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How to Configure a BW Bex Query in a Custom Fiori Tile

Hello All,

SAP has been marketing Role based Fiori applications very extensively.

These days, customers want most of their application types to be configured in Fiori Tiles and its a fact that the look and feel of Fiori app is simply “BINDAAS”, when compared to our old legacy screens.

Last week I was asked by customer to configure a BW BEx Report in a Custom Fiori Tile.

As Fiori is relatively a new topic, I would be covering a very detailed step by step process here to demonstrate the configuration and will ensure to include as much as screen shots possible from my end.

So here we go,

A small introduction to Fiori:

Fiori is a collection of apps with a simple and easy to use experience for broadly and frequently used SAP software functions that work seamlessly across devices – desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Experience SAP Fiori:

See it on SAP HANA Marketplace:


All things SAP Fiori

All Things SAP Fiori

Fiori Apps Library

Fiori Apps Library

Fiori Confuguration Overview:…


  • Fiori Client
  • Netweaver Gateway (on ABAP)
  • BW

SAP BW(7.3+) ——–>   RFC ———> NetWeaver Gateway 7.4 ———–> HTTPS ————-> Fiori Apps

Steps that needs to be done in SAP BW side:

1) Create a Bw Bex Report using Bex Query Designer.

2) Make the necessary settings by adding ‘By Easy Query’ and ‘By OData’ options in Bex Extended tab.


3) In our Case : Technical Name of the Query is ‘ZSALES_ANALYZER_FIORI’ and Description is ‘Sales Revenue Analysis in Fiori Tile’


4) When we do the settings as mentioned in Step 2, we will be seeing an entry in ‘EQMANAGER’ Tcode in BW.


When we click on ‘Test Easy Query’,the corresponding URL and the Bex Output would be shown.(In our case, the URL is the following)


In case if we want to bypass the credential request, we can change the link to the following:

https://XXXXXXX/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui?sap-client=800&~transaction=*EQPREVIEW%20P_WS=/BIC/NF_30;DYNP_OKCODE=WB_EXEC&sap-user=<  >&sap-password=<  >

How to enable EQMANAGER Tcode in BW:

Use transaction SBGRFCCONF for EQMANAGER configuration.

Steps that Needs to be Done in SAP GATEWAY System:

5) Log into the Gateway System by providing the user name and Password

6) Enter the transaction : LPD_CUST to create a Launchpad role. Here I have created a role ZC_BWQR_00


7) Double click on the Launchpad role and create a New Application.


8) Enter the details for the following in the Link Details Screen.(The details purely depends on your requirement)

i)  Link Text,

ii)  Description,

iii) Application Type as URL

iv) The actual URL(that we got in Step 4)

v)  Application Alias

NOTE: Following is one of the main screens in Fiori where we can configure various types of Application Types mentioned below:

1) BI Web Template

2) Cystal Report

3) Infoset Query

4) List Report

5) Object Based Navigation

6) Portal page

7) Report Writer

8) Transaction (Backend Transactions for Example :  ME23N -> Display Purchase order)

9) URL(Lumira, Crystal Reports, BW Bex reports)

Visual Composer XApps

Web Dynpro ABAP

Web Dynpro JAVA

Xcelsius Dashbaord


System Alias field is required in case of calling the transaction from backend system or specifying the webdynpro from backend system. If it is URL type, then system alias is not required.

Also please note that only HTTPS links can be configured in Fiori.

9) Proceed without providing the Name Space


10) Create a Semantic Object using Tcode –> /n/UI2/SEMOBJ . Here we have created ZBWBEXQUERY. To avoid confusion, we can even give the same name in all the columns


Click on SAVE button and save the configuration under a transport request.

Steps that needs to be done in Fiori Admin Page

11) Take the Fiori Admin Page and provide the required Credentials:


12) Create a Catalog by using the following  + Button:(Available in Left Bottom Corner)


13) Enter the Title and ID(As per your Requirement)


14) Click on + Icon:


15) Click on ‘App Launcher – Static’


Generally these are different types of tiles are available.

Static Tile: Show predefined static content.

Dynamic Tile: Show numbers that can read dynamically.

News Tile: Flips through news messages according to the configuration of the tile.

16) After clicking App Launcher – Static, you will be able to see the following screen:


17) Click on the ‘Tiles’ option and enter the General details:


The Title and Subtitle given here would be seen in the Fiori tile after configuration. So Provide the name accordingly.You also have the option to give the display icon here.

18) Enter the navigation details:


Provide the semantic object created in Step 10.

19) Click on SAVE Button and Confirm the Changes as OK


20) Click on the ‘Target Mapping’ option and click on ‘Create Target Mapping’ Button available in Right bottom corner


21) Provide the details in the Indent Screen.


Provide the semantic object created in Step 10.

22) Enter the details in the Target Screen:


Enter the Launchpad Role (created in Step 6) and Application Alias(created in Step 8)

23) Proceed by Saving the Configuration changes:


Roles and Users related Steps that needs to be done in Gateway System:

24) Log in to the gateway system and enter the transaction PFCG

Create a Single Role and Provide the description and save the role.


25) Click on Transaction drop down and Select Fiori Catalog:

/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/1_729717.png  /wp-content/uploads/2015/06/2_729692.png

26) Select the Catalog that you have created in Step 13 and click on SAVE option.


27) Click on User tab and add the user who would be launching the tile from Fiori Designer page(in my case, user is KPIDEMO)


Steps that Needs to be Done in Fiori Launchpad:

28)  Take the Fiori Launhpad Page and provide the required Credentials:


29) Select the Tile Catalog after selecting the List Icon.

/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/1_txt_729703.png –> /wp-content/uploads/2015/06/2_729692.png

30) Search and Select the Catalog created in Step 13.(In our Case ‘Sales Revenue Analysis’ Description)


31) Add the Tile to the any Group in Launchpad(Here am adding to the ‘My Home’ Group.


32) Now the configured tile would be appearing in the Fiori Launhpad Home Page of the user KPIDEMO


33) Now Click on the Configured Tile and you will be able to see the BW Bex Query Output.


Hope you were be able to follow the steps and configure the Bex Report in Fiori Custom Tile.

Also, please note that this is just one of the method through which we can configure a Bex report in Fiori,

Another option has been explained by Gavin in the following Blog:

SAP BEx Query to Fiori App – From ASUG MN 2015



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      Author's profile photo Benedict Venmani Felix
      Benedict Venmani Felix

      Hi Prabhith,

      Thanks for this informative document. What version of BW are you in? Can you tell me a little about your system config?



      Author's profile photo prabhith prabhakaran
      prabhith prabhakaran
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Benedict,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Mine is a BW7.4/SP 8 system

      For EQMANAGER Tcode configuration, we need to use transaction SBGRFCCONF



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Prabit,

      Very nice step by step document on \Fiori and Bex Integration.

      Thanks for all your effort.


      Thanks and Regards.


      Author's profile photo Gavin Quinn
      Gavin Quinn

      Thanks Prabhith for the mention.

      BTW - we also have created a single Fiori app now that will work for every single BW Query:

      SAP Fiori App - BW Query

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks Prabhith for the document.

      Very helpfull.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Prabhith,

      Thanks for detailed document.

      After configuring it on same way, when clicking on Tile, I am getting below screen.

      What can be the reason?


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Dear All 🙂


      please let me know if it is going to be easier in  SAP BW 7.5

      to connect with gateway and fiori apps ?


      thank You in advance

      Author's profile photo Jyoti Jain
      Jyoti Jain



      Nice document. Did you got a chance to try with Crystal Reports



      Jyoti J Jain


      Author's profile photo Mike Denroche
      Mike Denroche

      Hi Prabhith

      I'm seeing the query in eqmanager, but the function module will not generate.

      I get the following errors. Any suggestions on where to start to fix this?

      Error      Function module Y_FM_M001_3000_Q01_FIORI could not be created for query Y_FM_M001_3000_Q01_FIORI
      Error      Variable $)
      2021</DDTEXT> does not get closed (mi ssing "$" in Line 277 Template EQ_FMDDC_2)
      Error      Variable $)
      2021</DDTEXT> does not get closed (mi ssing "$" in Line 277 Template EQ_FMDDC_2)
      Error      System cannot transform code template 'EQ_FMDDC_2' for DDIC description
      Display Help
      Error      Transformation of convenience description DDIC_STRUC failed
      Error      Project Y_FM_M001_3000_Q01_FIORI does not fulfill the generation prerequisites