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SAP Predictive Analytics – Frequently Asked Questions

This blog addresses questions related to the download, installation and activation of SAP Predictive Analytics. It will evolve over time, integrate new questions & answers, and the feedback from our user community. I hope this will prove useful for you.

Enjoy SAP Predictive Analytics!

PS: Heartfelt thanks to all the contributors and reviewers!

Last Updated On: November 20 2017 (Back from SAP TechEd Edition)


What is SAP Predictive Analytics?

SAP Predictive Analytics is a statistical analysis and data mining solution that enables you to build predictive models to discover hidden insights and relationships in your data, from which you can make predictions about future events.

SAP Predictive Analytics combines SAP InfiniteInsight and SAP Predictive Analysis in one product. In SAP Predictive Analytics, SAP InfiniteInsight has been renamed to Automated Analytics and SAP Predictive Analysis has been renamed to Expert Analytics.

Regarding the release version numbers:

  • The last released version of SAP InfiniteInsight is 7.0.1.
  • The last released version of SAP Predictive Analysis is 1.21.
  • The first released version of SAP Predictive Analytics is 2.0.
  • The latest released version is SAP Predictive Analytics 3.3.

What are the current names being used for the products? How do they map to the old names?

Old name(s)

Current names

SAP InfiniteInsight

Automated Analytics*

SAP Predictive Analysis

Expert Analytics*


Data Manager

Factory (before 2.0), Model Manager (2.x)

SAP Predictive Factory

InfiniteInsight Authenticated Server

SAP Predictive Analytics Server

*Dedicated user interface in SAP Predictive Analytics, desktop.

What is the SAP Predictive service?

A set of developer-level services deployed within SAP Cloud Platform that allows any SAP Cloud Platform application to easily embed SAP’s automated analytics capabilities.

End customer of applications embedding SAP Predictive service gain advanced analytical capabilities through business-level services that take advantage of the sophisticated mathematical capabilities of the SAP Automated Predictive Library, packaged as easily usable web services.

For more details, please refer to SAP Predictive service – Starter Kit

What is the SAP Predictive Analytics Integrator?

SAP Predictive Analytics integrator is a framework helping applications using and managing predictive models. It lets you do the following:

  • Build your own models based on your data, register them using an SAP Fiori User Interface and decide which model version to use.
  • Create models using the predictive engine APL.
  • Tailor context-specific application models to ensure that the appropriate model for each situation is selected automatically at runtime when predictions are requested.

For more details, please refer to

Product Download

Does SAP proposes trial versions?

In fact we propose you two :-):

Does the trial version corresponds with the latest release?

Trial releases are always kept up to date.

The trial version currently offered is SAP Predictive Analytics 3.3 (for desktop).

We are currently upgrading the professional edition trial to 3.3.

Does SAP proposes a trial version of the SAP Predictive services?

Yes. Please refer to the post here: How to deploy the SAP Predictive service on your SCP Trial account?.

As a SAP Predictive Analytics customer, I want to download the latest releases I am licensed to. Where should I go?

That’s easy.
First you need to have a valid S-user identifier. For users & authorizations, refer to the page here: Users & Authorizations | SAP Support Portal.
Go to the Software Downloads page: select the option to “browse by alphabetical index (A-Z)”, select the letter P (as in Predictive), select the entry SAP PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS, and finally SAP PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS 3.
Screenshot 4.png
Screenshot 5.png

You will see the different products:

  • Your first interest might go to SAP Predictive Analytics. SAP Predictive Analytics is proposed in two deployment modes, a client/server one and a desktop one.
  • The client/server mode has two download packages: PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS CLIENT 3 and PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS SERVER 3. The client/server mode is proposed for Windows 64-bit, Linux and Aix operating systems. Please refer to the PAM for more details.
  • The desktop mode is the download package named: PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS DESKTOP 3.  The desktop mode is proposed for Windows 64-bit operating systems. Please refer to the PAM for more details.
  • An important point to note is that our Expert Analytics user interface is only part of the desktop deployment. It is not part of the client/server mode.
  • The Predictive Factory is our NEXT GENERATION platform to create and monitor the evolution of predictive models over time and schedule model refreshes. The download is found below PREDICTIVE FACTORY 3. Predictive Factory totally revisits the user experience of the previous Model Manager component. To be noted: Predictive Factory depends on a SAP Predictive Analytics Server.
  • Another key component is the SAP HANA Automated Predictive Library (APL), which is a SAP HANA built-in predictive library. See for more details. The code name of the APL here is: PRED ANALYTICS APL 3 (for SAP HANA 1.x versions) and PRED ANALYTICS APL 3 for HANA 2 (for SAP HANA 2.x versions). For more details on APL, please check the APL play list as well as our PDF guide: APL is provided for Intel, IBM on Power PC and IBM PowerPC “Little Endian” operating systems.

If you need more details on a specific SAP Predictive Analytics product or component, please refer to our help portal:
If you are facing issues related to downloading software, report an incident using the component:

  • XX-SER-SAPSMP-SWC for SAP Software Download Center
  • XX-SER-SAPSMP-SDM for Download Manager

Also feel free to search help from the links below:

I downloaded and installed the product. I noticed the product is already activated. Do I still need to apply for a license?

The clock is ticking !

After 30 days, you will no longer be able to use the product.

You must apply for your license as soon as possible.

As a SAP OEM Partner, I would like to embed predictive capabilities into applications. What is proposed to me?

If you are a SAP OEM Partner and you want to embed the features of SAP Predictive Analytics (Automated Analytics) in another application you are building, we have a dedicated product edition for you.

Go to the Software Downloads page: select the option to “browse by alphabetical index (A-Z)”, select the letter P (as in Predictive), select the entry SAP PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS OEM, and finally SAP PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS 3.

Screenshot 7.png

Screenshot 8.png

Product Installation

Do you provide an installation guide overview?

Yes indeed!


Is there a document describing the installation of SAP Predictive Analytics Desktop?

Yes, please refer here:

How many installations of SAP Predictive Analytics, desktop are supported on a single machine?

Only one installation of SAP Predictive Analytics desktop is supported on a single machine. Please note you can install the desktop and client alongside on a single machine.

How many installations of SAP Predictive Analytics, client are supported on a single machine?

Multiple installations of SAP Predictive Analytics client are supported on a single machine. You have to install the clients of the different versions into different folders of the local machine.

Is there a document describing the installation of SAP Predictive Analytics Client?

The detailed installation guide is here:

Is there a document describing the installation of SAP Predictive Analytics Server?

Please refer to the installation guide here (for Windows):

For Linux, use the guide here:

Is there a document describing the installation of SAP Predictive Factory?

Windows and Linux installation guide:

Is there a document describing the installation of the SAP HANA Automated Predictive Library (APL)?

Please refer to the guide here:

A nice blog post is also here: How to Install the Automated Predictive Library in SAP HANA

Is there a document describing the installation of SAP HANA Predictive Analysis Library (PAL)?

Please refer to the guide here:

To use the PAL functions, you must:

  • Install SAP HANA.
  • Install the Application Function Library (AFL), which includes the PAL. For information on how to install or update AFL, see “Installing or Updating SAP HANA Components” in SAP HANA Server Installation and Update Guide:
  • Enable the Script Server in HANA instance. See SAP Note 1650957 for further information.

Detailed note on AFL: Functions for a particular topic are grouped into an application function library (AFL), such as the Predictive Analysis Library (PAL) and the Business Function Library (BFL). Currently, PAL and BFL are delivered in one archive (that is, one SAR file with the name AFL<version_string>.SAR). The AFL archive is not part of the HANA appliance, and must be installed separately by the administrator.

I am a former SAP Predictive Analysis user. What is the installation process to move from SAP Predictive Analysis to SAP Predictive Analytics?

You need to uninstall SAP Predictive Analysis and then install SAP Predictive Analytics – pick the desktop version so that Expert Analytics gets installed as well.

Please note your current SAP Predictive Analysis key code will only enable the Expert Analytics of SAP Predictive Analytics, which is what you are looking for. If you want to access the Automated Analytics capabilities, you need to be licensed for it. Please contact your SAP Account Executive.

I am a former SAP InfiniteInsight user. What is the installation process to move from SAP InfiniteInsight to SAP Predictive Analytics?

You don’t need to uninstall SAP InfiniteInsight and you can install SAP Predictive Analytics on the same machine.

You will need to get a specific key code to activate Expert Analytics capabilities.

I am a former SAP Predictive Analytics user. What is the installation process to move from SAP Predictive Analytics 2.x to SAP Predictive Analytics 3.x?

  • Desktop: You can simply start the installer and it will upgrade your existing installation to SAP Predictive Analytics 3.x. No need to uninstall the previous version. Yes!
  • Server: stop the services, then install 3.x.
  • Predictive Factory: same process to move from 3.0 to 3.x.

I love SAP Lumira and I love SAP Predictive Analytics. I cannot choose and I want to install both on my machine. Is it possible?

Yes, you can! This side-by-side installation is possible since the 2.1 release of SAP Predictive Analytics and continues to be possible with SAP Predictive Analytics 3.3. See Lumira + Predictive Co-Existence: Good News Never Comes Single Handed!

I would like to use R algorithms in Expert Analytics. What should I do?

Detailed instructions are provided in the Expert Analytics User Guide here:

Installation page

Configuration page

The 3.3 PAM lists the officially supported configurations

I have heard that I can integrate R code into SAP HANA. Where do I find more information?

You can refer to the guide here:

The 3.3 PAM lists the officially supported configurations

Where can I find the product availability matrix (PAM)?

The PAM can be found here:

Are there any restrictions associated with the release of SAP Predictive Analytics 3.3?

Please refer to the central SAP note:

Where can I find the SAP Predictive Analytics documentation?

The help portal is available here:

Can I install SAP Predictive Analytics in multi-user environments (like Citrix)?

It is possible to install the SAP Predictive Analytics desktop version in virtualized environments, with the following restrictions:

– installation is not officially supported and part of our PAM

– only one user at a time can work with Expert Analytics in a multi-user environment.

There is no support restriction for Automated Analytics, the client/server mode and the Predictive Factory in multi-user environments.

What is the SAP support policy for Windows 32-bit?

Learn more here.

What is the SAP support policy for Solaris?

Learn more here.

What is the SAP support policy for Aix?

Learn more here.

It is possible for me to combine a client/server deployment and a desktop deployment of SAP Predictive Analytics? Can I also add SAP Predictive Factory to the mix?


The typical scenario here is you want to deploy Automated Analytics in client/server mode and use Expert Analytics from SAP Predictive Analytics, desktop (as Expert Analytics is only available in SAP Predictive Analytics, desktop).

If such is the case, it is recommended that you install the SAP Predictive Analytics Server on a dedicated server machine, and your desktop machine can contain side by side installations of SAP Predictive Analytics client and SAP Predictive Analytics desktop.

You can also combine the local installations of your desktop machine with an installation of SAP Predictive Factory.

You will need key codes to enable the desktop and the server (the SAP Predictive Analytics client relies on the server keycode).

The server and the desktop can use the same key code. Engine-related technical license feature needs to be included in the SAP Predictive Analytics license.

A more advanced scenario is when you also want to install the server locally on your desktop machine (potentially on top of SAP Predictive Analytics client, desktop and Predictive Factory). This is not a recommended scenario for production though as your desktop machine is most probably not sized adequately to act as a SAP Predictive Analytics server.

When I install SAP Predictive Analytics I face the error “Incompatible products cannot be present”, I am blocked, what can I do?

Here is the symptom


The solution is here:

Product Activation

I do not really know if my company is licensed to SAP Predictive Analytics. What should I do?

For any pricing related questions and if you want to know if your company is licensed to SAP Predictive Analytics, you should get in touch with your SAP Account Executive.The Q&A below are strictly related to the practical use of licenses and not to pricing terms.

Where can I get my key codes?

Please go here:, this is where you can request keys and monitor your key requests.


Which products require key codes?

  • SAP Predictive Analytics Desktop requires a key code.
  • SAP Predictive Analytics Server requires a key code.
  • SAP Predictive Analytics Client relies on the server key code, it does not require a key code.
  • SAP Predictive Factory requires a key code.

I have a license for SAP Predictive Analysis. Does it translate into a license enabling SAP Predictive Analytics – Expert Analytics mode?


I have a license for SAP InfiniteInsight. Does it translate into a license enabling SAP Predictive Analytics?

Yes. Notice you will have to ask and install a new license code. 

Where should I input the key codes (for SAP Predictive Analytics desktop)?

SAP Support usually supplies you with a key code. You just need to input that key code in the welcome page of SAP Predictive Analytics.

Enter Key Code.png


How to update the key code for SAP Predictive Analytics Server?

There is no user interface, so the only way is to modify the file named License.cfg, located into the parent folder of the installation path.


Do not forget to restart the corresponding services once the key code is updated.

Restart Local Services.png

Can I input key codes using the Expert Analytics user interface?

No, this is now only possible in the Welcome page of SAP Predictive Analytics. However, you can still see if your key codes are likely to expire directly from the Expert Analytics Help menu.

Does a key code entered via the user interface apply to all users of my machine?

No, it only applies to the user that entered the keycode via the user interface.

I have SAP Predictive Analytics 2.x with Key Codes in place, I want to upgrade to SAP Predictive Analytics 3.x,  do I need a new key code?

No, just upgrade and your key codes continue to work, except for SAP Predictive Factory where you need a specific key code.

How many key codes do I need to get Automated Analytics and Expert Analytics working?

You need a key code that is enabling the two user interfaces. See with your SAP account executive if you need to get licensed, then with SAP support.

On my installation, I see the entry to trigger Expert Analytics being greyed and I cannot start the product. What can I do?

Expert Analytics.png

First of all, check that your installation is a desktop one.

If it is, the workaround consists in starting the executable directly.

The executable is usually located here: C:\Program Files\SAP Predictive Analytics\Desktop \Expert\Desktop and is called SAPPredictiveAnalysis.exe.

You should contact SAP Support about the fact that Expert Analytics link is greyed. SAP Support will investigate the problem with you. At the time of writing, we miss understanding what is causing this behavior.

If you have installed a client/server deployment, it is expected that the Expert Analytics link is greyed as the Expert Analytics user interface is not installed by the client/server deployment.

On my installation, I see some of the entries to trigger Automated Analytics being greyed and I cannot start the product. What can I do?

Automated Analytics - Grayed.png

This is probably due to your license code that is not enabling all the Automated Analytic product capabilities. Please refer to the section of the document related to Product Activation.

After upgrading to SAP Predictive Analytics 3.x I get an error message “the keycode is invalid” and I cannot get the product to work, what should I do?

First refer to the SAP note here: and see if that helps.

Then the best known way right now is to uninstall completely then reinstall the product.


Product Support

I have a problem, how can I create an incident with SAP Support?

Click here: Report an Incident | SAP Support Portal

Then click on Report an SAP Incident.


Report An SAP Incident.png

Enter the information related to your incident – include precise description, screenshots and all possible means to help SAP Support to reproduce & investigate the problem. For best practices when entering incidents, see

SAP Incident Wizard.PNG

If your problem is related to the Automated Analytics user interface, it is also useful to include the files that can be generated using the command “Contact Support” as below.

Contact Support.png


Please note the distinction that is made between SAP support vs. SAP Community (SCN successor):

The SAP Incident Wizard should be used to report technical issues related to your products or the SAP support applications. If you have a “How to” question, go to SAP Community Network (SCN) Discussion Forums where you can post questions to knowledgeable users and share ideas, opinions and information about SAP products and services.

A curated list of Knowledge Base Articles

1905072 – How to enable trace for SAP Predictive Analytics in Expert Analytics mode.

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How can I access and configure the trace log files?

Accessing and configuring trace logs  is documented here:

Expert Analytics

Automated Analytics:

Predictive Factory:

You can also refer to KBAs below:


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      • Hello is Predicitve Analytics Integrator available in hana cloud trial landscape?? i am asking this because i find a role called PAI in HANA trial landscape. What is PAI Rest url ???where  can i find it and how can i  construct it .

        • Hello Gabriel, would you mind asking this via a dedicated question in the SAP community? That’s a best practice on the community not to ask questions through comments. Thanks Antoine


          • i already did ask ,no comments there. i thought you were discussing also about PAI in your content. thats the reason i asked you. sorry if i asked it here

          • Super Gabriel. So we'll address your question here:

  • When I tried to install "SAP Predictive Analytics Desktop V2.3"  using the downloaded install file "PADESKTOP2003P_2_70000149.exe".  Although I have uninstall the "Server version" I have before . I keep getting this message   " Failed to Update Setup Engine Executables. Program will exit"

    Note:  I noticed that when I downloaded, using the download manager, I could not download directly, as my download used to get interrupted all the time.

    the install executable above the file name extension has a (DOT & 1) appended to the end of file ) as this: (PADESKTOP20003_2-70000149.EXE.1)

    I have an urgent task and I need to do. your help is highly appreciated.


    • Hi Salih,

      Can you please create a new post with your question? It would be great to get some screenshots of the error you face. If you are a SAP customer, I would kindly recommend you to create a support ticket.

      Thanks & regards


      • Hi again, to create a support ticket please refer to the last section of this page (ref:

        I have a problem, how can I create an incident with SAP Support?)

        Thanks & regards,


    • /

    Hi Antoine;

    Here is the message, file size, and extension:

    I tried to paste the message screen snaps here but its not working. I have replied to the email I got from you above with all screen shots.  I don't have a web space to paste my "Link here".

    The file size is exactly as your above. as well as the exe file name. at SAP download is referred to as "Patch for SAP Predictive Analytics Desktop V2.3".

    This is a copy of the email message along with screen I sent to the email above:

  • I have also noticed that the downloaded file has (.exe.1) at the end. I have change name its extension to (.exe) in order to execute. Then I end up getting the (failed to update the executable......etc. above message"

    AS FYI:

    I'm installing the software on Drive D: not under C:\ProgramFile(x86).  I don't have enough space on C:   , currently.

    Can you send an alternative email to send you all the screen shots. the above email seems as (nonreply) one, since it has your name on it, I though its your email for the first time. Because I sent all that yesterday, and  have not  heard from.

    Look forward for your feedback, I'm being held up by that.

    AS FYI:

    I have SAP Support  Incident ticket no: 726918/2015

    on this issue as well.

    • Hi Salih,

      SAP Support is the right channel to follow-up with your incident. Please use this in priority and provide them with all the information they need and I am confident that your problem will be resolved soon.

      Best regards


  • Hi Antoine

    I have not got help from support. the ticket is a month old.

    Please, I need advise from you or community on where to download and install "PADESKTOP2002_0.exe"  version 2.2 Patch level 0. This is the executable referred to in "installation guide for Predictive analytics Desktop Version ".

    There is no installation guide for Version 2.3 (patch I have downloaded".  Please, refer to the Patch above which is returning installation failure error.

    Also, has any body been successful in installation the Patch for Desktop Version 2.3 I have downloaded above?



  • As FYI:

    Desktop Patch v 2.3 executable which is available for download on SAP portal is "PADESKTOP2003P_2_70000149.exe" Version 2.3.
    I believe this patch executable is "Corrupted file". I guessed this is why support has no solution for my ticket as of yet. Unless somebody else was able to install this Desktop Patch Version successfully.

    • Hi Salih,

      The installation worked fine for me and several of my colleagues. The file is not corrupted, the root cause might rather be on the local machine where you want to install the desktop.

      I will close the loop with support and come back to you.

      Best regards,


      • Hi Salih,

        Per the ticket history I see that technical support was not able to reach you and asked for your up to date contact details in order to do so. After some time, the ticket was confirmed automatically.

        Could you please open a new ticket, include all the required information including your up to date contact information? Thanks for your understanding.

        Best regards,


  • My 2 cents. If you are willing to work with SAP PA or any other tool, then the first of all you need to learn mathematical statistics and when your knowledge there are not less than perfect, then it makes sense to start thinking about predictive. 90% goes to analysis of your data and decision and only 10% of the weight goes to PA, SPSS, etc. One thing is to as i say perform some 'stupid'  clicking in the interface and another to understand the data. Ive seen so many 'data scientists' ( even product owners from SAP) , but in reality they can not explain what is the histogram and how to calculate standard deviation 🙂 , or how to calculate quadratic equation in R...we need to know how to calculate this with our own hands and then we can use PA...

    • Hi,

      I encourage you to read the following articles which will provide you more clarity about SAP Predictive Analytics product and positioning with regards to the personas and other tools from the market:

      Also, the following whitepaper from Erik Marcade, VP of Advanced Analytics Products at SAP will certainly be of interest:…

      Good reading and feel free to provide your feedback in a new "Discussion" item which will provide more exposure to your input than this article which is more related to FAQ around installation



      (a non-data scientist trying to democratize Advanced Analytics at SAP)

      • Thank you, i will check the material for sure!

        In general, I've read a lot articles about PA stuff and theoretical statistics, because i'm mathematician who turned into DWH consultant 🙂 , my area was not related to Discrete mathematics, but at least i understand the basics of it.

        I think that PA itself is the coolest part of DWH and it adds real value, but we need to understand that this is a real weapon , very powerful weapon. Personally i have a feeling that only 1, maybe 2 consultants who calls themselves 'data scientists' can really understand the whole beauty of data science, because this is very complex from academical point of view.

        At the moment i'm involved in one project as a DWH consultant and also we are thinking about predictive analysis, but most likely I will use R in this case, becasue of limitations and pricing prolicy of SAP PA, I like KXEN very much ( and not SAP Expert Analytics) , but it does not suit us in this case because of complexity of data set.

        PA is a great tool, but in right hands!

        • You are welcome, no one is perfect I'm was tech support guy at Sybase who turned into CoE for Predictive at SAP;-) !

          I clearly agree with you regarding the real role of a data scientist, but PA is here to help automate the "business as usual" work with Automated Analytics (ex-KXEN) and let them focus and invest the time saved into "real" applied mathematics using the Expert mode (and potentially using the Automated algorithms).

          Have you tried Data Manager? I have been using it on many customer engagement with really complex data schema. It really helps build your analytical data set using a robust methodology and this without writing a single line of SQL (we have plenty of options to optimize it behind the scene if needed).

          What type of limitations are you currently facing?



    • Hi Antoine--I noticed it says above that if you have a key code in place for 2.4 you should just be able to upgrade and it will read the previous key code.  I downloaded the 2.5 install file and ran installation (successfully) on my machine but it is asking for a key code.  When I put in ours (same one that was working under 2.4) it says "key code invalid".  Is this typical?

      • Hi Hillary,

        I am not aware of this type of problem.

        I would recommend to open a support ticket with SAP support so that they can guide you on the right solution. I am adding Amit Mathur, our support lead.

        Thanks & regards,


      • Interestingly, I was contacted today by a SAP colleague facing the exact same issue... He told me a clean uninstall and reinstall resolved its problem. You might want to try? Thanks and regards Antoine

        • Thanks, Antoine!  I installed on a fresh computer (instead of bothering with the full uninstall-reinstall) and it did work with my keycode as well-definitely something causing problems in the upgrade process.

          • Hi Hillary, can you please confirm the problem was faced when upgrading from PA 2.4 to PA 2.5? We are currently investigating this. Thanks & regards Antoine

          • I was almost positive that I was on PA 2.4, but when I restored my original system after the upgrade wouldn't take my keycode I think it is saying version 2.3, so perhaps that machine was only on 2.3...I know I used 2.4 for the new text analytics feature but maybe on a different machine (I've changed laptops twice since mid-Nov).

  • Updated for SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics 3.0! Minor updates can be done in the coming days, especially referencing the 3.0 documentation.

  • Added a reference to the SAP Note 2329967 that explains how to generate the SAP BusinesObjects Predictive Analytics licences. Added a procedure that explains how to quickly generate the Automated Analytics log files that SAP Support needs.

  • Updated this right after our 3.1 release.

    Please note some hyperlinks still fail due to lack of table of content support in SAP community, right now. I will fix as time goes by.

    Feedback is welcome.

  • Hi Antoin,

    We are using PA 3.3 Desktop version and we are using this in our Remote desktop system.Very frequently we are facing an issue wherein the expert analytics never opens and it gets hanged up. We wanted to know its related to OS issue or any bug in the tool installation.

    Please let me know if your require any further information on this.