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Hyperlink from WEBI Report to ECC T-Code & to see the attachments

Dear All,

Here is the document which gives the step by step procedure to redirect from BO Report to specified ECC T-Code to view attachments using Hyperlink.

Business scenario:

Some of the information users wanted to have the BO WEBI Report to redirect to ECC T-Code to view attachments for further analysis of Order details. The below step by step procedure demonstrates how this is accomplished.

1.     First understand about the Transaction code to be linked, Open SAP Business Suite and give the TCODE is IW32.

  1. 1.1.   Open (ECC) Business Suite and Logon using proper credentials.
  2. 1.2.   Go to transaction code: IW32. For example:


  1. 1.3.   Initial screen is displayed.Input order ID. Click on ‘Header Data’ or press ‘Enter’.
  2. 1.4.   Detailed description of the order is displayed.


  1. 1.5.   On this display, press ‘F1’ to show ‘Performance Assistant’.


  1. 1.6.   Click on ‘Technical Information’ button (/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/1_6_727093.png).
  2. 1.7.   Technical Information window is displayed.
  3. 1.8.   Collect the information for: Screen Field, Program Name, and Screen Number.


  1. 1.9.   Logon to BI Launchpad and give credentials.Go to ‘Preferences’à’Web intelligence’àUnder ‘Modify’, select ‘Web’ (‘HTML’ in higher versions).



  1. 1.10.Save and close. Open Webi report in ‘Modify’ mode.


  1. 1.11.Right click on order number column.


  1. 1.12.Select ‘Linking’à’Add Hyperlink’.Hyperlinks editor screen is displayed.


  1. 1.13.Enter the link address of ECC T-Code (Contact basis to get this URL)
  1. 1.14.Click on ‘Parse’. Address Path is automatically assigned and displayed.


  1. 1.15.Build a formula under ‘Customize the following dynamic elements of the addresses.


  1. 1.16.On clicking ‘Build Formula’ from the drop down, the formula editor is displayed.
  1. 1.17.Write your desired formula for concatenating the transaction code, system name, system field, and Column specific field (for example: ‘Order ID’).


  1. 1.18.Validate the formula and click ‘OK’ to save it. We get back to the hyperlinks window.


  1. 1.19.Click ‘OK’ to finish the configuration.
  1. 1.20.The column field value is converted to a clickable hyperlink with below formulae generated automatically.


=”<a href=\”http://testbibo:8888/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui?~transaction=“+URLEncode(Concatenation(“IW32 CAUFVD-AUFNR=”;[Maintenance Order – Key]))+”\” title=\”Quality Management Record\” target=\”_blank\” nav=\”web\”>”+[Maintenance Order – Key]+”</a>”

  1. 1.21.In the address bar, notice the syntax of the field has changed to the above format.


  1. 2.     Click on the order number hyperlink to navigate to SAP ECC Logon screen.


  1. 2.1.   Provide credentials for account with access to the T-Code as configured in the hyperlink (in this case: IW32).
  1. 2.2.   Click on ‘Logon’ or press ‘Enter’. You are logged on and automatically redirected to the T-Code with the Order Number automatically entered.


  1. 2.3.   Press ‘Enter’ to drill into the details.


  1. 2.4.   Details are displayed.
  1. 2.5.   From the top right corner of the screen, select the ‘Services for Object’ drop down button (/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/2_5_727116.png) and select ‘Attachment List’.


  1. 2.6.   Attachment List is displayed.
  1. 2.7.   Double click on an attachment to view it.


  1. 2.8.   Attachment is displayed.


Hyperlinks successfully added to BI Report to navigate to ECC transaction code and view attachments.

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