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SAP Web IDE Layout Editor (WYSIWYG or Drag&Drop) available for productive use

We are pleased to announce the release of SAP Web IDE Layout Editor with version 1.12 on the trial and for productive usage (with a limited scope, see limitations below).


The layout editor is a tool to build and edit SAPUI5 views using  Drag&Drop without the need to write code.

This release includes new features, usability enhancements, and resolution of known issues.
Main scenarios supported with this release:

  • Application from Template – Editing SAPUI5 views generated by SAP WebIDE templates.(see here)
  • Extending an application Editing extended views of an outofthebox SAP Fiori application.


New and improved features:

  • Improved Drag&Drop usability.
  • Improved Data Binding to OData services.
  • Improved property pane usability.
  • Supports editing of extended or replaced views.
  • Supports editing fragment files.
  • Supports displaying embedded fragments in SAPUI5 views.

Resolved known issues:

  • Comments, extension points,and fragments are now preserved in the XML code.
  • Fragments can now be edited in the layout editor.



  • The layout editor works only with Chrome browser.
  • Not all SAPUI5 controls are supported in the layout editor. The unsupported controls can be viewed in

        the layout editor but can only be edited in the XML editor.

  • Opening a view with the layout editor will clear the file’s undo history from the XML.
  • XML views in projects without an index.html file can fail to open in the layout editor.


Check our documentation for more information.

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  • Hi Elizabeth,

    that's good news.

    I just wanted to try out the new Web IDE and noticed that the service catalog is not working anymore. At least for me...

    Whatever service I click, it always says 'Not Found' and greys out the service (see attached screenshot). I did not change my Destination settings. The weird thing is, one of my apps still uses a service from that destination and it works just fine.

    Is that a known issue? Do you have any idea how I can solve this problem?



    service catalog.PNG

    service catalog.PNG
    • Hi,

      Perhaps your cloud connector is down? What error do you see in the browser's console? Are you able to reach these services using the browser?

      What is in the network trace?

      I think a better place for you to get help is in a separate thread.. as this blog is regarding the W5G.


  • Error 2.PNGError 1.PNGHi I am trying to use layout editor in my trial version and whenever selecting a component getting the above errors.

    Any help would be really useful.

    • Hi Rishi,

      What do you mean by " whenever selecting a component"?

      Does this happen for all views or only a specific view?



      • Whenever we open layout editor we need to select a component to see its properties in the pane. Its like clicking a design component.

        And this is happening in every view of every application i have in my account.


    • Please do the following in order for us to be able to help:

      1. Add this parameter to the url of your Web IDE: sap-ide-debug=true

      2. Execute the flow again and attach the exact errors and stack from the browser's console.

      2. Specify the exact steps you made in order for us to reproduce.


      • Hey Michal,

        I followed the steps and the error which comes is below-

        1. BundleId: "org.eclipse.orion.server.core"
        2. Code: 0
        3. HttpCode: 404
        4. Message: "File not found: /ptrial$P-OrionContent/FioriApp/previewData.js"
        5. Severity: "Error"

        It looks like that preview pane js file is not present.

        One more thing I tried using a different machine and there I can use layout editor without any error.


  • Hi Elizabeth,

    are there any plans to make more controls available in the Layout Editor?

    Last time I checked there were only 37 controls available (out of hundreds of UI5 controls).



    • Hi Klaus,

      Yes more controls will be added. For example in the coming release the UploadCollection control is added. But many more to come in the future.