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Anyone can be a DataGenius…

In my first blog for the DataGeniusIV challenge, I wrote about my thoughts on the evolution of data intelligence over the past 7 years.  It was a bit of curiosity that had me look back at a simple example of data from an old project and trace its evolution from spreadsheets, to dashboards, to exploration and visualization to the idea of mobile applications.  To help people get started with their DataGenius projects this year, I put together an SAP HANA Academy video series that walks through my example using the US Environmental Protection Agency data (power plant emissions data publicly available from eGRID).  For this project, I used a free Developer edition of HANA Cloud Platform account and SAP HANA, then connected that to a trial Standard edition of SAP Lumira for phase 1.  For the next phase, I plan to use some of the capabilities of HCP to build out a more dynamic analytics application example.

My goal was simple:  provide more people with the power of insight.  I love the idea of crowd sourcing the tough issues of our day. With access to information I think the conversations get broader and the understanding of the issues gets deeper – isn’t that better for us all? No more soundbites or slanted news stories on social media.  What if we were all able to be our own data geniuses and find our own conclusions?  Who says where the next great solution will come from?  I’d say make this a middle school project and teach students technology AND science together so they are armed for the future.  Give University students in science, technology and analytics usable access to the data sets of places like the EPA, ESA, UN and other agencies and NGOs so they can become more technically and socially active in effecting change.  If two heads are better than one, then wouldn’t 200, 2000 or 2 million be even better?

I’m not sure how much of this I will have time to build out as my spare-time project, but here is how I started in case you want to try it yourself.  Maybe you can take it from here and make it amazing!  Or maybe you will use these ideas to build your own analysis of other publicly available data sets in support of your cause.  Learn some new technology and save the world.  Not bad for a Sunday afternoon…


SAP HANA Academy video series:  DataGeniusIV_Sample HCP Project

Introduction to the Sample Project

Create FREE Developer Edition of HANA Cloud Platform and Create SAP HANA Instance***5Ncs_85M

Setup Development Tools

SAP HANA Cloud Platform connections

Load sample CSV to SAP HANA instance in HCP

Create Models and Views in SAP HANA using Eclipse

Grants users rights to objects

Open DB Tunnel into HCP account for SAP Lumira connection

Create visualizations in SAP Lumira

Next steps:  to be completed

  1. Setup Web IDE components
  2. Create web service to provide output of data to other tools
  3. Create Sample UI for mobile user
  4. Take it even further with layered 3rd party contextual data, mapping, …

Examples and samples to help you:

SAP HANA Academy

  • Core How To videos (configuration, development, UI, JAVAScript, Modeling, etc)
  • Step-by-step project to build mobile app
  • Using Predictive Analysis
  • Using GeoSpatial analysis
  • Using Hadoop Data lake for climate values by zipcode in US
  • Creating Lumira Views
  • Loading Data from various formats (CSV, XML, etc)

openSAP courses in HCP Development

HCP Tutorials  featuring Hello World, working with Maven, and other tutorials

SAP Lumira tutorials

Sample data sets:

  • Emissions CSV file I used in this example
  • eGRID website for more emissions data
  • STS sample company Sales data (using in several SAP HANA Academy videos)
  • UN website with links to United Nations datamarts

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