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Auto Suggest Features-Multilevel Categorization Part I

Auto Suggest Features:

In the below blog, I would be highlighting certain Auto Suggest Features which are integrated with the multilevel categorization in SAP CRM. There are some useful documents which have been created in the forum which explains the features and baseline configurations of setting up multilevel categorization. However the auto suggest functionalities are useful and easy to implement without any coding or technical help and can be used in service scenario’s like Service Request, Service Order, Complaint Management to name a few.

Multilevel Categorization

Creating Categorization Schema in SAP CRM for Service Request – CRM – SCN Wiki

1) Auto Suggest Category Via Products.

In certain business transactions like Service Order, Complaint and Service Ticket when the product is entered at the header level in the reference object field the categorization fields get filled automatically. Instead of manually filling the categorization fields in a complaint or service order this feature helps to reduce the time considerably and based on business requirements this feature can be implemented functionally.

Design Considerations.

1a) Ensure after setting up the categorization schema the product which needs to determine the categorization fields is assigned in the product assignment block as shown below and the relevant transaction type is assigned to the Assign Transaction Type to Catalog Category Assignment in customization.

Auto Categorization.PNG

1b) In the Application area assignment block ensure that the transaction type to catalog category assignment is made correctly as shown below.

Auto Categorization 2.PNG

1c) Post making the above configurations check the transaction by entering the product in the reference object to check if the categorization fields get filled automatically. However as per the screen shot highlighted below the multilevel categorization fields do not get filled. 😥

Auto Categorization 3.PNG

1d) To resolve the above mentioned issue, implement SAP Notes 1896983 1881948 while the first note is more relevant to the above behaviour, the second note talks about a dump caused because of system inconsistencies in the service request transaction to the multilevel categorization fields. Customization settings for Multilevel Categorization can be found in note 1266940. Once the note 1896983 is implemented, the product is entered in the reference field as shown below, the categorization fields in the service order transaction are filled automatically. 🙂

Auto Categorization 4.PNG

2) Use of Multilevel Categorization to Trigger Checklists.

The checklist is a new functionality which was introduced in CRM 7.0 Version, for the detailed functionality of the checklist functions refer to the link below. However multilevel categorization can now trigger Checklists in certain service related transactions like Service Requests using Service Manager Profiles and Rule Policies.

How to make use of checklists in SAP CRM service transactions

Design Considerations.

2a) In the Multilevel Categorization created in CRM Web Ui the required entry needs to be made in the application area, the application Id should consist of rule modeler having the value maintained as checklist Determination.

Auto Checklist.PNG

2b) SAP Notes 1925335 and 2016852 need to be implemented. While the first note can be implemented using the Snote functionality, the second note mentions in detail about the customization changes which need to be done in transaction code crmc_erms_repository for the contexts Service Request, Checklist Determination, Checklist Partner Determination and Service Order/Complaint Dispatch for the attribute Order Context.

Auto Checklist.1PNG.PNG

2c) Once the above notes have been implemented in the system, the rule policy can be created or modified (if created earlier) with the operator values as includes element or does not include element along with the value of the multilevel categorization. Post making the changes as per the above notes the multilevel categorization fields are selected in the service request transaction which in turn triggers the checklist automatically which are shown in the below two screen shots. 🙂

Auto Checklist.2.PNG

Auto Checklist.3.PNG

3) Auto Suggest Knowledge Articles.

Knowledge Articles can be integrated with Multilevel Categorization fields. A knowledge article can be defined as a function to obtain information, such as how-to documents, user manuals, or FAQ, to process, for example, incidents, problems and requests for change that your customers may report. Detailed information about the knowledge article can be found in the below link.

Knowledge Articles in SAP CRM

Let me cite an e.x to explain the knowledge article integration with multilevel categorization fields. A customer calls and reports a problem which was captured through multilevel categorization fields in the service request transaction. The issue was resolved and a knowledge article was created in the system and assigned to the categorization fields in the categorization schema. A second customer calls and reports the same problem which is again captured through the multilevel categorization fields in the service transaction. The call centre agent can go to the knowledge article assignment block in the service request transaction by doing so the system displays the knowledge article which the agent can open and suggest possible remedial measures captured in the knowledge article which can be explained to the customer pro actively.

Design Considerations.

3a) A prerequisite to create knowledge articles in the system is to activate the trex server. The standard transaction type provided by SAP is KNAR.

3b) In the application area of the multilevel categorization created the knowledge article needs to be assigned to transaction type catalog category assignments highlighted below.


3c) The knowledge article which is configured in the system needs to be assigned to the categorization schema in the assignment block knowledge article as per the screen shot shown below.


3d) In base customization of transaction type to catalog categories ensure that the find related object is checked as shown in the below screen shot.


3e) If the catalog category created for multilevel categorization corresponds to D(Defect Locations/Object Parts) then the auto suggest knowledge article assignment block can be found above in the service request, conversely if the catalog category corresponds to C(Overview of Damages/Defects/Reasons) then the auto suggest knowledge article assignment block can be found below in the service request transaction. In the below case since the catalog category was customized as C the knowledge article assignment block is seen below.


4) Other Auto Suggest Features.

Other features like  Email standard responses, Content Analysis and Item Determination can all be integrated with the auto suggest features in multilevel categorization which I would be explaining in my later blogs. The SAP help document below provides useful insights and detailed information about the same.

Auto Suggest – Multilevel Categorization – SAP Library

Kind Regards


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