though, I'm a little confused by How Lumira Storyboards Work on SAP Lumira Server

        Is the author saying that with Lumira Server on HANA that there is no need to refresh the data?

        • You've got almost everything right Mel.

          With 1.28 the plan is that you will be able to either schedule or simply click your refresh button in your Lumira browser app from the BI Launchpad to refresh the data against acquired sources.

          The post that you're referring to is about an older version of Lumira Server, the architecture of which is being superseded by Lumira Server for BI Platform where you will be able to have HANA as your calculation engine in which case for HANA online connections you would not need to refresh t he data as it would already be live.

          • Ty,

            Thanks again for more clarification.  Now I see the advantage of using HANA.  However, I'm confused now between Server for BI Platform and Server for HANA.  I still see two different installs guides for the two different configurations.  Can you point me to the documentation for Server for BI Platform superseding Server for HANA?



            Also, does Server for BI Platform support Fiori Launchpad?  I know the Server for HANA did/does.

            My preference would be to move all reporting from the BI Launchpad to the Fiori Launchpad so that Design Studio and Lumira reports can be presented in conjunction with the delivered Fiori analytical apps.  I know Design Studio and Lumira reports can be launched from the Fiori Lauchpad.

            Will Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports support the Fiori Launchpad?  I know Analysis for Office won't be supporting the Fiori Launchpad.


          • Correct, they are two different solutions with two different installs. The documentation of Lumira Server for BI Platform (LS4BIP) superseding Lumira Server for HANA (LS4H) is the Lumira roadmap and the specific functionality in question is being able to connect to HANA online.

            LS4BIP will support Fiori Launchpad in the sense that when we introduce the OpenDocument protocol for Lumira you will be able to call a Lumira doc hosted in LS4BIP from a Fiori tile.

            How and if we will support BIP based content (Lumira, DS, WebI, etc.) in Fiori Launchpad is under discussion.

          • LS4H already supports Fiori on HANA Server.

            SAP Lumira Server: SAP Fiori launchpad integration

            Also Design Studio supports Fiori on HANA Server

            SAP Design Studio on SAP HANA: Integration with Fiori Launchpad

            Would the superseding of LS4H for LS4BIP mean that the above support would no longer be available or let alone be enhanced?

            Does LS4BIP mean that BIP needs to be setup and maintained to continue to have Fiori integration support?

            If Fiori is SAP's go forward solution for user experience, why is there even a discussion on its use?

            Sorry for being blunt, but I'm trying to sell to some people the advantage of using Lumira over Tableau -- one of them is Fiori integration.  I'm also hoping to sell the idea that SAP would make the system landscape simpler avoiding the need to have BIP.

  • Hi, Sharon.

    There was an issue in 1.25 about overwritting a published story despite of changing its name.

    It is not solved in 1.27, it still happens.

    The situation is this : you want to maintain the same story with different data every month. What I did was rename the new story and publish it, so I had several versions of the story, one per month.

    I can't do it now since 1.25 version.

    If you need more explanation, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Best regards.


  • Interesting that when using the SAP Universe Query Panel in Lumira 1.27, the CMS creates an additional session with the type "Information Design Tool."

  • Awesome release.  The new BW connector and the convergence to a single Storyboard designer are huge steps in the right direction.  Congrats to the Lumira team!  Keep the momentum going!

    • Thanks Brian! You and Lestor's feedback were great influence and I still use it to check things off after each release.

      I heard we are jammin' again soon. Looking foward to it!!


  • Nice Blogs!!

    I have some questions using an HANA online connection about this new Lumira release:

    - It is possible to create an Time hierarchy?

    - It is possible to use also others source (for example files) and blending the data?

    - It is possible to create calculated dimension or measure based on the dimension values: Count of customers?



    • Hi Andrea,

      i think hierarchy created in HANA would be inherited in the front if I am not mistaken

      But HANA Live does not support create customer hierarchy in front-end like offline is doing

      Best regards

      Alex yang

  • Hi Sharon,

    Excellent overview. Do you know when we will get the feature to reorganize the pages in the COMPOSE section? I believe that is also one of the most requested features in the Ideas section for Lumira

  • What level of BI platform is required to use the BW data download extension?   We are on 4.1Sp4  and for the life of me, I can make a new LUM file without a problem leveraging our existing pool of connections, but editing or refreshing yields a failure to create queryview every time.

    thanks  james

  • I have BI41 Sp03 installed in AIX server. I do not have SAP Hana implemented in our company. I wanted to store SAP Lumira stories in the BI41 platform and want to let the users access these stories. Last September, it was not possible because SAP Lumira required Hana table to store the stories. I was told by SAP support that SAP is working on this in the new release. With SAP Lumira 1.27, is it possible to implement Lumira with BI41 platform (without having SAP Hana)? If so may I know if we have any documentation on this?


  • Hi Sharon,

    Please keep the updates coming. It looks like a lot of functionality is coming out in each new release. Nice one!

    (I stumbled upon the Time and DateTime line chart for an IoT pilot I am working on. Very handy for sensor data that is timestamped.)



    • Thank you Nick. That is great to hear!

      I can tell you that our next release is going to be another big one.


    • Hi Mikhail

      Unfortunately not in the next couple of releases.

      Our PDF export allows you to copy individual elements and paste them to PPTX. I have also seen free PDF to PPTX converters online but I have not tried them.



  • Hi Sharon,

    Does this version support OData version 4.0?  If not, when do you plan to support it? We are making biodiversity data held open via OData v4.0 API, so would be good to be able to point organisations to Lumira as a tool to consume the data.

      • Great to hear there are concrete plans.  Do you have a timeline for the release and when we can expect it?  or the version you are targeting to have the capability?  Thanks.

        • I unfortunately can't specify release number or specific timelines when it's not expected within SAP's current quarter due to revenue recognition rules, but I can say that we are very motivated to have this update sooner rather than later.

  • Hi,

    we have SAP BW as backend - no BI Platform. Is there any minimum requirement regarding the SAP BW version to use the BW Import Connector of Lumira? Currently we have 3.5 which is currently upgraded to 7.01.


    • Hello.

      The supported backend versions of BW are documented in the SAP Lumira PAM. It is possible to connect to the 3.5 queries, but you are on the right upgrade path to v7.


      • Hi Eric,

        thanks!!! I found it in the PAM. It says from 7.0 - anyhow 3.5 is out of support.

        I cannot connect to the SAP Queries on 3.5, I can connect but no queries or Infoareas show up, so I wonder if there are any additional prereqs.

        Best, LotharLumira.png

        • The only thing which comes to mind is a possible permissions issue on the backend. Are you using other BusinessObjects BI clients like Analysis Office or Design Studio? Same problem or is this specific on the Lumira side of things?

          If specific to Lumira, then consider opening up a Support Ticket incident for further investigation.