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SAP HANA provides the backup/recover API(Backint), allowing you to backup SAP HANA with 3rd party certified backup tools. Here you have the details:

This document doesn’t discuss the Backint or 3rd party backup tool of SAP HANA, but aims to guide you through:

  • How to setup an external shared file server for HANA system backup
  • How to schedule a Backup of HANA system with the Backup Service of SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA (B1H).

You can back up HANA system to external shared file server with standard HANA backup function, as well as the Backup Service of B1H.

However, the external file server must be setup with an appropriate file system type. NFS (Network File System) is the recommended file system type for backing up HANA data to external shared file server.

Please note that HANA may has problems to back up data to the following file systems

Step 1: Setting up external NFS Server:

For SuSE OS, you can follow steps below to setup NFS server on SuSE:

For Windows OS, you may follow this to setup NFS server in windows

Step 2: Setting up NFS Client in HANA Server(SuSE):

=>4 Mounting The NFS Shares On The Client

Now you can use the mount point of external shard NFS file server to perform HANA system backup with HANA studio or SQL Script.

Or you can check below for how to schedule HANA backup with linux cron job and SQLScript.

1.Backup and Recovery: Scheduling Scripts – by the SAP HANA Academy

2.Schedule backups and set notification mail in SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA

3.SAP Note#1950261 – SAP HANA Database Backup Policy Recommendations and Regular Backup Script


Steps below are related only to Backup Service in SAP Business One, Version for SAP HANA

Step 3: Setup the backup path as the mount point of the external shared file server

This Backup Service of SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA is available since B1H 9.0 PL14 and B1H 9.1 PL03

1).Log on to System Landscape Directory of B1H with browser


2).Go to tab Servers and Companies,

3).Select your targe HANA server entry,click Edit button,

4).Enter the external mount point of external shared file server as the backup path.

Now the backup path is pointed to external shared file server for Backup Service of B1H.

Step 4: Setup the scheduling HANA system backup and specific schema export with RSP

This function require B1H 9.1 PL07 and RSP 3.1 PL07 or higher, please refer to note 2157386 – HANA backups scheduling in RSP for how to set this up.

In prior to B1H 9.1 PL07, with backup service of B1H in SLD you can

-manually backup HANA system with SLD by clicking the backup button

-schedule to export a specific schema.

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