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What do cooking and analytics have in common?

Every good chef knows that preparation is vital for a good menu – The more complex and numerous the delicacies are the more effort is required in advance.
Preparing a delicious sauce can take days and it is only a small piece out of a vast number of details. If this prep fails it needs workarounds or the entire menu breaks down.

Challenging in this long line of coherent steps is the fact that the Master Chef needs planning capabilities as well as the ability to estimate how many foodies will come to his restaurant in the following days and how much of this specific source he will need.
So being a good cook is not only about being an expert in the kitchen but also about being a logistics genius and making the right assumptions. Both skills have to be developed and enhanced over the years to reach a professional level.
An alternative could be for him to buy large quantities of the ingredients and have a full fridge to be more flexible. But even this method has limits and lowers the margin – secondarily he need to trash a lot of high quality ingredients, which were not used before the expiration date. And of course world-class ingredients need to be freshly picked from the field on the same day.

And if a regular has a special request he first has to look into his storeroom to find out whether or not he can fulfill this specific desire. So even in highly reputable restaurants it can happen that an embarrassed world-class chef tells a VIP guest that this option is currently unavailable.


With analytics and reporting it’s quite similar. Aggregating numbers in a way they can be used for an important charter at a specific date can be a time-consuming process. Therefore over the years in big enterprises a large number of batch processes are running to prepare the numbers for a quarter-close or an important meeting with the supervisory board.
The finance experts are working hard to get this done on a regular basis, not even knowing if their numbers are consumed this time. And still they have to make it happen just be prepared each and every time. Over the years the processes are optimized to serve the analytics in a way they are useful for the current situation and enhanced constantly to adapt changing needs.
But to meet new demands is a hard challenge and needs some preparation and time to deliver – probably in the next meeting.

Now SAP Simple Finance comes along their way and the established processes still work in the same manner, but instead of them taking long periods of time the reports and analytics are calculated instantly. But does this shortened processing time really enhance the processes that took years to optimize? Slightly.

But what would you think about looking on that from the perspective of the world-class cook – having an endless fridge, always filled with exactly the ingredients you need – and all of them freshly reaped all the time. No endless preparations of the ingredients, never feeling the uncertainty that something might be running out.

Better yet – your best customer can order exactly what he wishes for and you can fulfill every other such unique wish – with a fingertip. And it gets even better – you can invite him into your kitchen, let him cook with his personal ideas – without ever putting an apron on.

This is what happens when you utilize the possibilities of SAP Simple Finance with the power of SAP HANA in-memory technology.

  • You’ll earn the flexibility of instant analysis, queries and drill-downs.
  • Answers to spontaneous and creative questions in an interactive and playful manner.
  • Answers to questions nobody thought of before.
  • Answers your users can analyze and dig into with a fingertip on their tablets.
  • Answers that can change the course of your business and its success over the next years.

This is the power of Simple Finance – use it!

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      Author's profile photo Niladri Bihari Nayak
      Niladri Bihari Nayak
      Benno Eberle

      Good read ! A appreciate the way you described it, Being foodie literally, I felt hungry . Let's order something virtually . Can you please elaborate apart from SimpleFinance any other products supporting Food /Agro Industry ?

      Keep writing such articles and increase our  learning Analytics appetite to  next level .